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The Rise of Movie Remakes

Updated on April 23, 2016
Anna Marie Bowman profile image

Anna is a writer, mom, crafter, and movie buff. Her favorites are horror movies and horror stories, thanks to some inspiring parents.

What Once Was Old...

Movie remakes have been a part of the Hollywood norm, well, for a long time. A great movie, or even a mediocre movie, seems to scream out for someone to remake it, either to pay homage to it, or improve upon it. Sometimes this is a good thing, often, it's not. And it seems that in recent years, Hollywood has squeezed every last drop of creative juices that they possibly can, and are looking back to the days when those juices flowed a little more freely. Movie remakes are all over the place these days. Is it necessarily a bad thing? No, not really. A little trip down memory lane is good every now and then, but I don't think it's fair to charge outrageous ticket prices to see a movie when you already know how it's going to end. Maybe it's just me. I know that eventually, just about every story will be told. Like the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun...

Recycled Cinema

I guess in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, movie studios have decided to recycle old ideas, rather than create some of their own. Is a movie remake always a bad idea? Not really. It just seems that in recent years, a larger number of movies are remakes of older movies. Some of them, you may not even realize are even remakes. I, too, have been fooled. A remake of a rather obscure movie that you may have never heard of, may lead you to believe you are seeing something entirely new. Other times, a clever new title brings new life to a story and plot that has already been done before.

I like the term recycled cinema. In this age of green energy, a company called Terracycle (they make new products out of what is basically garbage), and websites like Freecycle (where you can offer up items for free, find items for free, etc, rather than have them end up in a landfill), it is only fitting that the movie industry follows suit and jumps into the trend of recycling movie ideas. I just wish that they had a little bit better taste when choosing movies to remake. I mean this on several levels.

I wish they were a little more careful in their choices of movies to remake. Either they remake some movies that weren't all that great to begin with, or they remake really great movies, and the end result is almost an insult to the original movie. Some remakes stand well on their own, considering the different slants the movies take, but others just tend to fall flat.

It's Dejavu, All Over Again

Yes, I am quoting the great Yogi Berra...had to. Back to the point at hand, though. Some remakes have been decent, but most don't live up to the hype. Whether the motive is to cash in on some good, old-fashioned nostalgia, to pay respects to great, classic movies, or for lack of the guts to try something different, movie remakes have been churned out of theaters for decades, but more recently, the trend has almost become ridiculous.

Some movies were not meant to be remade. Some were just way too bad that you wonder how the original even got made in the first place, let alone a remake. Who thought it was a good idea to remake Piranha? And then to put it in 3D? And not only did they remake the movie once, they remade it twice!! Granted, no one really expects much from a Roger Corman movie, but to remake the movie not once, but twice just is too much.

Another in the same vein is the movie My Bloody Valentine. It was a terrible B-horror movie when it was made in 1981, and despite making the 2009 version in, you guessed it, 3D, the movie was still terrible. Yet remakes of horror movies, good and bad, seem to keep showing up. I will admit, some have been good. I particularly liked Rob Zombie's take on the Halloween movies. He took a slightly different, and darker approach to the movie that I found very interesting.

Some movies were not meant to be remade because they were just way too good to begin with. Take the movie Psycho, for instance. The original is a classic. Hitchcock was a genius and the movie was amazing! And, despite shooting the entire remake, frame by frame, exactly the same way Hitchcock did, the movie was terrible. Since it couldn't be blamed on the identical script or the identical cinematography, the only things you can blame it on is the acting and the basic fact that any one can figure out. A photocopy is never as good as the original image.

Another movie that was never meant to be remade is the classic holiday movie about redemption and love, It's A Wonderful Life. It's a family tradition in my house to watch this movie every year. I used to hate it when I was a kid, much preferring to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, or anything else, it is now one of my favorite movies to watch at Christmas time. Despite, or maybe because of, the love for this classic, someone felt the need to remake the movie. Of course, they were a little more clever. They changed the title of the movie to It Happened One Christmas.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The deadly piranhas of Piranha 3DOriginal PscyhoAnne Heche in Psycho remake
The deadly piranhas of Piranha 3D
The deadly piranhas of Piranha 3D
Original Pscyho
Original Pscyho
Anne Heche in Psycho remake
Anne Heche in Psycho remake

Who Knew It Was A Remake?

