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The Ongoing Legend Of Phil Collins

Updated on June 5, 2014

Phil Collins

The Ongoing Legend Of Phil Collins


Phillip David Charles, “Phil Collins”, was born in January 30th 1951. He is that the English singer songwriter, drummer, pianist and also an actor best known for his music with the band name Genesis.  Phil Collins is also a very talented solo artist.  Mr. Collins has been the lead vocals on several top Billboard hits gets in the United Kingdom and the United States between 1978 in the mid-1990s.  It’s always been hard to keep up with Phil Collins as his career as a solo artist or with the band Genesis had him going from one band to another.  To see this man in concert, playing the drums, singing, and acting in front of an audience with his musical talent is awesome.  Phil Collins professional music career began as a young boy when he played the drums in the first band he played for was called the Flaming Youth.  Phil Collins used to sing backing vocals for the Frogmen with Peter Gabriel.  This was long before Genesis became popular.  Phil Collins is only one out of three artists along with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson .who has sold more than 100million records.  Mr. Collins has had more than 40 hits on the Billboard hot 100 chart during the 1980s. In the year 2008, Phil Collins was ranked 22nd most astonishing artist on the Billboard hot 100 top all time artist and history. 


Phil Collins remarkable history not only includes being the front member of his own solo vocal style.  With the form of Genesis he proved and still proves that the person can do more than three things at once and succeeds. This man can play the drums, like no other drummer in the world.  He can sing his heart out while playing the drums because of his remarkable talent.  If you’ve ever get the opportunity to see this man in concert, spare no expense, for the show will be exhilarating. Phil Collins first record deal came as a drummer for the first band that was called Flaming Youth that was back in 1969.  After yearlong of touring with this band the Flaming Youth begin to have tensions within the group and lack of solid studio commercial interest which made dissolving the group in 1970 possible.  Phil Collins at that stage in life was only 19 years old.  At 19 years old he played percussion on the George Harrison song, “The art of Dying”.  George Harrison listed credits to his work on the RE- mastered CD version of the album that was distributed in 2000 for playing the drums on his album back in 1970.


In 1970 Phil Collins was looking for work and found an ad looking for drummer and that band was called Genesis.  At that time Genesis had gone through three drummers for their band and over two albums to their credit.  Phil Collins got this job with Genesis at the home to Peter Gabriel’s parents’ house.  He was just one of a few who tried out to make the head drummer role for the group Genesis.  What a remarkable man.  In 1974, Genesis recorded an album called the,” Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”.  Peter Gabriel was also part of that band in 1974 of genesis.


The very first album Phil Collins was a lead vocalist in was in 1976 the album was called, “A Trick of the Tale”.  This album release became America’s top 40 and was number three on the UK charts.  Rolling Stone magazine at the time said about Mr. Collins, “He saved Genesis and has managed to turn the possible catastrophe of Peter Gabriel’s departure into their first broad based American success”. Thus Phil Collins, lead drummer, singer, and artist lifestyle was in full rein. Though many changes happened in Genesis while the  band in 1974 and 1975 was one of  several new different members of famous rock bands of the seventies, Phil Collins however continued to be the band’s main drummer and singer in studio recordings, he was the main attraction during shows and venues  and still is.


Phil Collins only played drummer for Genesis, even though he performed in a jazz fusion group called Brand X. Phil Collins was a drummer for Brand X and recorded a studio session and yet Genesis was Phil Collins’ priority group.  During this time there were only eight track tape machines to do recordings in the studio where, Phil Collins prove that all he needed was eight tracks and still only needs eight  tracks to  outperform any artist on stage to date.


The 1980s, Phil Collins was an established songwriter and singer and solo artist, though still with Genesis.  Several tops songs were made during the 1980 period of his life. Therefore an MTV “Video of the Year”, nomination in 1987 for the single, “Land of Confusion “  Phil Collins in 1996 left Genesis to focus on his vocal solo career.  The last time with Genesis was of the 1991 album called “We can’t Dance”, this reunited. Collins with Peter Gabriel and other Genesis members in 1999 toured with the recording made.


Phil Collins’s Life and career with Genesis and   a solo career have lasted many years.  His solo recordings dated from 1991 and 1983 and reached superstardom in 1984 to 1992.  Then the Genesis reunion from 1993 to 2008 became about with many recordings, multitude of many videos and he still hasn’t stopped and retirement is totally out of a question. In 2009 to 2011 news reported by a UK representative told the press Phil Collins has no intentions of retiring, even though that same day Phil Collins posted to his web site that he planned to retire and focus on his family life.  Phil Collins’s starred in “Against all Odds” in 1984, “White Nights” in 1985 and recorded singles for several kid shows as in other movies for shows. It’s amazing how much this man has accomplished in his entire life.  The only reported health problems Phil Collins’s ever had is losing his hearing in his right ear and in the year 2000 was diagnosed with a viral infection.  In September 2009 reports were that Collins could no longer play drums due to the recent operation to repair his illness. He cannot play the drums or piano he says because of this infection anymore,” yet this is just how life is”, he adds. What a life this man has played in our lives and around the world he is truly the best of the musicians we have ever known to come in our airwaves.


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    • John Hewitt jr profile image

      John Hewitt jr 6 years ago

      Wonderful Hub. Phil Collins is pure class, His songs has brought joy into my life though good times and bad.