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The Other Woman: The Lawyer, The Wife, The Boobs

Updated on May 4, 2014
4 stars for The Other Woman

The Review

Recently, I’ve been in this murder and mystery phase when it comes to my entertainment. So, when I decided I needed a lighter change, The Other Woman seemed like the perfect choice. For two hours I found myself laughing with Carly (Cameron Diaz), Kate (Leslie Mann) and Amber (Kate Upton) as they exacted revenge upon a truly reprehensible man.

The story is simple: man cheats on woman, woman finds out, woman makes man pay. What’s the twist, you ask? Kate, wife of cheating pig, Mark, befriends Carly, the “other” woman. After an uproarious night of drinking in Carly’s fabulous closet, Kate goes home to start phase one of the plan. If this is not outrageous enough for you, Carly and Kate go to the Hamptons where they befriend Amber, Mark’s third lover. Once again, Amber has no idea that the man she is dating has no soul…

Going in, I was worried that the film would portray the women as erratic and outrageous, but I was happily surprised to find that these are all women with whom I’d like to get a drink. (Maybe I like Kate so much because I am essentially her 20 years younger.) What I find to be refreshing is the fact that these three women are all exceptionally real. Not everyone who finds love is a pretty twenty-something, even though Hollywood likes to think so. Roles for women in their 40s are not easy to come by in the film industry. Therefore, I truly appreciate the fact that Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz play successful, eccentric, charming women who are just as beautiful as the 21 year old Kate Upton.

As far as Kate Upton goes, I am a fan. It is not as though she is the next Meryl Streep, but she plays the role of Amber in such a way that you cannot help but love her. In my opinion, she is the modern day Marilyn Monroe: sweet, voluptuous and just nice to look at. She also represents a change within the industry. The role of Amber could have easily been given to one of those anorexic models with giant boobs, but honestly, who finds bones visible through skin to be attractive? Kate Upton is sexy because she’s healthy.

Usually I find myself reeling when women are objectified. However, Carly and Kate’s presence balance out the fact that Amber is only there for her boobs. And, hey, not everyone can be Stephen Hawking, right?

You may be thinking, this is a movie about a sleazy man ruining his marriage, how is this funny? Well, first I would say, it is a fictional comedy, lighten up. However, I would then proceed to agree with you that it should tackle the more serious undertone, and I would be happy to tell you that it does. Certain moments of the film show us that when the outrageous antics are on pause, Kate’s emotions are not, that she is actually quite broken by the fact that her husband is a serial adulterer. These more serious scenes make what could be a fleeting relationship between these three women into a lasting bond.

Although I have pretty much raved about the film, I did have two, “seriously?” moments. At one point in the film Carly slips Mark a laxative while they’re out to dinner. Very funny, we know what happens as a result, leave it there. Nope. We follow Mark into the bathroom where he ‘lets it out’ for a minute and a half to eternity. Gross. Just gross. While this scene is disgusting and unnecessary, I can live with it. What I cannot live with is a man hitting a woman. Near the end of the film, Mark is enraged and plows down a woman to get to her computer. Said woman is hit so hard she flies off screen. Let me say this now: IT IS NEVER OKAY TO HIT A WOMAN! Okay, I’m good. Unless the woman is some sort of secret agent in a fight scene, no woman should be struck by a man. I know this may sound like a double standard, but that is just the way I see things.

Today, unfortunately, we still live in a world with double standards. You may have heard negative reviews of the film. Think about it this way, though, if the roles were reversed, three men getting back at a cheating wife, it would be this year's best new comedy. She would be the cheating "bitch" who had it coming. In the actual case of the film, the women are portrayed as, yes, a bit crass, but strong and comedic. Thus, it has to be a ridiculous film, full of bad acting and over the top shenanigans. For now, though, take the movie for what it is, and just enjoy it.

If you are in the mood to laugh for two hours, I highly recommend The Other Woman. Although it isn't likely to win any Oscars, for a light summer comedy, it did the job. It is a predictably funny chick flick that most women are likely to enjoy and most men might enjoy looking at. I find myself looking forward to when it will be on E! every other weekend.

Opened in the US on April 25, 2014.

Rated PG-13

Run Time: 1:49

The Other Woman Trailer

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thank you Jules:-) I felt really bad beausce I remember Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that New Orleans suffered a few years back, and at the time I certainly don't remember Japanese people posting videos online of individuals ridiculing or thanking the lord for the damage and deaths, or Japanese comedians making jokes about the natural disaster, or articles by the major newspapers there saying Don't Donate to the U.S. Now that the shoe's on the other foot it surprised me that some few people here in the States felt compelled to share insensitive and offensive things and whether any Japanese people saw these things or not, I felt insulted to even be of the same nationality as the people saying those things. I was also annoyed that the sources of that insensitivity did not officially apologize to Japan for what they said (Gilbert Gottfried? 50Cent? Reuters? anyone?) or try to make amends.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 

      4 years ago

      I personally didn't like this movie at all. And yes, even if the plot had been about three dudes getting back at some two timing woman, then I'd still feel the exact same way.

      The problem with "the other woman" isn't so much that it's a bad movie, but it's just very forgettable, and kind of cliched. I mean you pretty much know exactly how everything is going to happen from beginning to end. The only real characters that had any depth to them was Kate and Carly.

      Upton was just there for sex appeal, as you alluded to. And all the other characters were nothing more than generic stereotypes of what you've seen before in countless other films.

      Maybe it's just because I have a very cynical view when it comes to most romantic comedies, as I tend to find most of them to be too formulaic to where they either suck, or they're just downright forgettable. But then again, that's just me.

      However, I did enjoy reading your thoughts on the movie, and I'm surprised you haven't gotten any other followers yet, as you're definitely a pretty good writer.


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