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The Proposal Movie Review

Updated on June 25, 2009

 Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have wonderful chemistry in this new flick, showing at theaters right now.

From the beginning, Sandra takes over the screen with her appearance and her force; leading viewers to believe that that Ryan Reynolds will be coasting on her coat tails throughout the entire movie.  Give it about 10 minutes and then, BAM!  Reynolds becomes a wonderful leading man with a gentleness but self confidence that wasn't apparent in the beginning of the movie.

Betty White, always a joy to watch onscreen, doesn't disappoint at all with her quick one-liners and subtle way of criticizing someone, often leaving you laughing moments after she is on to her next foible.

The rest of the cast is appropriately set up and the movie takes you into the realms of a real family; full of struggles and the need to express their own opinions, whether asked for or not. 

Out of a 10, I give The Proposal an 8.5.  Cute, funny and entertaining.  A movie that will bring forth some emotion but keep you chuckling.  A no brain movie for those that just want to be entertained and not have to think much.


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