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The Real Housewives Mama Elsa's Plastic Surgery Disaster

Updated on December 14, 2013
A screencap from the Real Housewives showing Mama Elsa's bloated face.
A screencap from the Real Housewives showing Mama Elsa's bloated face.

Mama Elsa is one of the stars of the hit show The Real Housewives Of Miami. On one episode of the show, she talked about her various encounters with plastic surgery that made her look the way she does now. She doesn't have every much screen time on the show, but she tends to be a fan favorite because of her sassy attitude. So, it was a surprise when fans were able to hear a little bit more about her.

She is the mother of the beautiful Marysol Patton, who does get a lot of screen time on the show. She is often seen with her daughter.

Mama Elsa
Mama Elsa | Source

Before Plastic Surgery

If you're wondering what Mama Elsa looked like before her surgery, look at the photo to the right. The image shows a fresh-faced young woman. You wouldn't be able to tell it was the same woman by comparing the photos from her youth to current pictures. Mama Elsa was gorgeous as a young woman, but the obsession with staying beautiful led to many blotched surgeries.

You can see another old picture of Mama Elsa below.

Mama Elsa before she had plastic surgery.
Mama Elsa before she had plastic surgery.

During the show, she talked about how she underwent plastic surgery on her face several years previously. Because of the surgery, her face was left unrecognizable and extremely bloated. Mama Elsa says she surgeon who performed the surgery completely "ruined" her face.

She hasn't specified what exactly she has had done, but doctors have made comments. They believe she might have had breast implants, lots of face injections, face lifts, nose jobs, brow lifts and full face lifts.

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Mama Elsa
Mama Elsa

Recent Years

In late 2013, Mama Elsa suffered from a stroke, but she quickly recovered and returned home. She is currently doing fine and is healthy and happy.

Mama Elsa and her daughter
Mama Elsa and her daughter

A video clip


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