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The Personality and Traits of a Cancer Zodiac Child

Updated on June 2, 2014

Cancer Kids: June 22-July 22

Have you ever wondered what the personality and traits of your child born under the sign of cancer are?

Family-oriented and emotional, Cancer born women and men make for relationships that are truly fulfilling and for this reason, it is delightful raising a child born under the sign of Cancer.

Surrounded by Love

To all Cancerian children, family times hold great importance. As a matter of fact, this is quite crucial to the way they are brought up. In the midst of a loving family, they thrive best. However, they may at times tend to play parent favorites, becoming possessive about parents and depending on more than one. The optimal remedies for situations such as this one is to assure your child gets equal high quality parent time and not to allow your child to have a choice in the matter.

Nurturing Children

One delight that a Cancer child offers is that they have a strong tendency to nurture and love you just like tiny adults. This can be because their governing planet is the Moon, enhancing their feminine and caring aspects. You can be sure your tiny Cancer kids will love showering you with hugs, kisses and cuddles the moment you wake up when the mood hits them. They won’t tell you how to show them love but will reveal their way of care and expression is the best. When opposed, kids under this sign sometimes argue their beliefs passionately. At times, these kids can become quite overbearing and begin insisting that their method of love is the best way. At times, they can also snap with claws that are like crabs. At times like this, it is up to you as their parent to make explanations to your Cancer child that at times, they can care and nurture others by giving them love the way they are used to and by listening. Not everyone is searching for a shepherd as a lost lamb, after all. In addition, you need to help your child born under the sign of Cancer learn that not all people who are disagreeing with them is erroneous.

Living in Emotions

Just like their adult counterparts, emotions are where children born under the sign of Cancer live. They feel sensitivity to how others around them handle desires and feelings and can start edging away when met with aggression or indifference. So if your daughter who is Cancer has concerns about playmates, ensure that you reciprocate and listen to her compassionately rather than telling her to try and just snap out of it. Among other things, kids born under the sign of Cancer need to feel close emotionally to persons they love and in tune with what they feel and think in order to feel loved and happy. The disadvantage is that there are tendencies of being overly sensitive. Children born under the sign of cancer have more of a tendency of feeling hurt by rude words or insensitive remarks from other kids at school or at play. What you can do is make sure they feel assured and loved at home in order to help in building their inner strengths for better coping with a world that can be unfeeling at times.

Moody Cancerians

Although the truth is Cancer kids don’t have an Aries’ forthright nature or a Scorpio’s vehemence, they are seldom shy to an extend of something hiding truths. If you are someone they love, they may tell you that they don’t agree with you. This honesty is quietly revealed and many times mistaken for being moody. You might find your child one day snuggling with you in warmth and delight and another day calmly inform you that they would prefer to play with their toys rather than snuggle. When they feel like it, they might tell you how their feelings were hurt by so and so today. However if they are not in the mood, nothing you can say or do will get them explaining. Like the bear signed Crab, they will begin retreating into their shells until they feel like crawling out once more. As parents, your best communication routes would be a gentle guidance and acceptance. Letting their personalities become revealed without changing them or making them talk forcibly is recommended.

Shy Personalities

Believed to be truly shy, it can be hard for parents to totally understand that wants and needs of these kids. Cancer kids tend to expect their parents to understand them just as it is quite easy for them to intuitively know how their parents are, with a sixth sense that they have. When it seems as if you are attempting to guess what is going on behind the smile of your child on an on-going basis, it is a good idea to perhaps create an easy, clear system of communicating with your child. Once he or she understands that it is okay to speak their mind freely and that they can inform you about what they need, you will find them becoming less shy and perhaps even start to blossom into individuals that are self-assured.

Little Dreamers

Cancer born kids are little dreamers just as older people born under this sign are as well. Usually, children of this sign are happy when left with a free range world of ideas and dreams. You might see your child contentedly snuggling up to watch television or with a book on their laps rather than running outdoors with other children unless the activity is totally interesting to them. When in groups, children who are Cancer will usually go with what others decide unlike children born Aries. Cancerians also sometimes remain in passivity no matter what goes on around them. The optimal method of involving them is to keep encouraging them to come up with their own ideas or games about how best to play these. Highly imaginative, Cancer children can sometimes creatively surprise you with what they come up with in terms of material results or ideas.


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