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The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show: The Complete Series Disc 1 Wrap Up

Updated on September 3, 2009

Episode 1: “Gridiron Girl Trouble”

Pebbles is waiting for Bamm-Bamm to come to the car to go to school. He comes crashing out after fighting over his book with his pet dino, Snoops. The pet follows them to school despite Bamm-Bamm warning him about getting caught by the dino catcher. The dino catcher almost catches him, but Pebbles hides him in a locker until he goes away. Pebbles then decides to make him look like a Bedrock High Student using some clothes.

In geography class the dino disguised as a student almost gets caught, but is saved by the bell. Coming out of class they run into the dino catcher again and barely escape. Next at school the dino ends up playing as a football player. He ends up being a great player. The dog catcher spots him again. Snoops runs off and ends up with Bamm-Bamm, the dog catcher, and the coach chasing them.

Pebbles makes it seem like she was acting as Snoops while Snoops is hiding. The coach ends up inviting Pebbles to play on the team for pretending to have done what Snoops did on the football field. Bamm-Bamm is worried about Pebbles playing in the game. She decides to bone up on football and play the game. Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty come home and Fred helps teach her a little about football with some demonstration with Barney, but that just ends in him crashing into the wall on a long pass in a short living room.

She is worrying about the game and ending up injured when a brainy student named Moonrock gives her a strength formula. She uses her strength to help change the flat tire and dance with Bamm-Bamm. Moonrock is worried she will use up her strength before the game. She finds out it has worn out just as the game is beginning and she cannot pick up Bamm-Bamm’s helmet. Moonrock comes up with another invention to help.

The invention is of a ball with a bird in it that he controls with a whistle. The next play involves Pebbles get the ball. She ends up getting a touchdown with the special ball. Pebbles feels it is not fair and wants to tell the truth that the ball is cheating. The ball then ends up going crazy flying off with Pebbles holding on because Moonrock swallowed the whistle. Fred finally realizes the girl playing on the team is his daugher. They all chase after her in the car.

In the end Pebbles tells the truth about what happened and the coach was understanding because he was a dino owner. It ends with Bamm-Bamm saying Snoops got out again and warning Pebbles to not get any crazy ideas for Snoops again. She thinks him trying out as a Pom Pom girl is not a crazy idea, though.

Episode 2: “Putty in Her Hands”

The episode begins with Bamm-Bamm dropping off Pebbles and two of her friends off at her house after school. Bamm-Bamm then arrives home and uses their new automatic garage opener that opens with a dino on a treadmill. Bamm-Bamm puts on her new Elvis Rockly record.

The scene then goes to a Art School with two guys planning a scam. They call Pebbles and say she won a free art lesson in sculpture. Bamm-Bamm thinks it is a scam to get her to sign up for a lot of art classes. The art class turns out to be a disaster with her pouring glue on the teacher, which then ends up being a poor sculpture when she pulls it off. He tells her she is an almost artistic genius. He then convinces her she can become a real artistic genius with 100 lessons from him.

She shows her sculpture to Bamm-Bamm and Moonrock and they think it is not that good. She then shows it to others and they share the opinion that it is not that good. One of her friends mentions her uncle has an art gallery. She decides to make a new sculpture for the art gallery and then her friends will think it is art. The sculpture is of her friend and Fred thinks it is a snowman. He tries to console her, but she realizes she is not an artist.

Then she gets inspired to show she can do it because Cindy is saying she is no good. Pebbles gets the idea of turning Bamm-Bamm into a statue. The art gallery owner agrees to go along with the gag to trick Cinddy. The art teachers then decide they should steal art instead of scam art classes. They end up stealing Bamm-Bamm and Cindy realizes she the statue was a phony. She gets Bamm-Bamm back by tricking them into thinking she is going to buy the statue and then runs off with Bamm-Bamm.

While they are deciding how to get Bamm-Bamm out of the cement. Bad Luck Shleprock ends up showing up and causing a bowling ball to hit Bamm-Bamm on the head and freeing him from the cement. In the end Bamm-Bamm tricks the boys by getting a phone call about a free driving lesson and the boys run out not wanting to get involved in another scam thing.

