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The Personality and Traits of Your Libra Child

Updated on July 3, 2013

Is your son or daughter born under the zodiac sign of Libra? The 7th sign of the calendar of the zodiac, Libra children includes those born between the twenty-third of September and the twenty-second of October. The kids under the Libra sign are quite easy to bring up. This is due to their tendency to be neat and their temperament which is quite equable. Simultaneously, they also need to be educated about facing life’s realities if you want them to start growing up to be personalities which are well-rounded.

Little Socialites

Libra adults are known for their skills of being social and at parties make guests that are quite popular. This is because they are easy-going, communicative and charming. At any group or gathering, they can be relied on to soothe feelings that are hurt or fill in each awkward pause in the conversations. This sociable nature in kids born under the sign of Libra is seen at an age that is quite early as they enjoy activities as a group and truly, you will see that their social skills are a cut above the rest. It is not uncommon for kids who are Libra to have 1 or 2 best friends even if many other friends like them as well. As a Libra toddler parent, don’t be shocked to see that they may have a playmate that is imaginary with which they play, confide in or even talk to. Several people who are creative have had friends who are make believe in their early years and this is in no small part due to a mind that is quite imaginative. One thing you need to keep in mind is to ensure that your child who is Libra is never deprived of having companions. Encourage her or him to be friendly and make friends during the moments that they don’t have their usual mates. When there is no one around but you make sure that you give them your full attention.

Get the Camera

Be ready at all times with the camera as charming, sweet little Libras tend to be babies that take great photographs. They will show of their dimples, coo and smile for any person who wants to look at them. You know how you need to constantly remind children not to talk to strangers? This is even more important when you have a little toddler Libra. These kids need a lot of affection from their parents and may be annoying to more timid siblings since attention is something they really demand. Born under the sign that rules marriage, Librans hate divorce and this can hit them quite hard if it happens. Over and over, these kids need to be reminded that they are loved. In the event you forget to reassure them of this, they may become hardened or brooding, and produce angry songs just like Eminem, the singer who happens to be a Libran as well. Keenly aware of what is wrong and what is right, tiny Librans have an inborn sense of harmony and balance that result in their becoming very creative.

Love, Not War

When the home contains tension, your child if he or she is born under the Libra sign will attempt to be the maker of peace. Since arguments are upsetting to them, they want everyone to truly get along. If you are an expressive, noisy family, your tiny tot will need to learn how to be noticed, which can be hard for kids born under Libra. As a general rule, the main concern for kids who are Libra is harmony. To guarantee this in the home, they will do all that they possibly can. This includes being affectionate with friends, siblings and parents.

Naturally polite and sweet, kids under this sign love pleasing all people and this can become an issue, after a time. You may end up with a child who cannot make decision and he or she might worry that all decisions he or she has made could end up hurting their feelings or offending a person. Children who are born Librans find it hard to confidently express their opinions which means that their friends could use them as doormats.

On the other hand, they have great sociable skills and they are great friends due to their strong senses of justice. They also have a sense of how to balance their lives which is quite well-developed. At a young age, you may even notice that they have quit sophisticated taste.


These kids are negotiators naturally, and this sign is excellent when it comes to uniting a group and assisting others towards cooperation rather than argument. As their parents, you need to make sure you gently teach your child with gentleness that occasionally, disagreeing is an unavoidable, natural portion of life. His confidence needs to be built and he needs to begin realizing that being assertive and opinionated is not really going to offend others all the time.

Tips for Parents

Ruled by justice scales, the battle cry that you will hear from most Librans is that it is not fair. Immediately, when you hear this from them, ask for an explanation. A discussion that is logical frequently helps them in comprehending why there are certain guidelines in place, and they will understand this sooner rather than later. One issue for a Libra usually involves management of time. They won’t want to stop socializing and playing. Teaching them to start paying attention to the time and setting up consequences that are clearly defined is important. Since special treats are something they truly love, the reward system will be a good idea to apply to their upbringing. Sparingly using this and solely when they go beyond and above the duty calls is the general recommendation. It is easy to spoil a Libra so it is a necessity to learn responsibility for themselves without having to give them a treat one hundred percent of the time.


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