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The Only Review That Matters- Gabriel Iglesias

Updated on July 11, 2014

Every once and awhile I'll go through my DVDs to see what I've collected over the years. Some of them pretty good, a lot of them unwatchable, and some of them unwrapped because I have no desire to watch them. So while browsing through the videos, I came across Gabriel Iglesias' stand-up special from 2009, "I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy."

I had seen the special before on Comedy Central and thought is was good for a cheap laugh. I got the DVD from my aunt two years ago for Christmas. I assume it was a last minute gift idea since she wrapped the receipt with the video. I have contemplated selling it, bur I figured it wasn't worth much. So I unwrap the plastic and pop the disc into the Blu-ray player.

What I liked- The big thing that stood out to me was the quality and the storytelling of his jokes. All the jokes had depth and meaning towards the comedian. The fact that his material is based on real events in his life add honesty to his stand up and gives the audience a person they can relate to. With the DVD, there are more bits that weren't aired in the TV special which are every bit as funny as the rest of his material. And don't get me started on his impressions. From a flawless Bill Clinton to every girl you've ever met, his voice impressions add another dynamic to his show.

What I didn't like- One thing that really bothered me about the special was the long spacing between jokes. There was a lot of thanks made during the show that would have been better suited for the end. Even with it being on TV, you would think they could have edited out all the dead space.

Final Comment- Overall, this is a very good standup special. It's full of clever comedy based on Iglesias' real life. Even with the unnecessary pauses between jokes, the extra bits added make this special worth watching. Gabriel Iglesias proves that he's not a one joke comedian and its no wonder that he has an increased share of the spotlight being in more movies and stand up specials as of late. After watching this, I can go forth and see what other comedians can do in a stand up situation.

Gabriel Iglesias Review

4 stars for I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy


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