Some movie remakes sneak in under the radar. You often don't even know they were a remake. I was surprised to find that some movies I love, are actually remakes of older movies. Some movies I hate also turned out to be remakes, which makes me wonder...what was the original movie like? Was it just as bad? Did they ruin a perfectly good movie? I guess there is really only one way to answer that question, and that is to go back and watch the original versions of the movies.

The Departed is one such movie. It was a very well received movie, that I actually enjoyed. I never knew that it was a remake of another fairly recent movie titled, Infernal Affairs. I Am Legend is another movie that I liked that I had no clue was a remake. In fact, it was the second remake. The original was titled, The Last Man On Earth from 1954, and the first remake was The Omega Man in 1971. And despite the fact that they have the same title, I was surprised to see that Gone In 60 Seconds was a remake of a movie made in 1974.

Other movies that have reappeared in different incarnations, have left me wondering what the people involved were thinking. Some remakes have been truly terrible. Does anyone remember that awful movie starring Queen Latifah? Apparently, Last Holiday is a remake of a movie of the same name, starring Alec Guinness (best known for playing Obi-Wan in the Star Wars movies). I don't know what possessed the studio to remake this movie. The premise is interesting, but only once.

Meet Joe Black was another movie that wasn't very good, that I had no clue was a remake. The original version was made in 1934 and was titled, Death Takes a Holiday. I think I rather like the original title much better, and despite the fact that I love Brad Pitt, Meet Joe Black just wasn't that great of a movie. Anthony Hopkins is another favorite actor of mine, but after Silence of the Lambs, it really is hard to see him as a nice guy.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Departed starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack NicholsonThe Omega Man movie posterSir Anthony Hopkins
The Departed starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson
The Departed starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson
The Omega Man movie poster
The Omega Man movie poster
Sir Anthony Hopkins
Sir Anthony Hopkins

Trailer for remake of Fright Night

Recent and Future Remakes

There have been some recent theatrical releases that are just rehashed material from years ago. Some of it good, and some of it bad. Arthur is an example of the bad. The original from 1981 starred Dudley Moore as the title character, and while that movie was annoying at best, the remake, which came out this year, starring Russel Brand, was even more annoying. Sorry Russel, it really was.

The Karate Kid is another recycled offering from Hollywood. I loved the original movie. It was a fun movie, and despite being a girl, I still liked it. The sequels were not so good, but that is a subject for another day. The recent version of The Karate Kid stars Will Smith's son in the role of the student and Jackie Chan as the teacher. I haven't seen this recent version, and I am almost afraid to. I get that way with remakes. I hate to see a remake, hate it, and have the memory of the original movie tarnished in my mind because of it. It just isn't fair.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is another remake I feel the same way about. I am not sure if I want to see it, or not. I am told it is good, but really, how good can it be if Robert Englund isn't playing Freddy? In my mind, and the minds of most fans of the movie series, he will always be Freddy Kruger. No one else would be the same. It isn't the face, because make-up and special effects do wonders. It's the eyes and the voice. Those are hard to copy.

True Grit is another recent movie that I was shocked to find out was being remade. How on earth do you remake a movie that starred John Wayne? That just doesn't even make sense. The strangest part is that it is actually good. Not John Wayne, but still very good. I guess that just goes to show, that even a good movie that shouldn't be remade can still end up being a pretty good movie. Some movies are like that. The story is just that good, it often doesn't matter who is in it, or how many times you tell it. Other movies...not so much.

Some of the movies soon to be released, or still in the works, have me wondering if Hollywood has lost their minds. A remake of The Creature From The Black Lagoon? Are you serious? They are also remaking a classic film from the 80's that I love to watch to this day. What movie might that be?'s heard me right. I am not sure where they plan on going with that one. It might have been interesting had they got Kevin Bacon to play the role of the Reverend, but nope. They chose Dennis Quaid instead.

The ones that really got me, though were the upcoming remakes of Fright Night, Robocop, and Total Recall. Those are the ones that have really left me questioning the sanity of the movie execs out in Hollywood. Fright Night was a pretty bad vampire movie from the 80's about a vampire that moves in next door to a high school kid, Kid has to prove that the guy is a vampire, and save his girlfriend...blah, blah, blah. The fact that someone felt the need to remake that movie is astounding.

