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The Secret Life -- I Think We All Need A Break From Amy

Updated on May 16, 2012

Adrienne is the most likable in this episode

It was one of those episodes where not many of the characters were likable. In short, it was a usual episode. Funniest thing I've read someone say about this show in regards to why ABC Family renewed this show and cancelled Make It Or Break It was the show was a walking STD.

Anyway, per usual, Debbie Downer aka Princess Amy was in a sour mood. She apparently hasn't been putting much effort into summer school because she didn't think it counted and learned that it does count and if she doesn't get her grades up she might not be able to get in the same college as Ricky. So she gets to stay in Caitlin's office and catch up on some of her school work. Unfortunately, the place is like Grand Central Station.

Adrienne pops her head in to put in her two cents about Amy and Ben reconnecting. That she and Ricky don't want each other, but Ben and Amy are wild cards, and she wouldn't take bets on whether Amy and Ricky actually get married. Lauren pops in to say, "I told you so." about Amy not keeping up on her school work. She also tells her she's not a good friend. I was actually on Amy's side for once when she asked Lauren what she has to do besides go to school. The answer is not a darned thing, while Amy also has to work and take care of a child. If she didn't have such a nasty attitude most of the time, I'd actually sympathize with her. She just wanted one last summer of fun before officially becoming an adult, even though she became an adult when she had a baby.

Grace and Jacob also pop in. Jacob asks where Ethan is and when Amy tries to caution him about Ethan, Grace jumps to the conclusion that Amy doesn't think Jacob is good enough for Ethan. It was probably the other way around. I really feel sorry for George if he and Kathleen really get together, because he'll have four difficult to get along with kids instead of the two he has now.

Ben also pops in to ask Amy if he can help her with her school work, but she says no. Adrienne warns Ben that Dylan is not going to let him be friends with Amy. That she's only tried to be friend with her because she sees he as the enemy and that there will be no veil of secrecy between Ben's relationships with Ben/Dylan and Ben/Adrienne. Bunny and Leo tell Ben the same thing but he doesn't seem to be listening to them. Adrienne also warns Ben that she thinks Dylan is weird and that she's going to get Ben in more trouble than she ever did.

Adrienne also spreads some pearls of wisdom Grace's way suggesting she's just stringing Jack along until she can see if she can get back together with Daniel. Grace believes if she sleeps with Jack he'll want to make a commitment to her, but she doesn't know if she could keep it. Grace puts her theory to the acid test and discovers she's wrong. Jack doesn't want to make a commitment. He also thinks maybe they should stop making out with it not going all the way.

Adrienne is a busy girl as she tells Madison to get some pride when she pathetically overjoyed Lauren said hi to her, even though she ignored her afterwards. As it turns out it was a break in the ice and since Lauren needs a break from Amy, she and Madison appear to become friends again as they go off together.

Aside from giving Ben advice on his potentially psycho girlfriend, Adrienne tries to get Ben to be friends with Henry, again. However, Alice comes up and puts a nix on it. She's also upset Ben's been avoiding her, too. He says he kind of thinks of Henry and Alice as a package deal and it doesn't feel right being friends with one and not the other. When Henry tries to say hello to Ben, Ben runs away from him. Yeah, Ben's Mr. Maturity.

Henry then tries to suggest to Alice they be friends. Alice says she loves Henry and doesn't want to be just friends with him, and Henry doesn't want to be more than friends with her. So Alice isn't having a good day, as she kind can't get Ben to be friends with her and Henry to be her boyfriend, again.

Ricky isn't a happy camper, either. Two of Amy's unwed mother friends have showed up on their doorstep with their kids in tow and they think they're going to stay with them in their very small apartment. Amy doesn't see the problem. As it turns out the two women aren't very good at looking after their kids, as one is running around the butcher shop. Ricky eventually offers to look after the kids while the mothers go off and have a good time.

George and Kathleen have lunch together, as well as having a make-out session. I have to say they look good together. I actually kind of like them as a couple. Later, instead of heading back to her apartment, Amy spends time with George, who is helping her study. He tells her to tell Ricky about spending time with Ben and suggests there's only going to be trouble if she tries being friends with Ben, again.

Adrienne has her own problems with Omar. After they have sex he asks her to marry him. Since she just got divorced she's not looking to get married, yet. He tells her to take as long as she needs, even years to decide.

Somehow Betty and Camille are having dinner together. Betty is urging Camille to drop her demands to have a child, because Leo doesn't want another child. He's looking forward to Ben finally leaving the nest. Betty also suggests that Camille is past child-bearing years. Which begs the question if one can really be friends with their boyfriend's ex.


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