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The Nun 2018 - Personal Review

Updated on June 2, 2020
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After Sr Victoria's death, Fr. Burke was asked to investigate the crime with Sr Irene. Their journey to Romania was deepened with Frenchie.

Let's Summarize It

Although he disagreed to be assigned for investigating Sr Victoria's death, Fr. Burke took the job just to keep his reputation clean after his unsuccessful attempt of saving Daniel who died of being possessed by an evil spirit. As instructed, he met Sr Irene in London, England, and found out that the Vatican assigned a non-official nun who never had been into the Territory in Romania as his companion. But to make his assignment successful, he went to Romania with Sr Irene and from there, they met the French-Canadian traveler, Frenchie, who helped them reach "The Territory" through riding his horse. Without any clue, Fr. Burke and Sr Irene will spend their days and nights with the dark presence at The Territory, then Frenchie will come to save them, and they will finally put Fr. Burke's investigation into a tragic conclusion that all nuns were dead. After battling with evil, Fr. Burke and Sr Irene went back to where they came from unaware that they will leave Frenchie who was already possessed by an evil nun.

Frenchie's Encounter With The Evil Nun

Let's Peek Inside The Hole

As a horror-movie-addict, I always pay attention to what I watch, and due to that, I tend to watch a horror film for more than ten times specially if I have questions that I can't stop from appearing in my head. Let me share you some of my questions for this movie:

1. Frenchie's Possession.

Why Frenchie was possessed when he first touched the blood of Jesus Christ and spread it on Sr Irene's forehead? Did the evil nun forget that Frenchie touched the blood? Was the blood required to be on the forehead to avoid evil possession? Most of all, why he was unable to remember to put blood of Jesus Christ on his own forehead when he did that to Sr Irene?

2. Fr. Burke And Daniel.

I just truly can't understand as how Fr. Burke forgot that Daniel was already dead that it took him more time to realize that he was encountering something evil inside the territory. Was he just naive or didn't believe in ghosts? But he was Daniel's exorcist, right? How come he forgot that bad spirits did exist? How was he and Sr Irene slept or stayed the whole night then came back to the gate as if nothing happened the night before Sr Irene's visit to the nuns?

3. Snake Bite On Fr. Burke's Eye.

If that was an anaconda, how did he maintain his eye's texture? Anaconda's bite is very strong, so biting Fr. Burke's eye can cause him losing an eye ball, or a damage that will make him bleed a lot specially that he pulled it off with full of force, so how did he manage to avoid severe damage?

Christ's Blood Was Found

Love The Suspense In The Hole

I may have many questions but I can't blame myself for liking this movie so much. I won't ever watch this movie a lot of times if it isn't catchy at all. Its cinematography is really great that even when I set my phone's brightness into full capacity, the cinematography will still make you feel the dark force that this movie is projecting to its audience. The story, without considering my questions, explains its settings by themselves, and what I find most shocking scene is when the snake bit Fr. Burke - this scene really stayed in my head for hours. But still the most suspenseful part is when Frenchie was surrounded by the nuns that behaved like zombies and he didn't know who to shoot first or if shooting was still necessary. Not only that, this movie will make you very curious each time that the story runs while giving you goose bumps from most of its scenes. So I suggest to better watch this movie with a company.

To horror-movie-lovers, this one is for you but I don't recommend this to children below fourteen, and if you may wonder about one of the attached pictures here, I edited it to make it more dramatic so don't expect to see it from the movie, okay?

Well thanks for your time in reading what's in my head about The Nun, and I hope you enjoy this piece. If you have horror films that you'd like me to watch, please include it in your comments and let's criticize (I mean) watch it!

Frenchie And These Scary Nuns

© 2020 Lady Joenalyn


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