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The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show: The Complete Series Disc 2 Wrap Up

Updated on September 9, 2009

Episode 9 – “The Terrible Snorkosaurus”

In this episode Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm and their friends go to Sea Rock World, which is a parody of Sea World with the ocean animals being called osauruses, such as sealosaurus, seahorsesaurus and sharkosaurus. The owners decide they need a new attraction because it is getting boring. Pebbles overhears that they will give $1,000 for a snorkosaurus. She comes up with the idea that they will capture one to get the money and pay for things they want.

Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles go in Moonrocks submarine to lure a snorkosaurus using rockberries to lure him to a cage. They encounter an octopus who they think is scared off by them, but really it was scared off by the snorkosaurus. They then get freaked by the Snorkosaurus wanting more of the rockberries. Pebbles makes the snorkosaurus cry when she yells at it for roaring so loudly. It turns out he is just an overgrown baby.

They lead the Snorkosaurus to Sea Rock World with rockberries. At first everyone runs from it. Pebbles says she can keep it under control. A bunch of people show up for a show. The crowd is not impressed as the snorkosaurus is a scaredy cat. The crowd wants their money back and they do not get the $1,000.

They decide to take him back to the lake the next day. For the night the snorkosaurus stays in Pebbles’ pool. She decides to keep the snorkosaurus a secret from her parents. It turns out that Fred is having a pool party that evening. Barney is the first to notice that the snorkosaurus is in the pool. Fred’s boss and Barney are about to go in the pool and Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm try to stop them.

They fail at stopping them and his boss ends up diving right onto the snorkosaurus’ head. Pebbles tries to explain that he is not a monster, but is friendly, but they all run away first. It turns out that his boss ends up having more fun at the party than he has had for a long time. They take the snorkosaurus back and he is sad to say goodbye. Pebbles then suggests capturing a Rockadactyl for the zoo for $1,000 and they all leave her at the lake.

Episode 10 – “Schleprock’s New Image”

Bad Luck Schleprock arrives at the drive in that Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm is eating at after school. Everyone flees to avoid the trouble that seems to always happen when Schleprock is around. That is all except Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. Pebbles feels bad for Scleprock not having any friends and decides that by befriending him she might change his bad luck.

Pebbles sees an ad about a new suit making a new man out of someone. She decides that they can change his luck by letting him wear her dad’s tuxedo. Shleprock causes a disaster in Pebbles house, but he ends up with her dad’s suit on. He still has bad luck, though, and causes a mirror to break.

Pebbles then enlists the help of the rest of her friends to help change Schleprock’s image. They take him to a hair salon to change his hair style to hopefully change his luck. It ends in a shampoo disaster.

The next day they take Schleprock to the Smoothstone Charm School. His first lesson is to open a door for a lady. Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles demonstrate. Schleprock then tries but the doorknob comes off in his hand. Next he tries ballet lessons. His ballet goes good at first, but then he causes the teacher to crash out of the building with the piano and get in a car accident.

Back at the drive in Schleprock causes the jukebox to break when he tries to select a song. Pebbles is ready to admit defeat in changing Schleprock’s luck, but her friend tries to get her to stick to it because of her horoscope. She decides to help Schleptock by finding him good luck charms, such as a four leaf clovers. One four leaf clover is not enough, so they go to try to get a luckrock in the Luckrock Mine.

When they get to the mine a archeologist wants their help to find the Lost City. They reluctantly end up helping him dig when he locks them in with a slab of rock. Pebbles decides they should take an ore car to try to escape. As they escape they end up in a river and going down a waterfall. Schleprock ends up causing a hole in the wall to open and allows them to escape.

Episode 11: “Coach Pebbles”

The episode begins with Fred coaching a baseball team. Pebbles feels bad for the kids being bossed around by her dad. Fred gets laryngitis and Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles take over coaching the team. Pebbles tries to insert more compassion in the game and keep from pushing the kids too hard.

Pebbles goes as far as to make it fun for everyone to include having the pitcher pitch easy so the kid can have a chance to hit. She also lets them have an ice cream break. They end up to full to practice.

The next day she takes them to a batting cage to practice. She tries to have all the team play at the same time. She ends up making the machine pitch a lot of balls fast and then gets thrown out for trying to wear out the machine.

