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The Personality of Your Taurus Child

Updated on June 14, 2013

Taurus Kids: April 20 to May 20

Those born between the twentieth of April and the twentieth of May are Taurus children. As an earth fixed sign, the lives of babies born under this sign are about material rewards and physical pleasures. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are bringing up a child born under the sign of Taurus.

They Crave Physical Love

Just like Taurus adults, kids of this sign are pleased easily when given loads of affection physically. Smoochy kisses and big hugs are the optimal methods of making you Taurus child feel cared for and loved. Younger children will relish the warmth of the love of his or her parents and will enjoy merely sitting on your lap especially when they are feeling blue or are hurt physically. With a steady family environment and lots of bear hugs, you will find it is easy to raise Taurus kids and see them develop into fantastic adults.


Taurus children love comfort and peace around them and best thrive in an environment which is familiar, among people they have known since they were kids. For this reason, surrounding your Taurean child with routine everyday things and those that are familiar will impart a security sense. Unannounced and sudden change is something they hate. This is why new events and family rituals should be introduced to them slowly and gradually. Even when they do not wear their heart on their sleeves, they are sensitive and love familiar things, which is the reason why it is double important to prepare them for any changes. Once they find which routine works for them, the status quo is something they wish to retain. They are certain about not liking change since they love things as they are. To get them to adapt to a new idea or concept, the best way is to give them time enough to think about this. An approach such as this one will help change be positive for your Taurus child.

Temper, Temper

When left to themselves, Taurus kids are normally happy and pleasant. When they are not able to get their way, however, the fearful temper they explode into is not unlike a real live bull in a shop filled with expensive china. When this happens, it is sometimes futile to threaten them with punishment or authority. Instead, appeal to their logical minds to find a rational, effective method of finding solutions to what bothers them. If you give in to their bullying and anger, they will assume automatically that this is the best way for problems to be solved. Children who are Taurus will greatly benefit from getting exposed to nature’s rhythms. Engaging in physical activities and being outside helps your Taurus child mentally relax and let off steam. When tension is something your Taurus child feels, the neck area tends to get affected which is why physical massages or exercises are found to be a great help.


Like the Bull sign they are born under, children, women and men that are Taurus are known to be obstinate. This is legendary. When your child who is a Taurus plays, they have rigid views of how the games should be played. They have their own methods of doing things and it is hard to persuade them to do anything else until they understand the reasons why and agree that new methods may be better when game playing. This obstinate streak can become extreme and be expressed with problems at school or in the home with authority. You may put your Taurus child in the Time Out Chair only to find out later that he or she is able to “out-wait” you until you are tired of waiting, and they get what they want. They won’t easily give up even if they are attached to something totally unhealthy. Rather than ordering your child to stop doing something, it is a better idea to explain why something ought to be avoided and ask for a promise not to do a specific action ever again.


The Taurus born takes commitments quite seriously and even in children, you will see this quality. They don’t switch interests in one subject or another but rather, get hooked and pursue one thing completely. This is a commitment sense that is delightfully expressed in deeply connecting to friends and family. When your Taurus daughter or son loves you with devotion that is unflinching, they will also be loyal to playmates and friends. It is not unusual for kids that are Taurus to be content with 2-3 friends and may even be possessive since they want to be loved by their friends as well with the same exclusive affection and intense devotion.


Children born under the sign of Taurus hate changing schools or moving houses. This can be an issue with a family that frequently moves around. Leaving their comfortable security behind them such as their old bedroom is not easy for kids born Taurus. The only method of helping them adjust is to give them time to mull over the changes. For example, when changing schools, show them the new school many times before day one and let them meet kids in the neighbourhood before you move homes. This makes it easy for them rather than a change that is abrupt.Indeed, it cannot be emphasized enough that one of the hardest things a Taurus child will go through is moving to a new house. Leaving all the comforts of their old bedroom and the security of a familiar neighbourhood is not easy. Giving them loads of time for adjustment is important. If you can, show your Taurus child the new home a number of times before the actual day of moving comes along. Let them imagine their new room and the way they want to set it up. Meeting neighbourhood kids will also help ease the move. Rather than a change that is abrupt, these steps make it so much easier for a Taurus child to adjust to change.


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