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The Personality and Traits of Your Scorpio Child

Updated on July 1, 2013

One of the zodiac’s most complicated signs, Scorpio kids are born between the twenty-third of October to the twenty-first of November. Kids born under the sign of Scorpio tend to be sometimes vindictive, possessive, passionate and intensely intelligent.


One aspect most noticeable in all Scorpios, including Scorpio kids is that they experience their feelings quite intensely. This makes your tiny Scorpio tot no different. More likely than not, your toddler born under the sign of Scorpio is emotionally passionate and you may find your little one hating and loving things in the extreme. When they have disagreements with their friends, they may not want to have anything at all to do with them. On the flip side of the coin, when they are getting along easy peasy all is dandy with their little pals, they may want to give their friends their entire world. There are no half measures when it comes to this kid; the emotional intensity is just too much. They will either have nothing of the experience or all of it. They would either have completely thick buddies who are synchronized with their emotions or completely start ignoring classmates who they don’t like. In the same light, when solving jigsaws or playing games, they put their entire selves into the experiences and would not expect anything less from anyone else either. Their expectations are quite high for themselves and set this for others as well. This is why they are notorious for being branded as ‘hard to please’ or ‘difficult.’

Smarty Pants

Blessed naturally with a high level of intelligence and a keen mind, Scorpio children give early evidence of mental faculties that are acute and stay ahead in class. You may be surprised at the way they are able to correctly read people. There is a knack quite uncanny that Scorpios have of seeing straight through a person and knowing who they truly are within, immediately, despite outward appearances. While you raise your child born under the sign of Scorpio, being honest rather than lying to them about anything is recommended. Even if it is neither desirable nor possible to confide everything to your little child, ensure that what you are sharing is the truth. If not, they may just never trust you once more.


It is not really a big mystery that a little Scorpio child is extremely powerful and strong willed. They know that they have these qualities and they also are aware that other people including their own mother and father may not have the stamina, knowledge and strength to match theirs. Raising them in a circumstance where understanding and discipline are matched is important. If you are violent and dictatorial in your style of parenting, they will learn that what is right is might, which is not recommended at the very least. However, they will also learn to be manipulative if they see you succumb before their personality’s brilliance and will power.

Secrets, Secrets

Undeniably, Scorpions like keeping secret. It is part of their highly emotional nature. Keeping their feelings and thoughts coiled tightly inside them is a type of mechanism of defence, a method of protecting their self emotionally by not letting any other person into their inner worlds. In the cases of children who are older, you might have to seem unobtrusive but try to keep track of what they are doing. It is best to educate them on open communication joys earlier. By example, show them how effective communication can be developed with people you love and how this benefits them when trying to make connections with other people.

Vindictive Nature

Anyone who dares hurt a Scorpio beware. These kids don’t like betrayal of any sort and if anyone tramples with their self-respect or their emotions, that person will unfortunately be on the receiving end of the deadly tail sting that a Scorpio strikes back with. Their revenge potential is apparent even in younger kids and you might be shocked to find your little one plotting a sophisticated plan of revenge to someone who had caused him to be hurt. Helping them learn that forgiveness is a personal joy is important. Teach them that letting go of things that are not meant for them or that are beyond their control may soften their streak of vindictiveness. Eventually yet slowly, they may not learn the values of peace within that other more accepting signs are able to do naturally.

Connect Emotionally

Their emotions have an intense nature even in the littlest Scorpios. What they truly long for is a deep connection emotionally with those whom they best love. In older Scorpios, this might be seen as a yearning for a soulmate. While a Sagittarius and a Libra might go on dates to have a social life that is active, a Scorpio will start dating to find transcendental love. Due to this trait which is quite inherent, it is a good idea to adapt an approach that is hands-on with your little Scorpion. Openly talk to them and reveal your thoughts. If all you give them is conversation that is nothing but superficial, they will feel abandoned. Family talk that is just light and fluffy is not good enough for them. Instead, they want to be taken in a more serious way. Ask them about their aspirations and dreams. Be there to support and cheer them on when they are in a competition. One method quite important of expressing this connection that is both deep and emotional is with love that is physical. Parental demonstrations of love such as hugging them tightly are recommended. A child born under the sign of Cancer, for example, may be satisfied with a fleeting cuddle or a momentary kiss on the cheek. Little Scorpions however need to be told in unambiguous, definite terms that they mean a lot to you and that you love them very much. These kids may seem like it takes so much to care for them. However, once they feel confidence about how much you support and love them, they will bloom into happy, bright adults.


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    • heidithorne profile image

      Heidi Thorne 4 years ago from Chicago Area

      So did you have a chat with my parents? :) Not only was I a Scorpio kid, I'm on the cusp with Sagittarius. So I know I had to be quite a handful. Very interesting and thoughtful!

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 4 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Very interesting. I was especially drawn to the part about their high intelligence. Thanks for sharing! Aloha!