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The Purge: A Wicked Horror Film or A Valid Idea?

Updated on August 24, 2015

What is The Purge?

The Purge is created after the collapse of the economy in the early 2010's. This is when "The New Founding Fathers of America" established a totalitarian government and a police state following this collapse. The 28th amendment was created to establish one night a year where all crime is legal for a twelve hour period and all emergency services are unavailable for this night. The night would be called "The Purge" and begins on the night of March 21st at 7:00pm and ends the morning of March 22nd at 7:00am. The free for all only has two rules. The first being that no level four weapons are allowed during The Purge. Level four weapons include but aren't limited to rocket launchers, any explosive weapons, a mini-gun, and bazookas. The second rule is that no government officials with authorization of ten or more is off limits as well. Other than that as soon as the warning alarm goes of you are allowed to do what ever you want. There are many mentioned reasons people come up with to utilize the crime free time period. I'm sure anyone who has seen or heard of these movies have wondered if this could be a valid idea. So here is my question: Could The Purge be a miracle option to solve a lot of our countries problems or is this just a good way to scare people for entertainment? I will evaluate a variety of human needs and decide whether or not The Pure would benefit or destroy the different human needs.

The Purge Preview.

The Purge Anarchy Trailer


Whether you barely have enough to feed yourself or if you have so much you don't know what to do with them money is part of you everyday life. There is a popular phrase stating money can't buy you happiness and part of me agrees with that but I also disagree with that as well. Almost nothing in life will come for free. Money can buy you a roof over your head, food to fill your belly, and clothes on your back. So if there was a list of necessities money would be at the top of the list. If you're a lower class citizens this could be an opportunity for you to provide for your family by robbing somewhere/somebody, or looting stores/houses. Although this is probably on item that is on the purge lists of many people. However if you as a lower class member chose not to purge then its a different story. You will most likely be able to buy all of the things you need to survive the night. In the first movie the family was rather well off and the father worked for a major security company. He had panic room with live surveillance watching various parts of their property, and a blockade system that covers all of the windows and doors of your house at the push of a button. If you're a middle class citizen you have a better chance of making it through the night if you don't participate in the yearly purge. Security systems and weapons would be easier to get ahold of so that you can protect yourself. If you're a member of the middle class bracket and you take part in the purge then you will be able to brave the night with a little more confidence due to your middle class weapons. You can travel a little safer because you can afford better armor than the lower class, this means there is a whole group of Americans that will be an easier target than you. Upper class will benefit the most from money during the purge. You will be able to have top of the line security equipment, weapons, and armor to ensure your safety if you do or don't purge. You may not have the need to steal money but its possible you are going to be purging for a completely different reason like revenge. No matter where you fall in the categories money will always effect everyone and the way their purge turns out. With money being stolen and the poor being picked off the economy would see a great change benefiting America and Americans. One bad thing is that because robbery and looting are legal twelve hours it would be very easy for anyone to rob a store or loot all of its items with no punishment causing them to close because the would be unable to replace all the items or repair the damages to their store. Your purge experience could be swayed either way by your economic standing before hat night. It can also change your life and economic standings if you can come up with a plan, execute the plan, and survive the night.


With a large amount of death taking place on this one night it would thin the population ensuring that the world would not become over populated. This would greatly decrease many real world problems like world hunger. Instead of stretching them to the max there will be enough resources to go around. This can also follow Darwin's theory of evolution creating a system of natural selection. The weakest people will die off first and as the purge progresses it will be survival of the fittest weeding out less intelligent and talented people. There are plenty of benefits to a lower population. A decrease in the population would slow the rate of damage that humans have caused to the earth. The more people that are born the higher the level of pollution and destruction. With the purge it would be easy to make sure the would doesn't die due to over population prolonging the life of the human race as a whole. The smaller the population the more opportunities there are for people because there are a small group to choose from. Of coarse people will learn to adapt and survive as the years go by. However if you knew that one night a year your family could be in tremendous life danger, would you rethink having children? Its never a guarantee you will be able to keep them safe no matter how hard you try and that's in society now. Let alone if there was a one day free for all where all of the sick minded child killers can roam free and succumb to the thoughts that fill their mind on a daily basis. There are a lot of things to think about when starting a family and this could be a deal breaker for many couples out there to not have children. Population is effected by many things that happen in society and one little shift or change can throw off the entire balance greatly increasing or decreasing in numbers.


