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The Real Kings Of Pop

Updated on August 1, 2009
My wife signing and singing Lumina at the Talent Show where she works
My wife signing and singing Lumina at the Talent Show where she works

 So I was thinking about everything I had to get done today... Run my wife to work, pick up my niece, feed my daughter, laundry, write for hub pages, check on ebay sales pick up wife from work... The typical day just never seems like there is enough hours in a day... Ohhh almost forgot the talent show at the special service school my wife teaches at...

I am thinking how this will really cut into my time... But really wanted to be there to see my wife perform Lumina by Joan Osborne....

Sometimes being Mr Mom has its perks... Today I got to watch the real Kings of Pop perform... it truely was amazing, and it showed me just how luck I was to be able to see these wonderfully talented students perform...

 Before you all ask for pictures or videos I have both but due to privacy issues I can not post them on the internet... But I will describe the feeling as best i can in words... I wish I could show these special people to you...

So we arrive go through the security check... yes security is very high... espically when going to a concert like this... We enter the small gym and see they have a few hundred folding chairs set up for the teachers, students, family and friends of the Pop Stars about to preform...

I see the students and aides from my wifes classroom... I take my daughter and niece over and we find a seat close... I am told that my wife will be performing first... What a treat... I learn later she went first because all the students were scared..

My wife has a wonderful voice, song a solo in her college choir, so the curtains slide back and there she is up on stage... I cant wait to hear her preform... what music to my ears... am at a rock concert... but she is just the warm up act for what is to come...

Now picture your childs school gym... the accoustics are poor... the sound system out dated...  now add to that most of these students need aides to do what we find a simple task.

My wife finishes and the place goes crazy with applause... but it only gets better...

there was a teacher there that was so full of engery for these kids that it vibrated into the souls of everyone there... When I seen him at the end he was soaked in sweat like he had preformed on stage for the hour and a half...


The Real Kings Of Pop

 As the first student came out to perform... the place goes even louder with applauses and screams... you felt the engery of a rock star walking onto stage... As she sang her eyes become like diamonds... the smile grew across her face... and for a few short minutes... she was the STAR.. people clapping to the beat... dancing around... bouncing in their wheel chairs... it was a sight to behold... then at the end of her song the screams and clapping werwe so loud it almost hurt your ears....

I am no music critic by far... this Rock Star...  was how do I say it.... a little less then perfect to teh average person... but to that small group of people that actually got to witness her performace it reached down and made your soul dance...

Performance after performance it was an amazing thing to be part of... the place went crazy



then a teacher held an umbrella over a students head... wearing a white glove with glitter glued to it... a MJ hat, white shirt and shoes...  the teacher leaned down to the microphone and said ladys and gentlemen I give you the king of pop.... I cant imagine how long they worked at that performance... The young man put everything he had into and more... tears came to my eyes as I thought about it....

When he finished I dont think the real MJ would have gotten a louder standing ovation... the look on that kids face said it all... he probably has never felt like that for just a few moments he was the Real King of Pop....

Looking back on my day... I didnt get the wash done yet... I am going to fall a little behind in the house work... dinner may be a few minutes late... but I was Blessed to have the time I did with those amazing kids today...

When I got up this morning I was stressing over the list of things I needed to get done today... by the time I was done watching this talent show... All the cares of the World slipped away and I seen just how lucky I was....


Picture Engraved On My Heart

 The one picture I didnt get to take... but is engraved on my heart is the smile I seen on my wifes face her eyes twinkling, the rosey coloring in her cheeks growing, that smile that starts deep in your soul and just fills your entire body with love.. and these little angels God has given her to help along their way in life makes that smile even brighter...




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    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      9 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      retard is not allowed in our home... period end of story for that one...

      we do not deserve to be thanked.. we are the Lords humble servants doing his work, and by his grace we are fortunate enough to be able to do whaqt we do...

      it was truely amazing to see these childrens faces... but the smile on my wife's face was just as exciting to see..

      thank you for your kind words.. my family hopes you have a very blessed day...

    • Suiiki profile image


      9 years ago from City of the Newly Wed and Nearly Dead

      I wish I could have seen something like that. It's wonderful and you are lucky to have a wife who works with handicapped children. it takes a special person with a lot of patience and determination. Most people cannot do it. Most people today simply lack the understanding. Even many social workers forget as soon as they are off the clock, and use the word "Retarded" as an insult or a negative thing...I removed the word from my vocabulary when I was 14 and realized how uncool this "Trendy" term was.

      You and your wife are truly special people. You give me hope in a society that often seems hopeless. Thank you.

    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      9 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      it was so amazing to see these young people feel like the center of attention... in public these miracles of God are normally treated poorly... but just for a few minutes all that was lifted

    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 

      9 years ago from Canada

      Being able to participate and leave a footprint in a young childs growing years is a most precious privilige. Just sounds like a awesome night! thank you for sharing. :)


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