Then there is Robocop and Total Recall. Where do I start? The first was a decent movie, at best. I's a guy movie, and I know a lot of guys who watched Robocop when they were young, and still love that movie to this day. I really don't know why. The acting wasn't that good, but who am I to judge? I love a lot of really awful movies. Now let's look at Total Recall. The original starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone. Can't get much better than that, despite the fact that Arnold can only say a few phrases coherently. "Get down!" and "I'll be back!" being two of them. Who did they get to star in this remake? Well, Colin Farrell is taking over Arnold's role, Kate Beckinsale is filling the role first played by Sharon Stone, Bryan Cranston is taking the role of the bad guy in the movie, and the cast is filled out with several fairly well known names, including; Jessica Biel, Ethan Hawk, John Cho (Harold from Harold and Kumar...) and Bill Nighy (Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies). I am not sure what to think of this remake or it's cast. I am a fan of a few of the actors, and really not a fan of a few others. It could be good, or it could be like a lot of the action movies to come out of Hollywood lately; lots of pretty special effects with no real substance.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Arthur movie posterThis will always be Freddy KrugerJohn Wayne in the original True GritJeff Bridges in the remake of True Grit
Arthur movie poster
Arthur movie poster
This will always be Freddy Kruger
This will always be Freddy Kruger
John Wayne in the original True Grit
John Wayne in the original True Grit
Jeff Bridges in the remake of True Grit
Jeff Bridges in the remake of True Grit
Arnold and Sharon in the original Total Recall
Arnold and Sharon in the original Total Recall

Where Have All The Ideas Gone?

The sad fact is that nostalgia sells. It's really everywhere these days. A few years back, they re-released the original Cabbage Patch dolls that first came out in the 80's. I found one that looked exactly like the one I had when I was a kid. I was tempted to buy it. Why? For pure nostalgic reasons, and that is all. It isn't worth more than I would pay for it. I could give it to my daughter, but she's getting a little old for that sort of toy. I would have bought it solely for the reminder of my childhood. And I am not the only one.

It really is true that what was once old is now new again. You see it with everything. clothing trends come and go, and then they come back again. I was horrified to see neon spandex at the store recently. What the heck are they thinking? That didn't look good when I wore it when I was a kid. No reason to bring it back now. I guess the same goes for movies.

Hollywood studios want to cash in on that feeling of nostalgia, that connection to our youth, when things were simpler, the country was in much better shape than it is now, and no one had ever heard of Al Qaeda. It makes sense to remind us of a time when things weren't so messed up as they are now. Movies are about escape, but to be honest, if I am going to shell out that kind of money to go to a theater and see a movie, I would really like to see someone putting in some real effort to put out something that hasn't been seen before, that hasn't been done before. And, to be honest, it isn't even just the movies, or entirely relegated to remakes.

The Smurfs is turning out to be a bigger movie than I had thought. A movie like The Smurfs is an easy choice for a studio. The movie has built in advertising, and merchandising potential. It's a win-win, even if the movie doesn't do well at the box office. Television shows are even following suit. I have seen recent incarnations of several older shows, including My Little Pony, Scooby-Doo, and Loony Toons. It is remarkable how little original thought comes out of Hollywood. The only place I really see fresh, original, and interesting work coming from is from the smaller, independent studios. Unfortunately, those movies don't often make it into your local huge multiplex movie theaters. Instead, they will devote three different screens to the same movie, in order to maximize the number of people able to see that movie, thus maximizing profits. Independent movies are harder to find, you hear less about them, and they don't receive the advertising that the big budget movies do. It really is a shame.

Seriously, I almost expect a new Cabbage Patch movie to come out...add in the fact that they are remaking a new Thundercats series, and it's like I'm a kid again.
Seriously, I almost expect a new Cabbage Patch movie to come out...add in the fact that they are remaking a new Thundercats series, and it's like I'm a kid again.
The Smurfy-ness of it all is almost more than I can bear to Smurf!
The Smurfy-ness of it all is almost more than I can bear to Smurf!

Katy Perry as Smurfette

© 2011 Anna Marie Bowman


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    • profile image

      Moral Man 

      16 months ago

      Will they do a remake of Deliverance and a remake of the original Jaws? Deliverance is the infamous movie about four businessmen who go on a canoe trip on a Georgia river and who fall victim to evil mountain men with guns. Deliverance has some similarity to the earlier Lord of the Flies, and has influenced a number of movies in its wake, such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Hills have Eyes, I spit on your Grave, Just Before Dawn, and the Final Terror, etc, all of which have to do with people in wilderness areas who fall prey to mountain men, hillbillies, mutants, cannibals, degenerates.

