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"The Rocker" - Film Review

Updated on January 9, 2010

Film Review

What’s the story? It’s 1990, and the rock group “Vesuvius” are who're on everyone’s lips, on everyone’s walls, and being blasted through everyone’s headphones. There’s only one problem holding Vesuvius back from becoming the number one rock band of all time: their drummer, Rob Fishman aka Fish.

Ok, so he’s not the best, but band members are in it together, through thick and thin; nothing can separate them, right? Wrong. Vesuvius kick Fish out and have no trouble replacing him.

Following a long car chase between an angry Fish and a frightened Vesuvius, Fish never sees them again. Oh, except for when they appear on the news being number one rock band of all time.

Fish is consequently left with no job and no money, and so is forced to move in with his sister. His sister has a son, Matt, who plays daily with his band, ADD, in the garage. The only problem is they have no drummer. They hold auditions, but it’s no use, none of them are good enough.

Hearing the racket, Fish manages to prise himself off his bed in the loft, brush the crumbs off his belly and kick the awful auditionees out. As a last minute attempt at making their band work, ADD asks him to play the drums for them. Unsure at first, Fish soon comes round, but the group soon realise that this drummer is one of a kind, getting embarrassingly carried away by the music, to say the least!

Still, being the forgiving and tolerate people that they are, they give him a second chance. And what d’ya know, the band goes on to smash hits all over the country, and life is great! That is, until ADD are asked to open a concert for Vesuvius. Fish freaks out, refusing to go with it, but, realising his band needs him, he heroically steps up to the challenge.

It’s the night of the show, and who should walk down the corridor backstage but Vesuvius themselves. They are civil and appear to not recognise him, but deep down they know it’s Fish.

ADD opens the show brilliantly, getting the crowd really going for Vesuvius. But now it’s time for the big V to take to the stage. All is all going well for them until the lead singer drops his mic and amongst all the smoke effects can’t find it. All would be well…if he wasn’t miming. The crowd boo Vesuvius offstage and chant for ADD. It’s a miracle: ADD has beaten Vesuvius at being number one rock band of all time! Rock on!

Good stuff Everything! Rock music, comedy, weird and wonderful costumes… what more could you want?! Full of hilarious jokes and annoyingly catchy songs, Peter Cattaneo, the director, did a great job with this film!

Silly stuff If you call bands dressing up in stupid clothes for a photo shoot with an overly creative photographer ‘silly’, then yep, this film is silly. But hey! Silly means funny, and funny is what everyone wants to see!

Verdict Comic genius summed up in 1h30mins – a definite must see!

By Daniella Wood

© 2009 by Daniella Wood.  All rights reserved.  Copying without permission is illegal and will be prosecuted.


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