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The Shannon Doherty, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson Sex Chain

Updated on October 13, 2009

These ladies all share...

This guy, would you believe it...

For those not familiar with the term, a sex chain is a term I just made up because it sounds less gross than the more commonly used 'spit chain' which is a term used to describe the process by which multiple people become linked by who they have had relations with. A chain is established when, for example, Lady A and Lady B both get intimate with Looser A. All clear? Great. Now on to the story!

Now here is one nobody probably saw coming (except maybe Shannon Doherty, because she was a witch for a while and got to see into the future and things, so maybe she would have seen this coming, probably why she divorced the fellow that is the link in this chain of grossness, a fellow named Rick Salomon.) That's right, Pamela Anderson is currently married to some seriously sloppy seconds.

Just Who Is Rick Salomon?

Meet Rick Salomon, philanderer, porn star, and all round nice guy. At the time of his sexy adventures on tape with Paris he happened to be married to Shannon Doherty. Some say that he used his share of the proceeds from the tape to pay her off when their marriage crashed in flames for fairly obvious reasons. One wonders if Shannon even bothered to put a reason on the papers when she filed for divorce. Was there anyone not aware of the Paris Hilton sex tape? That thing sent ripples through the world that are still being felt. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if it was mentioned in future history books as being the tape that shaped a nation. But we digress slightly, for we were discussing this clearly sterling human being, Rick Salomon.

What does he do for a day job, you might wonder? When he's not cheating on wives and having illicit sex with young heiresses of course. Well Salomon runs an adult business tastefully named "Beverly Hills Pimps & Hos". I can certainly see why Pamela Anderson would have been attracted to him. Successful, single, this guy is clearly great marriage material

Why Does Pamela Anderson Have Such Bad Taste In Men?

This is a question that may never be answered. With names like Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and now Rick Salomon on her list of husbands past and present, one has to assume that this lady has some seriously masochistic tendencies.

Though I am loathe to praise Paris Hilton, it would seem that, out of these three women at least, she had the best judgment and kept the guy as a sex tape buddy only. Of course, having the best judgment in this select group isn't exactly saying a lot is it?


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