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The Real Cecil the Lion Uncovered

Updated on July 31, 2015

Brutal child killer!

Cecil kills ten defenseless cubs!
Cecil kills ten defenseless cubs!

An anonymous investigative report uncovered the hidden truth about Cecil the Lion. It appears that Cecil was first known as Leo the Lion but changed his name after he brutally mauled and killed ten young lion cubs after taking over the pride they belonged too.

And why did Cecil / Leo kill the young cubs? Was it for food? Was it self defense? No! It was so he could have sex with their mothers! As disgusting as this sounds there is proof from a newly discovered video from 2003.

Pampered Feline

Apparently Cecil / Leo wanted to get the gig as the pampered feline attraction of the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. He was afraid that his past transgressions would stigmatize him as a brutal killer and not allow him the life of luxury he wanted.

Big Bully!

As well as the killing of the lion cubs another story has surfaced about his bully behavior and the killing of a Cheetah in 2004, a year before he changed his identity. Eye witnesses testified that the attack on the Cheetah was unprovoked and Cecil / Leo seemed to have no remorse or compassion for the life of the unlucky Cheetah. Other eyewitnesses stated it “seemed as if the lion was killing for fun.”

Killing for fun!

Killing for fun!
Killing for fun!

Poor Work Ethic

Other facts are now emerging about the death of Cecil / Leo. The lion may have not been lured off the park like first reported. It seems that Cecil / Leo had quite a reputation for having a poor work ethic and ventured off to steal livestock from local farmers who lived near the park. These farmer's livestock were easier for the lazy lion to catch but it took a horrible toll on the families that depended upon these unjustly killed animals.

Stealing from hungry children.

Taking food from the mouth of children!
Taking food from the mouth of children!

PETA Praises Walt Parker

When the story first appeared, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called for the execution of the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion in a statement Tuesday condemning the shooting.

"He needs to be extradited, charged, and, preferably, hanged"

After these new facts came out today PETA made a new statement:

“Cecil the Lion is responsible for the death of five times more lions than Walt Parker. Just as we had wrongly called upon someone to execute Mr. Parker, we now thank Mr. Parker for carrying out the execution of Cecil the Lion, which we would have called for if we would have been aware of these horrible acts”.

Hero in Hiding

The media has still not been able to reach Mr. Parker and it is unknown if he is aware of these new facts concerning his story. I am sure Walt Parker will be overjoyed to know that he has gone from the world's most hated man to a hero!


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      ElMerFudd111 2 years ago

      This story is complete bullshit