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The Puppets of 'Puppet Master'

Updated on January 2, 2013

For those who don't know...

Puppet Master is a horror movie released in 1989 and as of 2012 has ten sequels. It's a movie series about a puppet maker named Andre Toulon who is able to transfer human souls into his puppets (most of which are equipped with some type of weapon) and bring them to life with an ancient Egyptian spell and a magic elixir formula. He is pursued for most of his life by Nazis and eventually kills himself to protect the secret. This sets the puppets into a revenge killing spree.

After the third movie was released the series kind of went downhill so this article will only relate to the first three movies.

Meet the Puppets below! Click on any of the images to view them full sized.

Fresh kill
Fresh kill


Blade is a puppet with a white, almost skull-like face with shoulder length white hair and black socketed eyes from which protrude small metal spikes when he gets excited. He wears a black trench coat and a black hat. Instead of hands he has a sharp metal hook and a large pointed blade. He's also cute as a button! Toulon modeled him after the Gestapo major who killed his wife, whom the puppets, in turn, eventually killed (pretty gruesomely). He has the soul of a medical scientist who was killed after trying to help Toulon in Nazi Germany.



Jester is a puppet that somewhat resembles a Mr. Punch doll. He wears a classic jester's outfit and in Puppet Master 2 and 3 he has a hat with bells. His head is split horizontally in three sections which rotate opposite each other. When his face spins it usually ends in an expression different from before. He has three different expressions: a mischievous smile, sad, and surprised/scared. He does not have any built-in weapons, instead he uses other objects to attack, which is rare. He usually acts as the groups leader and as the victim's distraction allowing the others to attack. He has the soul of a prankster/joke teller and bookkeeper who was a friend of Toulon before he was killed by the Nazi's when his jokes went too far.

Drill Sergeant!
Drill Sergeant!
Poised to attack
Poised to attack


Tunneler is a puppet dressed in a sergeant's uniform. He has a face that kind of resembles a mob thug from the 20s with black squinty eyes and a large cone-shaped power drill bit on the top of his head. He attacks by running head first into his victims, digging into them with his spinning drill. It's said that his soul was from a soldier forced to work in the Nazi's salt mines until his death.

Gonna git you!
Gonna git you!


Pinhead looks like a a bulky man wearing a brown sweater with a relatively large torso and a tiny bald, and somewhat pointed head. He has giant hands which are unnaturally strong which he uses to beat, bludgeon, and batter as well as strangle and drag his victims. He usually delivers killing blows with large and/or heavy blunt objects. His soul is that of a truck driver who was killed by the Nazi's for smuggling food to the Jewish people.

her fancy dress
her fancy dress

Leech Woman

Leech Woman is the only female puppet in the group. She looks almost like a creepy, Gothic Barbie doll. She has long jet-black hair, pale skin and solid black eyes. She has quite a unique ability that she uses on her victims...she has the ability to expel large, poisonous leeches from her mouth. Her head (and perhaps the rest of her body) is made of a firm but elastic material allowing her mouth to stretch wide enough to release these giant leeches. She was originally a gift from Toulon to his wife but after she was shot by the Gestapo major, Toulon transferred her soul into the puppet.



Torch is a puppet who, unlike the others, is made of metal. He has a black, spiked helmet that resembles a German Pickelhaube helmet, glowing red eyes, and small bullet teeth. He wears a yellow firefighter's coat and instead of a right hand he has a small but very powerful flame thrower. It is unknown who's soul is in this puppet and he is the only one brought to life by Toulon in his "zombie" form (after the puppets bring Toulon back to life with his formula.)



Six-Shooter is a cowboy puppet with six arms and six revolvers. Although the guns are smaller than regular guns, they are just as deadly. He has a cowboy hat and boots, and six holsters as well as a scarf that is usually around his neck but raises itself to cover most of his face when he is in kill mode. He has the unique ability to climb walls like a spider and is usually emitting a menacing laugh.

So who's your favorite?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      What I liked about the movies was they were evil in one movie good in the next.


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