Bamm-Bamm takes Pebbles and her friends to a Big League game to try to get her to understand the game of baseball better. She ends up hanging upside down over the dugout to try to get some tips from a famous player. She ends up practicing how to hit the ball and ends up playing in the real game and they get thrown out of the stadium.

Bamm-Bamm and Moonrock go to talk to Fred later to warn him about what Pebbles is doing to the team. Fred suggests that Bamm-Bamm takes over coaching the team. When he goes to tell Pebbles she sweet talks him and he does not tell her that he wants to replace her with Bamm-Bamm as coach.

The big game begins in a disaster, but the team then starts to get hits. Bamm-Bamm suggests that she take out Tiny, but she wants her to get a fair chance. In the bottom of the inning she has he pitcher pitch easy and then instructs the fielders in contradictory ways that lets them get a lot of runs. The girls then give the players lemonade and cookies as refreshments during the game.

Moonrock makes a megaphone for Fred to take over coaching again. Fred arrives just as Pebbles realizes they are not doing good. Fred yells at the team and encourages them to end up playing better in the final inning. In the top of the inning they get a lead and must keep the opponents from scoring in the bottom in order to get the championship. The megaphone wears out just as they need the last out and Pebbles takes over again having learned to be a proper coach.

Episode 12: “No Cash and Carry”

Bamm-Bamm takes Pebbles to her first day working at Gimblestones. Parking is hard to find, but Bamm-Bamm can pick up the car to sideways park into a tight spot. Pebbles is giving a job by a suspicious guy to test the store security system by taking out the things on a list out of the store. She thinks it is part of her job, but it is kind of obvious it is a scammer.

She enlists her friends to help her test the store security by trying to steal the items, but hope to get caught. A lady is kind of flirting with the detective that is supposed to keep things from being stolen making it easier to slip the stolen items past him. Moonrock uses a large lizard operated magnet to steal things from the store.

Pebbles realizes the plan was a complete flop because they successfully took all the items. When she goes to tell the supposed Chief she finds out that there is only one detective at the store and the chief was a crook. Pebbles decides they should find Beggingstone and get the items back before the store notices.

She decides they need to find the crook that will buy the stuff from Beggingstone and ask where to find Beggingstone. They find out where Beggingstone lives and spot the van. They also spot it being guarded by a dog. They end up using a bone to distract the watch dog. The crook then sweet talks them from turning him in and Pebbles decides they should help him return all the stuff to keep them all out of trouble.

They take the truck of stuff back to Pebbles and plan to return it the next day. Their Dad’s then end up taking the van thinking it is stuff for a water buffalo auction. Pebbles has them go and delay the auction with funny entertainment and refreshments. Pebbles then changes the clock to 3am to make everyone rush home thinking they have been out very late.

The next day they return everything by taking the stuff to the complaint department and sneaking them in. Only one thing is left to return and Bad Luck Schleprock shows up. They then end up admitting the whole story to the boss when they are caught. It turns out okay, as they made the guy return the stuff when they found out. The boss then even donates all the stuff for the water buffalo auction.

Episode 13: “Wooly the Great”

Bamm-Bamm’s dinosaur Snoots and Pebble’s wooly mammoth (they call him an elephant, but he does not look like one) names Wooly are competing in a pet talent show. Wooly cannot match up to Snoots’ tricks, so Pebbles decides he should be in the grooming category. When Wooly dries off his ears after using Moonrock’s special shampoo and ends up flying a lot like Dumbo.

Bamm-Bamm is convinced to fly an ele-plane to help teach Wooly tricks to fly. The control line breaks while Bamm-Bamm is flying and he ends up going on a wild ride with Wooly following and repeating what he does. Bamm-Bamm finally makes it safely to the ground and Pebbles thanks him for teaching Wooly how to fly.

Wooly impresses the crowd at the talent show with his flying. Wooly wins the contest and becomes a star. Bamm-Bamm begins to complain about how he is being treated like a star and becomes difficult to live with due to his star treatment demands. Fred gets annoyed with Wooly being on the couch and yells at him. Wooly runs away thinking they did not want him anymore.

Pebbles gets her friends to help her look for Wooly. They find him at the circus performing as Wild Blue Wooly. Wooly wants to stay at the circus, though. Pebbles cannot take him even if Wooly wants to go back home because he signed a five year contract with the circus.