      Just Before Dawn is a horror movie similar to Deliverance. Starring George Kennedy, it was filmed in Oregon in May 1980 during the time when Mount Saint Helens erupted to the north in Washington state. A group of young people in an RV vehicle drive and camp in an Oregon wilderness and are attacked by two murderous twin mountain men. Only two of the group survives in the end. George Kennedy kills one of the mountain men with a gun and the other mountain man is killed by one of the female actresses who chokes him to death by slamming her fist down his throat and choking him to death. Its a woman who saves the day in the end while the men act like helpless, scared children. Its a disturbing movie obviously. What makes this movie stand out is the wilderness scenery and its haunting music.

      The original Jaws has spawned sequels but not a remake as far as I know. The original Jaws has also influenced many other horror movies about killer fish and killer animals.

      There are horror movies about cryptids or unknown animals, such as Bigfoot, the Lochness monster, etc. Theres a very dangerous, unidentified cryptid in Africa's Lake Victoria called the Lukwata, which is said to be from 20 feet to 30 feet long, which kills and eats crocodiles, which makes bellowing roars, which overturns boats and canoes and kills anyone in it, and which has a long snake like neck. Its like a cross between a snake and a whale. It could be a Plesiosaur which survived extinction or some kind of aberrant Dolphin or Whale. Nobody really knows what it is and nobody knows exactly what it looks like. Its physical appearance is vague. Anyone who is close enough to get a good look at this animal is too close. Lukwatas are the most dangerous animals in the world. This creature is more terrifying than a shark. Sir Clement Hill, W. Grant, and T.E. Cox have seen this creature at different times and at different locations in Lake Victoria since 1900. The local people in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania live in fear of these animals. The recent movie the Dead Sea is about a dangerous aquatic animal and the Lukwata is mentioned in its subtitles. This is the ultimate monster and it could make an ultimate horror movie or monster movie.

      George Romero was rumoured to do a remake of Deep Red, a slasher movie from the 1970s made in Italy, starring David Hemmings and Gabriele Lavia. Yes thats the same Gabriele Lavia from Beyond the Door. Here, he plays an alcoholic who as a child witnesses his mother stab his father to death. Fast forward years later to the present, hes an alcoholic and his mother is now about 65 years old and her murderous behavior is restarted when a woman psychic at a meeting senses that Gabriele Lavia's murderous mother is in the audience during a meeting. The murderous mother, played by actress Clara Calamai, heads to the psychic woman's apartment and kills her with a meat cleaver. David Hemmings witnesses the murder and decides to investigate. Little does he know that his meddling is going to result in more killings and the murderess tries several times to stab him to death. Gabriele Lavia gets accidentally killed by being dragged by a truck, and the murderess reveals herself near the end of the movie to David Hemmings and attempts to kill him. Hemmings dodges her, and she gets accidentally strangled to death when her necklace gets stuck in a moving elevator. The film ends with David Hemmings staring in a pool of blood.

      This movie is disturbing in that real live animals were killed. A Myna bird is killed and a small lizard is killed. Shame on the moviemakers for doing this. Theres no execuse for this cruelty.

      The film Deep Red stands out for its music by the Goblins, and by its who done it murder mystery formula. The surprise is that the savage killer/murderer is an old woman who turns out to be poor Gabriele Lavia's mother. Slasher killers are usually male, but here its an old woman. The heavy metal music by the Goblins is awesome. Gabriele Lavia is one of the most famous Italian actors.

    • profile image

      Moral Man 

      21 months ago

      Among the movie remakes worth mentioning are Swept Away and King Kong. The 2002 remake of Swept Away starring Madonna is based on the original 1974 European/Italian movie, Swept Away by an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August, starring Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato. The remake with Madonna is poor compared with the original.

      In the original Swept Away, Giancarlo Giannini is a communist sailor and Mariangela Melato is his capitalist boss. They are sailing on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Giannini develops a hatred for Melato as she is a spoiled capitalist. When she requests to sail with Giannini on a small motorboat, the battery soon fails and they are adrift for two or three days at sea. When they spot land, they go ashore and find its a deserted island. Giannini uses this to his advantage and starts to verbally and physically assault Melato as there is no one to rescue her. Giannini turns into a vengeful monster and slaps her around and turns her into his slave. She is humbled by the experience.

