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The Outsiders, Patrick Swayze and the Brat Pack

Updated on July 3, 2013

From book to big screen....

Back in 1983 my plan wasn't to see The Outsiders, it just happened.

The plan was to see Flashdance but it was sold out so my friend suggested we check out The Outsiders.

I hesitated because I didn't know any of the actors in the movie, BUT all that changed within 91 minutes and the rest is history.

I did eventually see Flashdance about many, many times!

The Outsiders

Here I am 30 years later and this movie still has an impact on me. It still amazes me how the seed for this movie came from a 15 year old girl.

The author S.E. Hutton was so upset after witnessing her friend getting attacked for being a Greaser in 1965 that she decided to write a story. S.E. Hutton was 15 years old when she began writing.

Her first book "The Outsiders" was published when she was a freshman in college at age 18. She wanted to share the Greasers point of view. In my opinion she did an outstanding job!

S.E. Hutton currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where The Outsiders movie was filmed. She prefers a private lifestyle which might be why you haven't heard much about her. Francis Ford Coppola directed this unique, point of view classic.

The book still continues to sell close to 500,000 copies a year. The Outsiders is a gift that keeps on giving. There will always be new generations who will be intrigued with the saga of the Greasers and the Socs.

This movie has taught many about the importance of friendship and kindness. It's about having someone's back. It sets an example on how we shouldn't judge others by their appearance.

If you haven't seen this coming of age teen drama yet I highly suggest it no matter what your age is. We could all relate in one way or another.

Thank you S.E. Hutton for sharing your thoughts with us! Go Greasers!

Stay Gold sung by Stevie Wonder written by Carmine Coppala

Introducing the Brat Pack of the 80's

The Many Stars of The Outsiders

Patrick Swayze was the oldest brother of Ponyboy and Soda. He was the one with the common sense. His character Darrel was the one the Greasers turned to in time of need. This was Patrick's third movie. Patrick was well-known for his tough guy roles. He cemented his stardom with Dirty Dancing and Ghost. His career spanned 30 years until he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2009. "Nobody puts baby in the corner."

Rob Lowe was the middle child Sodapop. His character was always reliable, dependable with a bit of an attitude. This greaser could throw a mean punch when needed for a rumble! This was Rob's first big screen movie. He joined other members of The Brat Pack starring in St. Elmo's Fire. He had a reputation for having a playboy lifestyle, got into a bit of trouble which helped guide him on the right track.

C. Thomas Howell was the younger brother, Ponyboy. Oh yes, Ponyboy. He was well adored by many. He relied on his older brothers for guidance and support. Ponyboy had a heart of gold. This was C. Thomas Howell's first movie even though he began acting at age four. His original plan was to be a stuntman. He went on to other films and is scheduled to star in The Amazing Spiderman in 2012.

Matt Dillon was the all-time favorite bad boy. Trouble always followed Dallas Winston. The Outsiders was Matt's 8th movie. He went on to The Flamingo Kid. Matt's movies weren't blockbusters but they left his fans impressed and looking forward to his next. My favorite Matt Dillon movie is Crash where he played Officer John Ryan, but that's another hub. Matt has done very well for himself considering he was discovered by talent scouts walking the halls of his high school. They liked his looks and asked him to do a casting call. Luckily, he passed.

Emilio Estevez also known as Two-Bit was a friend of the brothers and had everyone's back. This was Emilio's second big screen movie. He went on to fame with The Breakfast Club, St Elmo's Fire among many other successful flicks! He's the son of Martin Sheen (Ramon Estevez) and brother to Charlie Sheen (Carlos Estevez). I'm sure Emilio has tales to tell. Emilio didn't want his career based on being Martin Sheen's son so he opted out of using his father's stage name and continues to use the original family name Estevez. Tidbit: For fans of the movie "A Night At The Roxbury" ... all Emilio references are regarding this fantastic actor! Emilio, Emilio, Emilio!

Tom Cruise played Steve. A fellow Greaser. His role wasn't as vital as the others. This was his third movie. The flick Risky Business cemented Tom's name and as we know the rest is history. Thomas Cruise Mapother has done very well for himself considering his original life plan was to become a priest. Who would have thought? Tidbit: His ex-wife Nicole Kidman is now married to Keith Urban. (Irrelevant to this bio but it's KU!)

Ralph Macchio played Johnny, Ponyboy's best friend. He was the most lovable character in my opinion. This was his second movie, but did many commercials. This Grasshopper went on to fame in 1984 with the Karate Kid movies! My favorite movie of Ralph's is My Cousin Vinny! Classic hit! Tidbit: Ralph came in fourth place in Season 12 of Dancing With The Stars in 2011! "Wax on, wax off"

The Outsiders movie trailer

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