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The Ringer -- The Trouble With Harry Or Whatever His Name Is

Updated on September 21, 2011

Bridget Almost Goes Raymond Burr in Rear Window

The Trouble With Harry was the only comedy Alfred Hitchcock did, but it was a doozy. This small New England town has a strange reaction to finding a corpse laying in a field. A bum steals his shoes, an artist sketches a picture of it, and Harry gets buried twice before his dug up a final time. It's very dark and has great fail foliage. It's very irreverent. Weekend At Bernie's wasn't the first movie corpse to have fun with.

After shooting the masked man trying to kill her, Bridge had the problem of how to keep her own corpse hidden, so no one knows she committed murder. Her plan is to hide the corpse until she can clean out Siobahn's bank account and rendezvous with Malcom.

Bridget's first near miss with I'm going to call him Harry is when Gemma shows up for their rendezvous. Bridget wonders if Gemma is the one who set her up to be killed, because the clueless wife is not-so clueless after all and knows Siobahn and Henry have been having an affair. Luckily, she'd covered Harry with a tarp before Gemma entered and she doesn't notice him. Gemma claims she confronted the woman she believes Henry is having an affair with. Bridget and Gemma leave together.

You know when Bridget returned to deal with Harry I thought he'd be gone. Gotta say Bridge is hardcore. Not since Raymond Burr cut up his wife in Rear Window and took her body parts out in pieces to dispose of them have I seen anyone planning to get rid of a dead body by cutting it up. Until Malcom called, Bridget looked like she was about to do the same to Harry. She picked up a power saw and was heading right over to cut Harry into a bunch of little pieces. That's hardcore. I have problems even cutting up a chicken, let alone a human body.

Victor drops by the loft looking for Siobahn. Bridget wraps Harry up in a tarp and leads him away from the scene of the crime before she can blow him off. Then she heads to the bank where she learns Siobahn had a secret account which Bridget proceeds to clean out. Wait to her not-so dead sister finds out. It seems pretty obvious Siobahn used Bridget to fake her own death, since she needed an eyewitness. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

Before Bridget can book it out of town she gets a call from Andrew and he tells her he intends to use the loft for a party. Bridget hustles over to the loft to hide Harry. Thankfully the theme for the party is the Titanic and she manages to stash his body into a steamer trunk. However, at the party Bridget notices blood is seeping from the trunk and Victor happens to show up just as she's trying to wipe it up. I'm no pathologist, but shouldn't blood have stopped seeping from Harry after what must be twenty-four hours since he died? Also, Bridget is totally playing it all wrong with Victor. Her dodging techniques are only heightening his suspicions of her. He even ran a check on Siobahn to try and dig some dirt up on her.

The next catastrophe with Harry happens when Andrew is giving a speech and a cell phone goes off. Everyone checks there and then everyone realizes it's coming from the trunk where Harry is. Bridget rushes over and gets the phone and shuts it off without anyone being the wiser.

After the party, Andrew makes it clear he likes the new Siobahn and asks her to never go away. It seems that might sway Bridget into staying, but once he's asleep Bridget sneaks out of bed planning to leave. That is, until she hears Juliet puking her guts up. She has a flashback of herself being wasted and reaching out to Siobahn for help and Siobahn just blowing her off. Bridget promises to stay and help Juliet. Andrews comes looking for Siobahn and sees the close moment between his wife and daughter.

Bridget's decision just may have saved her life, as the man she was set to testify against is watching Malcom. It even looked like for a moment he was going to run down Malcom with his car until a student came up, saving Malcom from whatever fate had lain in store for him.

Off in Paris Siobahn goes to get money from his secret slush fund to find out the account has been closed out. She calls someone and tells them Bridget is ruining everything and this has to stop. Of course the big question is will Siobahn go so far as to murder her own sister? Or did she already try and will she try again?

Part of the fun of watching this show is figuring out which old movie the show is paying homage to this week. It's fun for someone like me who spent her summers glued in front of the TV watching old movies on TV instead of being outside playing. It's too bad more TV stations don't play the classics anymore.


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