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The Rise of Skywalker: The Sad Farewell to a Saga

Updated on December 29, 2019
Bmaster4616 profile image

My passion is in the film industry itself but has always loved writing reviews in my spare time. Been doing it since I've been in college.

This wont be like a normal review. This film doesn’t deserve it. If you want my full spoiler thoughts, I’ll post them below

Might seems like a troll post but this is by far the worst Star Wars ever and haters of the last one are to blame. The Last Jedi wasn’t that great and had its flaws but my god is it better than this dumpster fire. From a story comparison, TLJ is a masterpiece compared to this. Nothing worked in this film and just goes to show you that the plan for this trilogy was completely half added and that ticks me off. I’ve loved this franchise since I was six right before the specials editions came out and been watching it since. I’ve never truly hated a Star Wars film but I have been bored with films like solo. I truly hate this film and has made me push this saga down the list. A lot of aspects in this film don’t lineup and ruin the other two films. Watching the other two films will be hard now because it leads to what? A prequel level rehash of the Return of the Jedi? But, way dumber and with goofy ass moments that feel like it’s from a B level sci-fi franchise rather than a billion dollar one. This film panders to the lowest common denominator. This transformer type of people that love that shit.

General audiences are to blame for this failure of a film. It just goes to show you the ineptitude of Disney and the brilliance of the cranking machine. Disguising real filmmaking with flashy and glossy, fan service, and nostalgia last film to trick people into thinking the film was good. This will 100% be the phantom menace of this trilogy and people will finally wake up to realize how much of a joke all this was. It all leads to a disappointing nothingness while masquerading as a real love letter to the franchise. In the end, this film has turned me away from anything Star Wars and won’t be seeing anything of theres again. Unless they really change things around and that’s sad. I remember this being the greatest experiences at the movie theaters. Watching these films have been my entire life, from a kid to a teen and now an adult. It truly saddens me thay I can no long trust this franchise and I can’t ever go back to it. But, this is Disney. Tricking the public with big business operations to pony in money instead of making a good product. It’s a trickery they've done with all their franchises. Luckily Marvel is actually run by competent people or I could see the same thing happening. Money over substance. Obey.

A glossy version of a franchise that’s always felt real. This trilogy seems like a fan made version with a big budget.
A glossy version of a franchise that’s always felt real. This trilogy seems like a fan made version with a big budget.

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