They decide to stay to see Wooly’s act to ensure he will like being a circus star. In the middle of the act Moonrock’s super shampoo effects are wearing off during the rehearsal and he will not be able to fly at all by show time. They decide to pretend to be circus performers to try and save Wooly and end up also have to stay safe themselves as they perform in the circus. They do so well that the ringmaster wants to sign them all to contracts. They refuse and show him that Wooly can no longer fly and he breaks his contract.

Episode 14: “Mayor May Not”

In this episode Bamm-Bamm runs for honorary mayor during Student Week. He is running against Muscles Rock. Pebbles gives a good speech while Bamm-Bamm is running and Bamm-Bamm suggests that she be voted in as a write in. Pebbles ends up being the winner and becoming Mayor for the Week.

The Mayor leaves her in charge of just reading comics. Pebbles does not like doing nothing and wants to try to improve the town. Bamm-Bamm and Moonrock are reluctant to go along with Pebbles plans.

Pebbles decides to switch departments. She switches the water department with the fire department and the police department with the sanitation department. Pebbles calls the water department when she thinks a barbecue is a fire and they cause the yard to be flooded. Pebbles then calls the recreation department now run by the firefighters. Fred is then confused being pulled over by the Sanitation department.

Pebbles gets a lot of phone calls with people confused at who to call. The city workers end up quitting. Pebbles ends up enlisting her friends and family to take the place of the city workers until she can figure out how to get them back to work. While working at the post office Betty and Wilma are tied up with stamps when two crooks decide to steal a package they think is of sugar, but is actually of trash. They call Fred to nab the guys while they are diving it up at the amusement park. In the commotion at the park Fred and Barney end up handcuffed to each other.

Pebbles comes up with the idea of an employee picnic to get the city workers to come back to work. She uses a variety of contests to get the city workers back to work. This includes a fire truck race, a police sack race, and a general race of employees back to their offices.

Episode 15: “They Went That Away”

Fred is trying relax in a hammock all day when a horn scares him, which turns out to be his Uncle Hatrock arriving. Uncle Hatrock needs help running his ranch because all his ranch hands went off to join the rodeo. Pebbles decides that they should all go to the ranch and help out so Uncle Hatrock can take a vacation.

The first task they do at the ranch is round up the stray longhornosauruses while riding horsesauruses. Fred gets thrown off and kicked away by his horsesaurus. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm and their friends do not have much luck either. Fred is ready for them to all go home and Pebbles admits that it was harder than she thought it would be.

Pebbles does not want to give up and they head to town to find some cowboys to work at the ranch. Pebbles finds some iffy guys that say they will keep the herd safe from cattle rustlers, but actually they are going to steal the herd at night.

They are trying to get the herd away early in the morning, but Pebbles ends up being up early and wanting to help. They try to send her off on odd tasks, so they can get away with the herd, but she keeps ending up in the way. She figures out they are rustlers and ends up being tied up to a cactus.

Bamm-Bamm and friends go looking for Pebbles when she is missing in the morning. They find her jumping around with a cactus on her back. She wants to get the sheriff and stop the cattle rustlers and get the herd back. Bamm-Bamm and Moonrock reluctantly go along with Pebbles plan to get the cattle back by hiding in cactus costumes.

They have trouble making the cows move to go back to the ranch. Pebbles decides to dress up as a cow with her friend to make the cows follow them. They end up making the rustlers end up in a cactus. Just as the Uncle is going to disown Fred for losing the cattle Pebbles arrives with the herd.

Episode 16: “The Birthday Present”

Pebbles buys a gift for her mom’s birthday. She hides it under a coach cushion. Wooly takes it and buries it in the yard. The neighbor comes over to ask for steak tenderizer. Pebbles then notices the present is gone and she thinks the neighbor took it.

Pebbles decides they have to get into the Gruesome mansion to search for the gift to have proof before accusing the neighbor of stealing the present. She learns that the family needs a babysitter that night and Pebbles volunteers to do it along with her friends. They search the house by pretending to be playing hide and seek and searching the house while they play the game.

Pebbles agrees the present is not at their house, but she thinks that the lady took it with her to the Gruesome Reunion. Pebbles decides they should go attend the reunion. Pebbles drops off the kid with her mom and Betty while she goes tot the reunion with her friends. They put on disguises to fit in with the Gruesome family.

