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The Personality and Traits of Your Sagittarius Child

Updated on June 28, 2013

Zodiac sign number nine, a Sagittarius includes those born between the twenty-second of November and the twenty-first of December. Fun loving, free living and idealistic, Sag kids are delightful to witness as they grow up even though they will most likely keep you wondering what they will do next.


One easy method of picking out Sag children is through the popularity of his classmates and pers. Unlike Leos who gather followers around them, exulting in being the focus of attraction, children born under the sign of Sagittarius will be drawing friends on terms that are equal. This usually happens since not very many people are able to put up any resistance with their naturally optimistic, vivacious personalities. When the time comes that your daughter or son is old enough for making friends, there will most likely be incessant ringing of the phone. You might also see that your child is motivating other children after a playground setback or a school heartbreak.

Independent, Free Spirits

More so than other things, kids born under the sign of Sagittarius are remarkably independent. You will most likely know this in your kid when they go off alone exploring the community or start reading publications on topics you never suggested. Among all of the priorities of life, personal freedom ranks among the top for a Sag. To guarantee that your little one has more than enough freedom that they yearn for, make sure that your little tot has a space all his own, or if you can manage it, even their own room. Letting them have enough freedom for exploration values and beliefs on their own rather than forcing them to follow your lead is important. Really, these kids have built-in wisdom in their heart and after checking out all the different available options, you can be sure that the right path will be chosen by them. The down side of the energetic nature of Sag is that they tend to quickly feel boredom. As soon as you child has returned from a birthday party of a pal, they may begin fidgeting and ask to go somewhere late at night, like to the mall. They have incredible staying power and can hop from one task to another without a second thought. It is not really easy for their pals to keep up with them. Keeping them occupied with enough interests and activities as an outlet for their easily bored minds is recommended.

Yearn for Wisdom

Keep in mind that the primary motivation of your child born under the sign of Sagittarius may not be material success, money or power. They best thrive when they range free in the world of essential human truth, philosophy and ideas. Of course, this is not to state that they have their heads lost in the cloud. Instead, it is that they are just so interested about the working of the institution and how mankind can become better. Centaur is the symbol of this sign, which is a half man and half horse. In the ancient myths of Rome, Centaurs are teachers and intellectuals that explain why Sag kids seem to be concerned with life’s biggest issues. Their little minds tend to have abilities that are far thinking and the Archer symbolizes this aptly. He takes his aim as he looks ahead. You might find your tiny tot growing up to be a budding writer, healer or teacher traveling the globe as they narrate and gather stories of other cultures and people.

Natural Optimists

Children born under the Sag sign are known for an outlook on life that is quite cheerful. As a matter of fact, one of the greatest joys that come with raising a child Sag is due in no small part to their cheerfulness. While you might have to beware of the moods of a Cancer born child or have to deal with the secretive tendencies that comes with Scorpio children, Sagittarians will cause you to be delighted with their positive, bright attitude and it makes being their mom and dad so much easier.

They are not really the kind of children who get into a deep, dark depression when there is a cancelled field trip due to bad weather or because their pet hamster died. In all honesty, what they would prefer to do was to involve their pals in a charming service for burying “Hammy” or take out aboard game and start inviting all their friends to play in lieu of the field trip. At times, this optimism which is quite ingrained can seem to result in your child relying on their being lucky more than they should. You might find your kid skipping preparing for an exam hoping that they will naturally know the answers or may even do something risky such as biking with no helmet, feeling like experts who won’t every fall. At times like this, as their parent, you need to be stern and insist that certain rules be followed. This is not just important for their own personal safety but also for their life success.

Speak Out

One result of the unfettered, free personality of Sag is the tendencies to freely express what they feel. While this causes a relationship between child and parent to be founded on trust and honesty, you little child also needs to be educated in specific situations that call for a bit of diplomacy. Your child Sagittarian may tell your bluntly your new hairdo is ugly or that the new oil painting purchased and hung by your neighbor who is showing it off at a housewarming party has mistakenly hung the painting upside down. This frank nature quite often may not be appropriate on occasions that are social and you might find that you sometimes wish your child was a little bit more tactful. On the other hand, the expressive nature of Sag is not ever motivated by malicious intent. Rather, it is due to the fact that they have personalities that are highly individual and being outspoken is a result of this.


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