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The Personality of Your Leo Child

Updated on June 21, 2013

Leo Kids: July 23 - August 22

The Limelight

Just like their adult counterparts, Leo kids love being in the spotlight. This sign’s ruler is the sun, which happens to be at the solar system center while other revolving planets go around it. In the same light, a child born under the sign of Leo will crave being in the limelight in almost everything, but more so in situations that are social. You could most likely find your toddler born under the Leo sign in the playground surrounded by other kids in the playground and as they get older, you will find that your house has turned into a friends gathering place from the neighbourhood and the school. This is a consequence that is natural in terms of their outgoing nature. Make sure as a parent that you prevent all that attention from getting into the head of your little Leo however.

Magnetic Personalities

With their magnetic, natural personality, followers are something that Leos find easy to attract. However, this could also become a trend towards being somewhat impatient with other people, especially when confronted by personalities like Pisceans and Cancerians that are more reticent. As a parent part of your role is to assist your child in seeing that not all people can know all things about all subjects and there may be some people who in their eyes seem ‘loony’ but which could be gifted in topics that they have not studies themselves. In addition, working with your tiny Leo to discover the wonders of psychology, metaphysics and the spiritual will help your child find that delicate balance between the mystical and the material.

Generosity, loyalty and warmth are just some of the various great characteristics of your Leo child. Affectionate and enthusiastic, Leo children experience life with their whole hearts, which happen to be enormous.

When given credit and praise for all the things they have done correctly, Leo kids do best. Your child will most likely be achieving a lot when he is going through his or her years of childhood. In his or her school drama group, he could easily become the performing star of be forced to be the pitcher in baseball. In other words, if there is a chance to shine, he will attempt to get this.

Primary Needs

The primary needs of a Leo include approval and attention. Your little Leo will do all he or she can to get appreciated by you and by his or her pals. As a matter of fact, these kids will attempt to gain everyone’s approval no matter who they are. Your child will have a natural flair for the dramatic. He will also tend to give you performances that are spur-of-the-moment from an early age. You may notice your child dressing up in colourful styles and looking in the mirror.

Proud, vain and sensitive, kids born under the sign of Leo seem tougher on the exterior but within they actually feel some vulnerability. One word that is harsh can knock the confidence of a Leo so be cautious about talking to your young Leo child especially when discipline time comes around.

Reward Your Child

For all the different strong points of your little Leo, you will need to reward your child including his sense of firm morals and sense of loyalty. If not, your child may not feel that these qualities are more important that impressing others with good looks, great sense of humour and impressive actions.

Outgoing Children

Generally outgoing, smiley and happy, Leo babies are the sign that is quite dramatic so when there are tantrums of temper, it is time to watch out! These children love playtime whether it is on a computer, running with their pet, playing tag with other kids, dolls or board games. They love bright sounds and colours. Painting their rooms in hues that are vivid and setting up tons of music mobiles is a good idea. On the other hand, if you don’t want to end up with a migraine, don’t buy too many toys that make noise. Leos love to make you happy so once they realize what their parents love, they will totally emphasize this characteristic. It won’t be easy to get them to sleep as this sign has tons of energy and they may stay up all night chatting and singing. To give them a good outlet for their theatrical talent, enrolling them in gymnastics, dance or drama early is highly recommended.

Play Time

Enrol your Leo child in boy scouts or girls scouts. These kids love adventure and are super outgoing. Your Leo’s natural skills for leadership will be brought out when they work with other children in the capacity of responsibility.

A pet is a good idea to give your Leo child. Their sign is governed by the king or queen of the jungle which is Leo the lion. This sign as a caretaking, natural streak with a tendency to be highly responsible when it comes to pets. Compared to other children, this child will be craving more affection and owning a kitten or puppy to hug when you are not around for a cuddle is a good idea.

A big backpack might be something you want to give your child. These kids love traveling with their favourite doll, stuffed animal or toys wherever they go.

A big box of clothes for dressing up is a good idea as well. Leos are ultra-creative and they will like putting on dramatic shows, pretend they are at a different time zone and have friends that are imaginary. Make sure to clap loudly and be prepared for loads of entertainment.

Tips for Parents

Attention is something that Leos love however, each time they cry and you are at their side, may result in you having a demanding diva to deal with. Encouraging them to help others and teaching them to not be selfish is recommended. Independence can be fostered by encouraging them to go through problems they have on their own which is minor. They are most probably going to give you some solutions that are creative!


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