      When they spot a ship some days later, they both decide to leave the island. But Giannini really wants to go back to the island and live with Melato. She refuses and escapes by helicopter, while Giannini is left on the boating dock. Giannini later plans to divorce his wife who learned of his romance with Melato. Giannini is a bitter, defeated man. Its a sad disturbing movie with lots of cursing and violence. A real live animal was killed in this movie in the scene where Giannini kills and skins a rabbit to eat it while on the island.

      The 1933 King Kong will always be the best version. The stop motion animation, the giant ape, the dinosaurs, prehistoric beasts, and prehistoric scenery is unmatched. Its too bad Kong is so violent in it. The 1976 King Kong was made by using a man in an ape costume and a 42 foot tall mechanical robot Kong used in a brief scene. The jungle scenes were filmed on Kauai's Napali coast. There were no dinosaurs in it, but there was a giant snake.

      The 2005 remake by Peter Jackson used CGI for special effects and was filmed in New Zealand. There were plenty of dinosaurs and beasts this time but once again, lots of violence. This version is also overly long and too much time is spent in the city scenes.

      Kong-Skull Island has come out, and its rumoured that a remake to the 1962 Japanese made King Kong vs Godzilla will appear in 2020. In the original movie, both King Kong and Godzilla were played by men in monster costumes. King Kong uses his immeasurable strength to derail a train, to lift Godzilla, and to throw boulders as if they were basketballs. The ape costume in this movie is shabby and poorly made. King Kong vs Godzilla is noteworthy for having two of the most powerful and most iconic monsters in the same movie.

    • profile image

      Moral Man 

      24 months ago

      Does anyone know anything about the remake to the 1974 Beyond the Door? This 1974 Italian/American movie stars Juliet Mills, Richard Johnson, and Gabriele Lavia, and produced by the controversial Film Ventures International and Edward Montoro, which shut down in 1985. Also titled Chi Sei?and The Devil Within Her and filmed in San Francisco and Rome, the director is Ovidio Assonitis and much of the music is by Franco Micalizzi. Theres an entire musical soundtrack to this movie.

      Some noteworthy scenes in this movie are at the film's beginning where Richard Johnson as Dimitry and Juliet Mills as Jessica Barrett are at a Satanic ritual in the dark with numerous candles and a naked woman. Jessica flees the scene, and the Devil is angry with Dimitry for letting her get away. Dimitry becomes suspended in time for the next 10 years and is told by the Devil in a voiceover that he must deliver the baby from a pregnant Jessica, who has since married and has two kids. Jessica levitates in her bed, and becomes violent and throws her husband around the room by telekinesis. She becomes fully possessed by a demon.

      In another noteworthy scene, the children are alone in the room and the dolls and toys come to life through demonic activity.

      Dimitry shows up and tells Jessica's husband that certain people are the prey of negative forces and that Jessica is one of these unfortunate and that only he, Dimitry, can save her. What he doesnt say is that both he and Jessica performed in a Satanic ritual years earlier. Dimitry is or was a Satanist, but he doesnt bother telling this to anyone. Only Jessica knows this, and she doesnt say anything about it. They have brought this misery on themselves.

      Dimitry delivers the unholy baby from Jessica but the demon inside her tells him its just a joke all along and that he will die anyway. The baby is stillborn. After having been suspended in time for the last 10 years, Dimitry drives his car off a cliff and into the ocean to his death and damnation. The final scene shows the family on a ferry after having recovered from their horrifying ordeal. All seems well until the little boy's eyes start to glow, suggesting that he is the next one to be possessed, with the horror starting anew. Another scary quote near the movie's beginning is when the Devil tells Dimitry as he is driving, How long? A year? 10 years? Forever? How much longer do you want your miserable life to last? What is 10 years? A grain of sand in the immeasurable desert of time." This is chilling dialogue and is referring to the claim that the tortures in hell are forever. Theres a sense of vulnerablity and utter helplessness in this movie.

      The remake to Beyond the Door supposedly came out in 2014, forty years later after the original, and the director is David S. Goyer. The entire movie has not been shown on youtube yet and Im not aware that it has come out on DVD or in theaters. For some reason, the movie isnt being shown except for a short one minute long trailer on youtube which shows a repulsive demonic monster crawling inside a house, a young girl spying on a woman in the kitchen, and a young girl doing the spiderwalk and terrorizing a bunch of people in an office. I dont know anything else about this remake. Its a mystery why it isnt being shown.