Episode 3: “Frog for a Day”

The episode begins with Bamm-Bamm playing the co-star role in a school play with Cindy. Pebbles is jealous of Cindy being the star, especially since it is alongside Bamm-Bamm. She decides to try and make the witch, her part, be a starring role. This ends up causing her part to be cut in half.

Pebbles next idea is to become a real witch and she gets witchcraft books from the library. She reads a spell and a snowstorm begins, but Bamm-Bamm thinks it was just causes by Bad Luck Shleprock. Back at home Pebbles and friends work on making potions. Fred turns into a dragon and scares Wilma hen she drinks a potion.

Pebbles tries her new act on Barney. The potion is supposed to make Barney float, but instead she turns him into a frog. She has trouble turning him back into Barney. They take him to the doctor and he ends up hopping off. Pebbles then convinces Bamm-Bamm to go with her to see a real witch to turn Barney back into himself. The witch cannot do it, but she gives them a potion that will work if done in front of a werewolf.

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm take Barney the frog to a werewolf movie to try to see if the potion will work with that kind of werewolf. A scene of Barney walking into his house where Fred and Wilma are consoling Betty is then shown. Thus Barney was never turned into a frog, but Pebbles still thinks the frog is Barney.

The frog hops off from the theater and into the zoo. Bamm-Bamm ends up going into a tiger cage to get the frog/who he thinks is his dad. After Bamm-Bamm escapes the cage he runs into Barney. They then realize that he was never a frog. In the end Barney scares them away by wearing a frog costume.

Episode 4: “The Golden Voice”

The episode begins with Pebbles and her friends practicing for a band competition. They discover Bamm-Bamm singing in the shower and that it is really good, so they want him to join their band. He practices with them and his voice is horrible when he is not in the shower.

Pebbles comes up with an idea and Bamm-Bamm does not want any part of one of her crazy ideas. Her idea ends up being a portable shower. He ends up singing well under the shower, although it ends up being somewhat of a disaster with the animal doing the treadmill ending up on Bamm-Bamm.

They perform with a new version of the shower to try out for Singing Idol. The competition tries to spy on who the mystery singer. Bamm-Bamm is exposed and the shower is stopped and he ends up singing bad. Pebbles decides that Bamm-Bamm should take singing lessons to bring out his singing voice even when he is not in the shower.

The teacher has Bamm-Bamm sing standing on his head. Then she has him try deep breathing exercises. His voice ends up messed up with him repeating almost every word he says or sings. He ends up hiding out with Bronto’s band in order for Pebbles to not find him and try another plan. Moonrock comes up with the idea of a reconnaissance bird to help find Bamm-Bamm.

They end up locating Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles has him try hiccup remedies. He stops being repetitive, but his voice ends up squeaky instead. The band then ends up heading to the contest with Bamm-Bamm’s voice messed up. They end up winning as Bamm-Bamm sings oddly with crazy voices due to his messed up voice. He almost ends up with a recording contract, but he trips and his voice goes back to his normal bad voice.

Episode 5: “Daddy’s Little Helper”

The episode begins with Bamm-Bamm giving Pebbles a ride to Fred’s work to drop off the lunch he forgot.  While there Pebbles overhears the boss and Barney talking about a promotion and them needing a man to replace Fred.  Pebbles thinks this means that her dad is going to lose his job.  Pebbles treats him very nicely and Fred thinks she wants something from him.


While talking with Bamm-Bamm, Pebbles decides that there is something she can do to help Fred keep his job.  She decides to ask Mr. Slate for a part time job and try to make Fred look good.  She tries to show she can do things around the office, but she causes chaos.  He ends up giving her a job as a typist.  Pebbles tries to help her Dad and ends up making his dino fall asleep.


Pebbles and her friends use one of Moonrock’s inventions to move rocks out of the rock pit to make it seem like Fred did a lot of work.  Bad Luck Sleprock shows up and ends up causing the rock pile to fall back into the pit.  The next morning a man shows up that Pebbles thinks he is looking for a job and Pebbles scares him off.  It turns out, though, that the man was to do business with the company, which would have meant a promotion for Fred, which is why they needed someone for Fred’s job.


Pebbles goes to see the man and try to explain what happened and to get his contract back for the company.  This includes her trying to get close to the man by playing polo with the man.  She helps him win the polo game and then he finally lets her explain what happened.  In the end he gives the contract to the company, Fred gets his promotion, and Pebbles gets fired.