With the population not growing out of control and a mass amount of deaths on the night of the purge happening every year would create a lot of job opportunities for those who may not have those opportunities otherwise. The competition between job seekers would decrease giving people who would usually come in last place a change to be a true contender. It would also be sneaky and easy to move your way up in the company you are employed at. When you are hired at a new place you can work there until the purge and that's when you can either kill a few people who are above you at work or kill your competition for the promotion that was just announced at work. In the first movie there was a radio show that played before and after the purge. Before the warning alarm commencing the purge people would call this show and tell people what their plans were for the night. One person blatantly stated that they were going to kill their boss. Its far from fair but it is one way to further your career in a fast way. The unemployment rate would barely exist and you wouldn't see people begging for change on every corner in the city. Poverty would become a thing of the past because no matter who you are or what skills you have there would be a job opening for you. If you are a business owner I recommend investing in a really strong security system, not one that just informs the police because no emergency services during the twelve hours of this event. I'm talking about one that could endure any weather and withstand a riot. If you are the person in your company responsible for hiring, I recommend holding a lot of seasonal workers a few months prior to lessen the blow of any employee deaths that may happen. It may sound cold but its hard to run a business when nobody in the company has a clue what they are doing. If you have people at the ready then you avoid any extra revenue loss for poor services. The ease of finding a job would be incredible however there would be many other changes that would have to be made for companies to survive. In the beginning of the movie they even mention the incredible decrease in the unemployment rate in the short history displayed during the opening credits.


If you look back into history as far back as the human race goes we are reported as a violent species. People turning to war and physical violence to resolve common issues and disputes. Giving people twelve hours to work out all of their violent impulses may be one way for people to be able to fight off those urges for the year in between. There will always be war and its silly to think that a human reflex like violence is something that can suddenly changed when it has been a way of life for as long as humans have existed. A war can't be fought in one single night obviously so it leaves you to question whether it would effect our relationships with other countries or if those would remain hostile or civil no matter what domestic changes we got through? Would other countries follow our lead giving their own crime free night? Although the movies definitely give you something to think about it also gives you a very vague idea and isolate it to certain areas of America. Its hard to predict how this may effect our external affairs without being given all of the information. With no emergency services operating for a twelve hour period could it open us up to mass terrorist attacks in one night? If there was a terrorist attack that s not domestic would emergency service become involved despite the laws of the purge? Humans will always be a violent species no matter how long time progresses and its hard to imagine that a short allowance of time is enough to fill peoples thirst for blood. In one night your pleasant next door neighbor could be the next Jack The Ripper or Charles Manson because one year he participated in the purge and unlocked the creepy serial killer within. Would it be right to punish the monster that America created? The guidelines for a night like this would have to be specific and so would the laws for the aftermath to avoid an crime sprees that may carry on well after the designated time. Give somebody an inch and they will take a mile so the legal system would have to be ruled with an iron fist or America would erupt into pure unstoppable chaos.

You Decide.

The idea of allowing crime for twelve hours can be good or bad depending on how you look at it and how deeply you think into the matter. It very well could solve a lot of the issues America has with daily violence, the economy crashing, and the job market but there are also a lot of problems it could open us up to. If outside countries don't have their own crime night at the same time we can open ourselves up to some very serious foreign attacks that could destroy our country. Without all of the information we can't clearly analyze the idea without having to ask a mass amount of questions. The movies are enjoyable to thriller fans and a great watch that would get your heart racing and your mind running. One request as a viewer is that they go more into detail about the laws surrounding this night and how they would handle a variety of different situations. If they plan to continue these movies I would love for them to elaborate more on how the country is effected as a whole instead of isolating one person or family in one small area of The United States. This would give you a more in depth view of the idea and wouldn't leave you angry with a bunch of unanswered questions. Its the viewers choice to decide whether or not they think the idea is completely absurd or a valid option to combat real world problems.


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      Michael Germanott 

      3 years ago

      Very Nice, Long & Interesting Hub. I enjoyed it


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