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Marie Bowman 

      6 years ago from Florida

      John-- It scares me to think that someone had no knowledge of the original Nightmare on Elm Street! It is hard to sift through all the crap out there in an attempt to find something good!

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Marie Bowman 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Earlene-- I have never seen the movie, "April Love", but I love old movies, and I love Shirley Jones!! Have to check it out!

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      While movie remakes are on the rise, it is a blatant fact that the reputation of their originals is brought down. I can't believe that someone asked me last year, "There was a Nightmare on Elm Street in the 80s?" - if they were trolling, then they were extremely convincing.

      Plus, some of these are attrocious and hastily drawn attempts to raise awareness of a franchise, then decide to make a few pennies from a failing video game months later. It's ridiculous. OK, so there are some gems out there but must we really waste money searching through them until we get to those gems?

      Anyway, nice Hub - voted up! ^^

    • profile image

      Earlene Modd 

      7 years ago

      Just watched an old movie, "April Love", with Pat Boone and Shirley Jones! Great movie. In fact, I think Scotty the new American Idol winner and Lauren runner up, would make a Great cast for this, some singing and acting of course and the Aunt and Uncle Faith Hill's Husband and Ashley Judd. The older sister Carrie Underwood and Estefan from Anerican Idol . Would be great for the out come of the Idols future I think! Well, the Horse not sure who to cast but some other singers in show Harry Conick Jr. What do you think? Great Holsome show and I think America looking for that!

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Marie Bowman 

      7 years ago from Florida

      saccharyne-- Thank you so much!! I was surprised to see what movies were actually remakes of older movies. It was interesting doing all the research.

    • saccharyne profile image


      7 years ago from London

      I love this hub! Sums up a lot of my feelings about remakes, plus very informative, and learnt about some remakes I didn't know about!

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Marie Bowman 

      7 years ago from Florida

      moneycop-- I am glad you found this useful!

      kenneth-- I wasn't a huge fan of the original Arthur, but then, I am not a huge fan of Dudley Moore. I agree on John Wayne, though. An icon like that cannot be copied. Thanks for reading!!

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      7 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Anna, I agree with your reviews and insights on remakes. The original Arthur was great. Not so with the remake and same can be said for True Grit. John Wayne cannot be copied by anyone. Keep up the great work. I am glad to follow you.

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Marie Bowman 

      7 years ago from Florida

      SubRon--Thank you!!! That will be helpful, I am sure!

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 

      7 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      Anna, I actually don't know what you would get with just my name, as I've never tried on somebody else's computer, but if you look at my revised Hubpages profile, there you will find the titles and a 1-sentence-fragment synopsis of each book. If you look I hope you will enjoy. Thanks! Jim

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Marie Bowman 

      7 years ago from Florida

      tony--Thanks to Netflix, I watch more movies than I ever have before. I can't remember the last time I actually went to the movies.

      SubRon-- Thank you so much!! Love the comments!!! I saw a preview for the new Planet of the looks interesting, but at least they are not just remaking the same movie over again, instead taking the prequel angle. I will have to check out your books. I just downloaded a Kindle app for my phone, and have been looking for some stuff to read!!

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 

      7 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      Anna, you have written a really great hub; I so, SO, "SO!" agree with everything you said. Not enough time to comment on everything, but I do have 3 comments: I think Meet Joe Black was the stupidist movie ever, and what was both Bard Pitt and Anthony Hopkins thinking when they agreed to do it?

      And Arnold. Even after his recent bad judgement I love Arnold, and Hollywood is stupid to think anybody else can play any of his parts. (I laughed big time when you said his best lines.)

      And the Smurfs. I've only seen TV commercials but it looks like a great movie; However I won't pay big bucks to see it. The new "Planet of the Apes" I might. During the original movie I worked as a projectionist and showed the movie 18 times. Even so I later bought it and have watched it umpteen times more, but haven't even considered buying any of the sequels. (And I thought the remake failed utterly.)

      Finally, and this is terrible self-promotion, but I have written 6 novels and all would make great movies. I've also written 23 short stories, but haven't figured out which ones would make good movies, but some would. In case you would like to take a look, they're all available at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, paperback and digitally, for $0.99. Rather than titles I'll just say my name: James W. Nelson

      And thanks again for a really great, enjoyable hub, really made my morning!


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