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The Phantom Halo

Updated on February 4, 2016

There you are in a sea of faces, most you haven’t seen before, some you have and then there is that illusive new person you’ve been crushing on. Is it worth it to say, “Hi”? Well, in the case of the “The Phantom Halo”… no. Not really.

“The Phantom Halo” made in 2014 stars Luke Kleintank, Rebecca Romijn, Sebastian Roché (for those of you who are fans of the CW’s “The Originals”) and last but not least Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Yes, Thomas Brodie-Sangster from the new “Maze Runner” Series, “Game of Thrones”, “Dr. Who” and many more. He is that young and talented face that keeps popping up everywhere that everybody seems to love.

Unfortunately, even with these familiar faces, “The Phantom Halo” only received about half of the possible stars, 5.1/10 on and 2/5 stars on Netflix. The story follows an impoverished family of three consisting of an unemployed, alcoholic father and his two sons. The sons take on odd jobs such as street performing, pick pocketing and self-defense teaching. They then hide their earnings from their father who will blow it all on booze and gambling. Of course, he always finds the small savings anyway.

The movie is titled the “The Phantom Halo” because the younger brother, Samuel Emerson (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) loves the comic books. I suppose it was the best title for the movie as “The Graduate” was already taken and something to do with counter fitting money would not have been as poetic. And yes, the older brother Beckett Emerson is totally banging his friend’s middle aged mother. Here’s to you, Miss Rose.

Despite the fact that this movie is a drama, it is more intense with violence then any of the horror movies I have watched recently. As it is a drama, funny moments also come far and few between when the plot reveals itself. Father Warren Emerson is unable to pay gambling debts so the bookie then goes after the older brother for the money. He threatens Beckett saying- if he can’t come up with the money, he will go after Samuel. The real question ends up being- if anyone does get saved… who will do the saving? Maybe… the Phantom Halo? Maybe that severed piece of Samuel’s finger? Maybe McDuff? (Shakespeare joke).

Well, if you don’t watch the movie then you won’t get my joke so I will give “The Phantom Halo” a random rating of 3/5 stars. You will recognize 3 out of the 5 stars in the movie and even though it is painfully sad, it is that train wreck you can't look away from. The acting is beautiful from the whole cast - especially from the very talented Sebastian Roché. Why don’t we see him in more mainstream movies?

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