Episode 6: “Focus Foolery”

This episode begins with Fred and Barney posing for Pebbles, who is taking photos to try and get an unusual photo contest. While she is hanging from the tree to take a photo Cindy ends up taking a photo of Pebbles for the contest. Bamm-Bamm gives her the idea to get a photo of the hermit of Bedrock Mountain for the contest.

While on the mountain they encounter a sheepasaurus. Pebbles comes up with an idea of disguising themselves as sheeps to get by. They run into a cave and a bigger dino scares them all off. They end up in another cave and encounter the hermit. Pebbles takes a few photos of the hermit and then the hermit ate the camera.

Her next idea is to take a photo of a golfer that is in town and has the most unusual golf swing. She ends up causing trouble again and giving Cindy another unusual photo opp related to Pebbles messing up. Pebbles then decides to take photos in a cycle race riding in a side car. Then Bad Luck Sleprock arrives and the cycle is lost from underneath her giving Cindy yet another unusual photo.

The next trouble comes when Pebbles takes a photo of a bank robbery. To avoid the robbers Bamm-Bamm pretends to be a baby and be in a baby contest. They escape and talk to Fred and Wilma. Fred tries to call the police, but the phone line is dead. Wilma comes up with the idea for them to develop the picture and they will take it to the police for them, but they end up ruining it when trying to develop it.

In the end it turns out the bank robbery was for a tv show and they just wanted them to sign a release because they appeared in the scene. Cindy gets in trouble for leading the police on a wild goose chase over a fake bank robbery. Pebbles ends up winning with a photo of her thumb.

Episode 7: “Pebbles Big Boast”

Pebbles tries to impress Cindy by saying she knows the Rolling Boulders and Mick Jadestone. Now she tries to get them to play for Cindy’s party. She tries a crazy plan of trying to see him when he is still on the bird plane. They run out of runway and she accidentally ends up in a luggage bag.

They go to see the band’s manager and find out they can get him for 30 seconds if they can come up with $1,000. They try to figure out how they can make that kind of money in time for the party on Saturday. To clear their heads they go to the bowling alley with Fred and Barney. They come up with the idea to do odd jobs the mechanized way to make more money faster than without machines.

The odd jobs they do include doing a car wash and painting a house. Just as they are painting a house Bad Luck Sleprock shows up and the house falls down. They end up with only $0.32 in profit at the end of the day. Bamm-Bamm says she should just admit to Cindy that she does not really know Mick Jadestone.

Her next idea involves pretending to deliver a carpet to Mr. Jadestone. They find out and stop her before she gets there. Next she steals the room service items and delivers them to Mr. Jadestone. This results and her ending up on a room service cart with Mr. Jadestone on it. It ends up in a crash and Mr. Jadestone agrees to come to the party before something worse happens to him.

The episode ends with it being the party. Cindy tries to take credit for being the one that got the Rolling Boulders to play at the party, but they give the credit to Pebbles by dedicating the concert to Pebbles. Bad Luck Sleprock then causes a storm cloud to be above Cindy.

Episode 8: “The Grand Prix Pebbles”

Fred and Barney invent a new fuel source. They hide it in a box in the garage. Wilma then asks Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm to clean out the garage. They end up giving the box with the fuel in it to the junk man. After telling Wilma and Betty that they will soon be rich and they run off for a shopping spree, Fred finds out that the box with their fuel was given to the junk man.

Fred and Barney go off to stop Betty and Wilma from spending the money they do not have. Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm, and friends go looking for the fuel in the junkyards around town. Barney and Fred run into Betty and Wilma and tell them to return all the stuff. The gang finally find the right junk man.

Pebbles gets the fuel from the top of the junk pile. A robot like creature then steals it. They finally recover the fuel, but it is ruined. The fuel ends up only working to shrink. They then try to fix it. They throw in a bunch of ingredients and the fuel no longer shrinks things.

Fred and Barney are late for the race to test their fuel. Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles take their dads’ places in the race to test the super fuel. While racing Bamm-Bamm ends up falling out of the car, but the seat belt keeps him connected to the car. Pebbles ends up taking over the driving, which includes her accidentally going the wrong way for a little while. They end up winning the race anyways. Just after getting a check for the fuel the race car grows giant and the man breaks the stone check into a bunch of pieces.


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