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The Personality Traits of Opiuchus, the Zodiac's 13th Sign

Updated on July 17, 2013

Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17

Parke Kunkle, Astronomer had revealed to NBC that the Earth’s position relative to the sun has become altered when compared to almost three thousand years ago, when studies of astrology started and there was an allocation of sun signs. Doctors of the stars now claim that there is one new zodiac sign named Opiuchus. Kunkle stated and revealed to NBC that due to the new tilt of the Earth, there is a new tilt and the sun belongs to a different constellation compared to three thousand years ago.

Some traits of Opichus-born people include being adept, natural lovers, passionate, are great with written words and language arts, have a strong justice sense, are pleasers of people with a knack for being able to persuade people and are emphatic. They possess high charisma and are people-magnets. There is a great deal of curiosity, imagination and creativity. They are passionate, powerful and thick with their heart rather than their head. They are described often as clever and intellectual, are severely honest and are humorous and happy. They can be impulsive and follow their instincts. They dislike ordinary life routines and embrace or seek change. They can be secretive and are not open books, tend to take defense rather than offense, tend to seek wisdom and knowledge, enjoy being number one, have a high sense of arrogance and pride and don’t like trivial, irrelevant information. They are driven towards success, are quirky and eccentric and don’t like being treated with subordination or in an inferior manner.

Negative Traits

Some Opiuchus traits that are negative include being sarcastic with short lived, violent temper. As a rule, they tend to procrastinate and can be irresponsible and restless. They are critical and judgmental and can be the type who is jealous. They also have trouble keeping relationships monogamous.

Whether you are into believing this or not, serpent holder Opiuchus has forayed into the picture of astrology. Now more and more people wonder what the traits of personality are for this thirteenth sign, especially if they were previously Scorpio or Sagittarius. The answer truly is that if you belong to this sign, there are a few attributes that you would have.

Personality Traits

Opiuchus people favour bright colors and have a flamboyant sense of dressing. Authority looks up on them and they make great builders or architects. The number twelve is their number that is lucky. They may have a large family but at an early age, they tend to leave home. The zodiac’s thirteenth sign is associated with IMhotep, a real person, unlike the other signs. He lived in Ancient Egypt in the twenty-seventh century and ancient Greeks known him as Aesclepius. On the other hand, no matter what name you call this sign, the traits are the same.


Rarely used as a sign of astrology, Opiuchus is not included in most zodiac versions. The constellation eponymous is found behind the sun on the twenty-ninth of November to the seventeenth of December. Some astrologers say that some fixed stars in Opiuchus along with the signs itself is used as extra indicators of the zodiac in antiquity. One fourth century astrologer called Anonymous of 379 had once made a relation between the Opiuchus bright star with physicians, healers or doctors.

Hybrid of Scorpio and Sagittarius?

The personality traits debate of Opiuchus has become the latest pastime of followers of astrology. On the thirteenth of January in the year two thousand eleven, the new sign of the zodiac has endorsed Opiuchus by the Minnesota Planetarium Society. The viral news caused a frenzy in the media and a debate the whole world wide over these timeless arguments of Astrology. This is true even when the thirteenth sign of the zodiac theory is not exactly new to Astrology. As a matter of fact, not even the argument about adjusting the dates of the zodiac is anything new. With the heating up of the debate about the thirteenth sign, Opiuchus personality guides have been popping up everywhere. Basically, the visible constellation on the horizon on between the time of Sagittarius and Scorpio is Opiuchus. This is the attributed traits to zodiac sign number thirteen which seems to be a hybrid of the traits of personality of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Sagittarius-Inspired Personality Traits

A philosophical sign, Sagittarius seeks continuous knowledge further and an understanding that is greater. Typically, they love good discussions and insist on thinking just for their own selves to the point of disservice when it comes to debates which are friendly. The traits of personality of Opiuchus are listed to include this thirst for knowledge which is almost obsessive, which is both a bane and a boon for those individuals who happen to be born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The affinity that Opiuchus has for flamboyant dressing and colors that are bright is common among those born Sagittarius, which are known for the most obscure fashion trends that are cutting edge, Bohemian patterns and unusual styles.

Scorpio-Inspired Traits of Personality

The water sign Scorpio has since been reduced to just six days with the new dates of the zodiac. Supposedly, these numbers will be joined by Opiuchus to make four rather than three over twelve water signs. Said to be a natural doctor, Opiuchus features vivid premonitions and dreams seeking peace and wisdom at a core level, which is the traits of personality that are attributed to every water sign. To add to the overlap between Opiuchus and Scorpio, the personality traits also struggle with being the target of jealousy or include struggling with jealousy itself. There is also the desire to be envied, to succeed, to be in a role of authority and to have a quest of knowledge usually of the mysterious, unusual or occult type. Astrologically, Scorpions are known as jealousy’s patron saint whether triggering it in others or wielding it. Due to their innate knowledge affinity, they make fantastic scholars and investigators. Plus, their capacity to uncover the unknown and affinity for knowledge make obscure medicine one of the fields that people who are Scorpio tend to become drawn towards.

Natural Medicine Men and Women

One more personality trait of Opiuchus that crosses over between Scorpio and Sagittarius include being interested in natural and holistic medicine. There is great potential to be a teacher or educator plus a separation from families mainly because of a nature of being a wanderer plus being misunderstood more frequently.

Overlapping Traits

Between the twelve personality traits of the zodiac, there are many overlapping astrology traits. Plus, many signs are designated as mutable or water signs.

Serpent Bearer

Sometimes utilized as the 13th sign in sidereal astrology, Opiuchus is added besides the tropical Zodiac’s twelve signs. This is due to the Serpent Bearer constellation defined by boundaries of the IAU constellation in nineteen thirty. It is found in the back of the sun between the thirtieth of November and the seventeenth of December. This is one of the ideas that seems to have materialized in the year nineteen seventy with the suggestion of Stephen Schmidt of a zodiac system with fourteen signs. In Japan, this suggestion is quite popular and Opiuchus is known as Hebitsukai-Za. Tropical astrology and Hindu astrology including the sun sign popular astrology use the usual twelve-sign zodiac with a basis on the ecliptic division into twelve parts equally rather than the boundaries of the IAU constellation and don’t really consider Opiuchus to be a sign. There is a large amount of confusion between the sign’s notions which is a division equal to twelve in both the Western and the Vedic astrological systems plus constellations that group stars touching the ecliptic.


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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 4 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I can see some of the Scorpio and Sagittarius personality traits crossing over into Opiuchus. It's interesting that they seem to get the best of the traits.