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Updated on February 19, 2018


The ultimate summer road trip through California; The PCH, the Pacific Coast Highway. It's the 655 mile stretch of road that follows the Californian coast line. If you want to see the best of what California has to offer; drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. All along the way you will see some of the best sunsets the world has to offer.

Any good roadtrip starts with a playlist. I have a wealth of coastal inspired music ranging from Olivver the Kid-Freak to The 1975-This Must Be My Dream. If there is one album that from start to finish encapsulates the feel of California to me it's LANY and their debut self-titled release. Every song transports you to cruising the California coast line with the windows down and a person you love riding shotgun.

LANY's music is heartfelt and sincere. It's easy to get into because of how catchy it is and lyrically it's not too hard to digest. You can hear that their music comes from a love of where they live. If anything the album, to me, feels like a love letter to California. Every song is tastefully crafted, with each sound serving a purpose in the mix. While it never sounds too complex, its simplicity is its driving force. It leaves plenty of room for Paul Jason Klein's rich vocals to fill out the rest of the sound space.

My top tracks for this album are 'ILYSB', which is the bands flagship song and for good reason. It is just a perfect song. It captures that feeling of new found love and discovery. That feeling when you first fall for someone and just want to scream it so loud to everyone you meet "I love you so bad!". 'Good Girls' is the track that really has LANY's iconic sound. It's a hopeless romantics anthem and so relatable and catchy. 'Super Far' has an epic build up with it's first restrained chorus to the bombastic final chorus that just makes you want to sing along.

The album takes you on a ride through Paul's seemingly rollercoaster of a love life. There's 'declaration of love' songs and 'heartsick mellow ballads'. The instrumental piece is a "so sooo pretty" addition too. This song in particular reminds me of a town called Cambria, where me and my wife spent our honeymoon. The sunset glistening off the rocks on Moonstone Beach. Cambria is a gem if you enjoy a more laid back beach town.

This album to me will always hold a special place in my heart. It's songs inspire memories of all my trips to the beach driving along the PCH, watching the waves crash against the rocks. If you don't live in California, but want to plan a trip and get the most out of your visit, then take this trip along the coast. Blast LANY's album with the windows down and watch the sunset. This is the most authentic Californian experience.

I have been a LANY fan since before they released their debut album and just had a few EPs. In anticipation of the debuts release, I planned for my first listen to be on a roadtrip to Cambria with my wife and daughter. This experience burned LANY's album in my mind as memories of drives on the PCH and it's stunning views. This is the magic of music. It can transport you to a specific time and place.

© 2018 Jay Webb


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