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The Turquoise crystal

Updated on September 20, 2014

Properties of Turquoise

One of the crystals that are known because of its healing capabilities isTurquoise because of the properties that are metaphysical. Turquoise is also known as crystal of power, wherein the American natives believe that this crystal is the God's gift to them. Turquoise is believe to be the connection of earth and heaven, which is why a lot of people want to have one Turquoise crystal. According to some owners, they are receiving God's wisdom since they got to own a Turquoise crystal. For people who don't know, there are deposits of Turquoise in different parts of the earth. They also come in different colors such as blue green that is dark and there are also ones that are light blue in color. If you are not yet familiar with the different properties that Turquoise crystal has, then reading the information about its properties would definitely be ideal.

Emotional Properties

People who have Turquoise crystals are known to be assisted by this crystal when it comes to pain and stresses emotionally. The experts believe that owning a Turquoise crystal can help them to eliminate depression and fear, which will give self-confidence, serenity and happiness in return. For people who are looking for a boost emotionally, it is ideal for them to own a Turquoise crystal. The reason behind this is because this crystal is good in absorbing the negative emotions and energies of the wearer, which will make the wearer to become capable and very energetic. On the other hand, Turquoise can help reduce the apathy and can also help the mood swings to be stabilized.

Physical Properties

People who are going through certain conditions and illnesses because it helps people to recover from any of their health problems. According to experts the Turquoise stone is like a stone that can detoxify a person, which means that the wearer can become protected and cleaned from anything effects that are negative. This includes pollution, radiation, poison and as well as alcohol. The Turquoise copper can help the inflammation to reduced and the pain to be alleviated due to different conditions, such as muscles that are sore, rheumatism and as well as arthritis. When it comes to health people who are wearing or using the Turquoise crystal can help the person to treat infections of the lung and throat and as well as asthma and TMJ or the temporomandibular joint.

Mental Properties

If you want to boost the creativity that you have then using the Turquoise crystal is ideal. It can also help in enhancing the communication and thinking skills of a person. This is the reason why people who are into communication should have the Turquoise crystal for them to enhance the skills that they already have. According to experts, using the Turquoise crystal can help a person to see his life more clearly, which can help in successfully fulfilling his heart's desires.

Above are the properties of Turquoise that you definitely should know. If you think that this is the kind of crystal that you need, then getting one now as jewelry would definitely be ideal.


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