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The Overlooked Pixar Film, 'Onward'

Updated on August 6, 2020

'Onward' Movie Review

'Onward' is already an underrated Pixar classic.

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt star as brothers in a world that has forgotten about magic. That's right, magic was something everybody piddled with in ancient times, but the world has forgotten due to the modern world's advantages.

Pixies who would fly to get where they are going, now ride motorcycles around.

I have a feeling this is supposed to represent the real world and how the real world technological advantages have made our society lazier. Hey- it worked for me.

Pratt's character also gets in trouble for trying to stop the destruction of an old magic statue because they are destroying their history. (Just saying, maybe they have a point).

Anyway, the world has forgotten about magic. Pratt's character still believes in magic and even studies it in his free time. Holland's character is living in the real world. His biggest problem is trying to fit in with his classmates.

After his sixteenth birthday, his mother gives him a present from his father who passed away when the brothers were just kids. The present turns out to be a magic staff in which can bring people back for a whole day.

If you have seen the trailers for this film, then you know that they are only able to conjure up the bottom half of their father. This leads the brothers on a magical quest to bring back the top half of Dad before their day is up and they lose their chance to see their dad again.

If you are a fan of Pixar movies, then you are going to love this one. I am a huge fan of their films because they are just fun. They are wholesome, clean, fun. They always have a journey that leads to a sweet ending with a good message.

This film is no different.

The voice acting in this film is on point. Everybody does great with their individual characters. Pratt is hilarious and over the top, whereas Holland is more calm and serious. These two play well off each other for that reason. Pratt also knows everything there is to know about magic, while Holland has a natural gift for magic. All this leads to a good back and forth between the two and the message of working together.

Pratt's character also reminds me a lot of Jack Black. If you can picture Jack Black as a Pixar character in one of their animated films, this would be as close as you could get. He is a Jack Black rip-off. Which I have no problem with. I love Jack black, I love Chris Pratt, so it works out.

There is also a side mission in this film that includes the mother of the boys teaming up a Manticore that I really enjoyed.

The mother and Manticore are voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer, respectively.

The reason I found this mission so entertaining is mainly due to the fact of Octavia Spencer. This Manticore is incredibly ferocious, strong, and fearless runs a restaurant and is trying her best not to receive negative reviews. That alone is a pretty funny concept, but she must learn to be that fearless beast once again to help the mother save her sons.

I think this is a good side mission to incorporate in this film while the brothers are on a quest to see their father. It worked for me because it added to the heartfelt message that is within this film.

Yes, I am a sucker for Pixar films.

However, this is also the first movie I watched in my new apartment.

I moved out of my parent's house in Oklahoma over the weekend. My younger brothers helped me move my stuff to Missouri. And this is the first movie I watched once they left.

So maybe I was already emotional, but I connected with this movie more than I have in a long time. The film starts out to be this father-son adventure, but it is actually about the brother's journey, together.

'Onward' is a movie I would recommend watching for everyone. If you have a brother or two or even lost your father, then this movie will wreck you to pieces. But it will be worth it.

'Onward' will make have you wanting to call your brother and talk for hours once the credits roll.

'Onward' Rating

5 stars for 'Onward'

'Onward': Movie Trailer


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