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The Return of Mr. Bean

Updated on January 5, 2012

Today's random Netflix choice was The Return of Mr. Bean, an episode from the British series which originally aired in the early 1990s. The show begins with Mr. Bean, the main character, coming upon a street musician. With no way to pay the saxophonist, Mr. Bean puts his handkerchief on the ground and begins doing a funny kind of dance. When a gentleman drops money onto the handkerchief, Mr. Bean generously gives it to the musician and runs off.

Next we see Mr. Bean happily entering a department store, credit card in hand. He coughs his way past the cosmetics counter where sales associates spray well-dressed ladies with perfumes. In the kitchen section, he pulls a dead fish from his inner coat pocket to test the size of a frying pan. When his credit card gets mixed up with another gentleman's, instead of explaining to the man what happened he tries to switch them out himself. In the process, his hand gets stuck in the man's back pocket and he's forced to follow the man through the store. The man goes into the men's room, and Mr. Bean follows him right into the stall! Hilarity ensues when Mr. Bean hands the gentleman the roll of toilet tissue, and this ends part one of the episode.

Part two begins with Mr. Bean in a restaurant. He orders steak tartare but when it arrives he doesn't like the taste of it at all. He tries to hide bits of steak everywhere -- in the potato, in the sugar dish, even in the vase of flowers! A strolling violinist arrives at his table and begins playing just for him. Mr. Bean is forced to take a bite of the entree, which eh promptly spits into the musician's pants as soon as his back is turned to Mr. Bean. A waiter comes by and trips next to Mr. Bean's table. The maitre'd comes by and seats Mr. Bean at a new table, apologizing for the mishap. Imagine Mr. Bean's surprise when they give him -- a brand new serving of steak tartare!

The final scene shows Mr. Bean in a reception line between another gentleman and a maid, waiting to meet members of the Royal Family. When the man next to him checks his breath, Mr. Bean decides to check his own and is appalled at the stench. He begins using a lot of breath freshener, much to the annoyance of the man and woman on either side of him. He goes on to pick his teeth with his finer, and then pulls a loose thread from the maid's apron, and uses it to floss his teeth! When finished, he hands the string back to the maid whose apron is now hanging down on one side. Upon noticing that he is the only man in the reception line with no handkerchief, Mr. Bean first tries to "borrow" the one in the jacket of the man next to him. Then, he uses a postcard to mimic the look of a handkerchief. Next, he has a mishap with his zipper, which he zips up just in time to meet Her Royal Majesty. Unfortunately, he headbutts her and she falls to the ground! As the others are helping her off, true to form Mr. Bean sneaks off leaving his audience in hysterics.

This is just one of many episodes of Mr. Bean available on Netflix. However, you can also watch it for free on YouTube, via the link below. Our family is a big fan of British comedy, especially Mr. Bean. I hope you enjoy his comedy as much as we enjoy watching it!


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