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The Personality of Your Gemini Child

Updated on June 11, 2013

Gemini Kids: May 21- June 21

A child born under the sign of Gemini will make you laugh and look at you with happy, bright eyes. It will be very clear to you and everyone around you that in your child’s head, there is a lot going on. Don’t get shocked when he or she begins to speak at an early age, as this is the nature of Gemini. These kids tend to be sociable, charming and communicative. Even if you have a child that is on the quiet side, he or she will still be curious, quick witted and totally aware of the world that surround him or her. Ensure that there are always puzzles and books that surround them to keep their minds active and give them lots of supplies and space for many projects. These kids love any new thing and tend to bounce from one activity to another at the drop of a hat. As soon as they get the hang of something, they tend to move on as they get bored with the old thing. In the blink of an eye, their mood changes. Many change their minds often and are indecisive. This makes them able to adapt to new situations. Often, they prefer various experiences over comprehending something deeply. As their parent you can help develop their particular strong area and help them focus. They will shine in debate, writing and reading as well as anything where you need to be dexterous, such as piano-playing. Due to their varied interests, kids who are Gemini have loads of friends and will usually be the group’s centre of attention or leader.

Your Real Baby Einstein

Gemini children are all born with genius qualities and exhibit early gifts compared to other children. With a baby born under this sign, life will be far from boring. They will tend to want to learn about and touch everything they see as soon as their eyes open. It is a good idea to baby-proof your house doubly such as covering outlets for electrical plugs and putting away anything breakable. Naturally a chatter box, Gemini born kids talk to everything and everyone around them and when no one is around can even make up imaginary friends just to have someone to talk to. Some even begin developing a unique language all on their own before learning the language their parents speak.

The Sign of Twins

These kids thrive in a setting that is social as they are the sign of twins. They love being with kids with the same age as they do so getting them into play groups and pre-school as early as you can is highly recommended. A natural fit would also be drama classes since they are adept at being able to mimic other kids not unlike Gemini famous twins Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen. They are born under the sign of communicators so surrounding them with picture books, videos and flashcards of foreign languages are important. These kids have higher than normal tech abilities so keep those video games away or they may soon be addicted to them. Give them musical instruments and other toys that are hands-on. They might even have the ability to play by ear. Chemistry sets, detective kits and scientific toys will also be a hit with your little Gemini child. One thing is for sure, life will cease to be boring with them around.

Social Butterflies

They are also people who are sociable who can talk for hours about make believe stories and questions about how come people can’t fly like birds or why the sky is blue. At a young age these kids realize the power of words and that words are able to educate. They learn communication so they can share their quest for knowledge, information and ideas sharing. You will need to help your child who is a Gemini learn that there is a place and a time for everything. There is a time to sit quietly and listen, a time to discuss ideas and a place for each and every thing. For those with minds that are deep, there is loads of information and it is worth the time and effort it takes to dig deeply when going through a quest for knowledge. They need to understand that not all people can handle conversations that are rapid-fire and not all persons have minds that are quick. It is easy for children who are Gemini to start feeling some superiority over other people due to their quick minds and vast knowledge. Instead of getting upset that others can hardly keep up with them they need to slow down and become thinkers who are more methodical.

From the Cradle

The worst thing you can do to a child who is Gemini is to raise them in environments that give them no exploration freedom. Kids who are Gemini are soaking sponges of information no matter where they go. Feeding their souls means feeding their minds. Starting from the cradle, Gemini kids begin their knowledge quest and are curious. This means that as their parent, you should encourage them to absorb all the lessons of life they possibly can including studying nature and the outdoors, giving them books to read and music instruments to learn.

There is nothing that does not fascinate them. They want to dabble into everything and seldom grow up to be couch potatoes. Little Sociable People

Love Your Gemini Child

Once your child born under the sign of Gemini feels that they are loved truly just by being who they are, they go through something not unlike the metamorphosis of a butterfly. When they get unconditional love, it is like giving them wings to fly. They become free to start sharing their music, stories, knowledge and light with the rest of humanity. A Gemini child can grow to be amazing creative writers, vocalists, public speakers and songwriters. With being free to be whom they are, they are able to share their gift with the rest of humankind.

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    • Tom Koecke profile image

      Tom Koecke 

      5 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

      My Gemini child was much easier to raise than my Aquarius child in some ways, and more difficult in other ways. She was so much more responsible that when her sister, who is more than three years older, asked me when she would be allowed to take a bus to the mall, I answered when her sister is old enough to take you.

      She confronted issues directly. That meant going to school to develop learning plans with her and her teacher, and to retrieve her for suspension for fighting.

      She was more difficult to raise in that she needed my time, whereas my other daughter only needed my permission.

      She had an eye-opening moment when she told me she wished she was as smart as her sister. I told her that if her sister tried as hard as she did, her sister would likely be as successful as she was going to be. I think she got it from that moment on!

      Erin is now on her second, and final, tour in the Navy. She has seen many parts of the world. She has most of her prerequisites completed for college. She has the money saved to complete a degree in nursing when she gets out in a year-and-a-half.

      She always knew she was loved. However, once she knew that she was cherished, she soared, and continues to do so!


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