A news alert comes on about a crook that looks just likes Bamm-Bamm’s disguise. He ends up scaring off the people he is trying to ask where to find the Gruesome family reunion boat. She tries to find the compact, but continue to fail to find it. The police are led to the party find the crook that looks like Bamm-Bamm. Fred and Barney are looking for their kids, who they think were turned creepy by the Gruesomes.

The police end up chasing Fred, Barney, and Bamm-Bamm in a boat. Pebbles then chases them to try and explain what is going on. They end up going to the court for a judge to figure it out. Wilma then shows up with her present, which she found that Wooly had buried in the yard. Pebbles then apologizes to Mrs. Gruesome.

Bonus Episode: “Squawkie Talkies/The Suitor Computer”

Bamm-Bamm talks to Moonrock over a walkie talkie. They leave the walkie talkies in the backyard. Barney finds them and tries to trick Fred that he is inside a plant. They decide to try out the range of the walkie talkies. A hipposaurus ends up eating Fred’s walkie talkie and Barney ends up in a hole. Fred thinks the hippo is Barney because the voice from the walie talkie is coming from inside the hippo.

Pebbles and friends take the hippo for a walk thinking it is Barney. He asks for a drink and they give the hippo a drink. They are looking for the hippo and end up finding Barney in a hole. They then realize that he never was inside the hippo, but just the walie talkie.

The second part of the episode begins with Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm getting supplies for a party. They go to see Moonrock to remind him about the party. They find him working on a suitor computer, which is like a matchmaking machine. Pebbles decides to use it to have a computer dating party.

At the party Cindy cheats to makes her be with Bamm-Bamm instead of Pebbles with Bamm-Bamm. Pebbles ends up with Bad Luck Schleprock. She wants to forget the whole match up thing, but the others decide to give it a try. Cindy ends up not liking Bamm-Bamm as is more interested in her car than her. The other match ups similarly go wrong. Schleprock ends up matching up with another girl that also causes jinxes and they end up causing the computer to break.

Bonus Episode: “Beauty and the Beast”

This is an episode of The Flintstone Comedy Show and not The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show.  Pebbles friends try to keep Bamm-Bamm from going into a building, where Pebbles is unknowingly doing something with another guy.  It turns out she is dancing with Moonrock in a costumer  It turns out she is just practicing to go to a costume contest with Bamm-Bamm as Beauty and the Beast.


Fred reads about a gorillasaurus escaping from the zoo.  Bamm-Bamm then shows up in the gorilla costume and Fred and Dino tackles him.  At the party Cindy shows up in the same costume.  Both the beasts have trouble dancing.  He ends up being captured again being thought to be the gorillasaurus that escaped from the zoo.  Pebbles then ends up grabbing the real gorillasaurus thinking it is Bamm-Bamm and trying to dance with him.


Pebbles crashes into Cindy and she ends up being the one with the real gorillasaurus.  Pebbles soon realizes she is dancing with Cindy’s partner.  They two switch back before Cindy notices.  The winners are about to be announced and the gorillasaurus does a special dance move and Pebbles ends up winning the contest.  The real gorillasaurus returns to the zoo and Bamm-Bamm is released.

Bonus Episode: “Bedlam in Bedrock”

This is also a Flintstoens Comedy Hour episode. Bamm-Bamm is tired of hearing the same song on the radio. They DJ ends up being thrown out of the studio because he keeps playing the same song due to not owning any others. They offer to lend him some of theirs, but he says it is too late since he was already fired. Pebbles thinks he can get his job back if he has more records to play.

They quickly get a bunch of records together and get his job back. Bamm-Bamm thinks it will be over when he runs out of records in a week. Pebbles decides that he can keep his job if they make him famous with an out of this world idea.

She decides that they will become a band called The Moon People and be on the DJ’s radio show. Moonrock helps make their band out of this world with a flying saucer vehicle. They crash land and decide to rehearse their music while Moonrock works on fixing the ship. Fred and Barney notice the crashed flying saucer and think they are really from the moon and rush off to tell the police.

People panicked thinking they were really moon people. The DJ is fired again. Fred calls the radio and pretends to be the higher up and yells at him for firing the DJ. The DJ ends up with a three year contract out of it.


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