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TV Shows: The Simpsons 50 Best Episodes!

Updated on June 11, 2015

The 50 Greatest Episodes Ever

Now, everybody's got a favorite line. Mine is when Burns is leaving the Simpson house all depressed and lonely after bequeathing all his possessions to Bart. Marge feels for the somber old man and whispers to her husband, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Homer's response: "Yeah, let's push him down the steps."

1. "Homer's Enemy" -- aka frank ‘grimy' grimes, r.i.p. you tortured soul.

2. "New Kid On The Block" -- aka all u can eat fish fry + Bart's first love

3. "Simpson & Delilah" -- aka dimoxinil + Karl the secretary = the key

4. "Marge vs. The Monorail" -- aka Haircuts & Adventure w/ Sebastian Cobb

5. "El Viaje Misterioso...." -- aka Johnny Cash & the chili cookout coyote

6. "Bart Sells His Soul" -- to milhouse for $5 dollars, big mistake

7. "Mr. Plow" -- aka Linda Ronstadt loves a plow king bi-lingually

8. "You Only Move Twice" -- aka hank scorpio's hammock district

9. "Lisa's Pony" -- aka working at the kwik-e-mart to pay for mistakes

10. "Secrets of a Successful Marriage" -- aka "I mean I teach a class!"

11. "I Love Lisa" -- aka Ralph's Wiggum's Valentine's Day Special

12. "Last Exit to Springfield" -- aka "Dental plan, Lisa needs braces!"

13. "Bart Star" -- aka oh..... you are so cut! you too milhouse"

14. "Lisa's Substitute" -- aka mr. bergstrom or mr. boogerstrom

15. "Colonel Homer" -- aka country singer lurleen lumpkin's manager

16. "Stark Raving Dad" -- aka michael jackson + pink shirt = nuthouse

17. "The Way We Was" -- aka flashback episode: the prom with artie ziff

18. "Homie The Klown" -- aka going through the loop at krusty kollege

19. "The Last Temptation of Homer" -- aka mindy simmons & a turkey

20. "Weekend at Burnsies" -- aka medical marijuana & eye eating crows

21. "Saturdays of Thunder" -- aka parenthood via the soap box derby racer

22. "Kamp Krusty" -- aka kids gone kamp krazy and then to Tijuana

23. "Burns' Heir" -- aka afore mentioned, "let's push him down the steps"

24. "Dead Putting Society" -- aka mini golf vs. hating the flanders's

25. "Lisa The Vegetarian" -- aka apu's secret garden in the shade

26. "Treehouse of Horror V" -- aka the shinning, and the time toaster

27. "Behind The Laughter -- aka spoofing origin of the show

28. "Viva Ned Flanders" -- aka how to get me some vegas wives

29. "Mountain of Madness" -- aka teamwork + cheating = avalanche

30. "The Springfield Files" -- aka the x-files, the alien, the old man

31. "Rosebud" -- aka bobo the bear of burns' boyhood

32. "E-I-E-I-(D'oh)" -- aka glove slapping duels with Tomacco

33. "HomR" -- aka crayon removed from homer's brain = smart

34. "Life On The Fast Lane" -- aka bowling jwith acques and marge

35. "Homerpalooza" -- aka cannonball traveling freak show

36. "Team Homer" -- aka pin pals bowling team vs. holy rollers

37. "Lisa on Ice" -- aka hockey rivalry b/w Bart vs. Lisa ‘fight fight fight!'

38. "Whacking Day" -- aka barry white saves the sexy sexy snakes

39. "Who Shot Mr Burns?" part 1 -- aka the cliffhanger??? not.

40. "Duffless" -- aka getting a dwi = give up beer for a month

41. "Brush With Greatness" -- aka burns' nude painting by Marge

42. "Homer The Smithers" -- aka worst vacation assistant ever!

43. "Radio Bart" -- aka bart/timmy o'toole in the well with Sting

44. "Flamin' Moe's" -- aka homer invents a new drink (Aerosmith)

45. "Separate Vocations" -- aka it's bizarro world for bart and lisa

46. "Burns, Baby Burns" -- aka rodney dangerfield is burns' kid, figures

47. "The Crepes of Wrath" -- aka bart goes to france, adil to springfield

48. "Moe Baby Blues" -- aka maggie & moe become friends

49. "Homer vs. Dignity" -- aka homer is burns' prank monkey

50. "22 Short Films About Springfield" -- aka not about Glenn Gould

Everybody Loves Otto Mann!

Hi Everybody!........Hi Doctor Nick!

The Sea Captain runs All-U-Can-Eat fish restaurant The Frying Dutchman!
The Sea Captain runs All-U-Can-Eat fish restaurant The Frying Dutchman!

50 Greatest Characters & Voices

1. homer j simpson (DC) = dan castellaneta

2. mr. burns (HS) = harry shearer

3. lisa (yeardley smith)

4. chief wiggum (HA) = hank azaria

5. grampa (DC)

6. moe (HA)

7. bart (NC) = nancy cartwright

8. hank scorpio (albert brooks)

9. barney gumbel (DC)

10. frank grimes (HA)

11. krusty the clown (DC)

12. apu (HA)

13. otto (HS)

14. troy mcclure (phil hartman)

15. groundskeeper willie (DC)

16. smithers (HS)

17. mr. bergstrom (dustin hoffman)

18. ned flanders (HS)

19. sideshow bob (kelsey grammer)

20. ralph wiggum (NC)

21. nelson (NC)

22. marge (julie kavner)

23. karl the secretary (harvey feierstein)

24. bumble bee man (HA)

25. principal skinner (HS)

26. ms. edna kraboppel (marcia wallace)

27. snake (HA)

28. dr. nick riviera (HA)

29. lionel hutz (phil hartman)

30. comic book guy (HA)

31. diamond joe quimby (DC)

32. bleeding gums murphy (ron taylor)

33. jasper (HS)

34. jimbo jones (tress macneille)

35. professor frink (HA)

36. larry burns (rodney dangerfield)

37. gil (DC)

38. luigi (HA)

39. ranier ‘mcbain' wolfcastle (HS)

40. maggie (-)

41. sea captain mcallister (HA)

42. disco stu (HA)

43. lunchlady doris (doris grau)

44. milhouse van heuten (pamela hayden)

45. carl (HA)

46. lenny (HS)

47. dr. julius hibbert (HS)

48. duffman (HA)

49. jacques (albert brooks)

50. reverend lovejoy (HS)

Incredible Lego Tribute!


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    • KiterF profile image

      KiterF 7 years ago

      I love the Simpsons, and watched this episode more than 10 times! Thanks!

    • profile image

      there grate i liked tge simpons won 7 years ago

      i liked it yer ceep it coming

    • rockinjoe profile image

      Joseph Addams 10 years ago from Standing right behind you!

      I love these list Hubs. Keep em' coming!