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The Sixth House in Astrology

Updated on January 13, 2014

Do you sometimes wonder what the sixth house is all about? Do you wish you knew more about what this house has control over?

Quite an interesting house, this one happens to influence the Virgo sign and is ruled by Mercury, the planet. On one hand it is a representation of your co-workers, internally generated rejection, general insecurity, inner restlessness, worry, taking responsibility for your effort, exercise, analysis, illness, domestic pets, pets stress, coping with stresses, clothing, food served, nutrition, diet, health, servants and employees. It also has to do with the process of healing, devotion, allegiances, faithfulness, dependents, co-workers and rejection that is generated internally. These things are all mirrored in the sixth house. Your well-being and the quality of your health are ruled by this house. Heavy placements of the sixth house are what workaholics have, as they feel they need to work harder to gain acceptance and recognition. Health conscious freaks of fitness and hypochondriacs have heavy sixth house placements as well. This house tells about your food preferences and your eating disorders. The ability to be organized and organization in general as well as how you feel about work is part of this house. Any of this house’s planets can weaken or strengthen these aspects, making it less or more significant according to your own particular birth natal chart and your birthday.

Ruled by Virgo and Mercury

Ruled by the planet Mercury and Virgo, the 6th house is commonly referred to as the Health House, the 6th house is all about being able to maintain good health. Part of this being the case is your abilities to cope in adversity’s face. The theme of health rings true in the 6th House compared to all other house. As humans, all folks do have their shortcoming. The way you react when crisis comes, and the way you deal with short comings is what this house is all about. Reversals of fortune, illness and crises are part of all the earthly treks. How these situations are confronted and the way you handle the lessons that come with this teach us invariably to define the human beings we turn out to be.

Held Back Fears

Your fear might be holding you back but if you can meet these head you might end up with more strength. You will also learn about what your life’s work should be and a valuable lesson of service. Service and work are central to the 6th house. Here, the focus is on employees and employers as well as employment in general. Those whom you serve, those who serve you and training are all part of the sixth house. Throughout these efforts, keeping yourself strong is also significant and this is why this house focuses further on bad or good health, hygiene, fitness and diet.

Working on Yourself

The work you do on yourself is essential to the work you do in this life. Personal growth, responsibility and duty are all contributors to creating beings that are fully realized. Just as you work for yourself, you work for others. You are at the services of those who need you, including your own self. There will be times when faith or a health crisis will stand in the road of your optimal selves. When times like these occur, you need to work for healing yourself once more. Once more, the focus is on the health house. This way, you can go back to work with the realization of serving your world and the sum potential.

Daily Dealings

Life’s daily dealings are also what are addressed by the 6th house such as whether the fish have been fed, whether you need a haircut or what you plan to wear today. Matters such as these are what keep your energy in tune and let you do bigger work of your choice. It’s like a quilted made of patches, your ability for service to others through work and in health which is both fulfilling and valuable.

Life Themes

Themes of life that the sixth house brings include discipline, work life, refinement, purification, duties, daily rhythm, purpose, health and efficiency. The sixth house concerns have to do with how daily doings are managed. It might look like business that is serious but when sunset arrives, this house determines how much productivity you felt throughout the day. Did you use your resources and time very well? How can your day be refined even more? Did you use your resources and time in the maximum way you can? These are 6th house concerns influenced by the transits and planets that move through it.

Life of Work

Your work life is governed by this house and what circumstances draw you. A dynamic 6th house with Mars or the Sun animates your work life and creates a large part of who you are. On the other hand, sixth houses full of difficult aspects such as Pluto or Saturn makes it hard to get along with co-workers, find daily discipline or finding jobs. In the sixth house, Venus easily gives you rapport with other people at work, which makes it feel as if there is a party going on. The sixth house sign on the cusp will direct even more the work atmosphere best suitable to you.

Daily Hours

How do you fill the hours in your day? These are sixth house concerns, aside from the work that is related to your occupation. This includes your cultivated hobbies, volunteering and exercising. A sixth house that is well-rounded has all you need for a balance that is physical, spiritual and mental. The influence of Virgo means that the unfolding of the day is refined constantly, making the most of what you have. What matters are the details and all the small things you do can add up towards the road of the ideal.

Health Defined

This house defined your health which is frequently the result of how your day’s rhythm gets managed. It also has to do with the purification sphere through detoxing, natural remedies, spiritual practice and diet. The way in which physical limitations are dealt by you is something that has to do with the sixth house. This is the house of the patient perseverance of the hard sog that later leads to a feeling of having accomplished something. Restless Virgo’s need to find wholeness through juggling the parts is inherited by the 6th house as well as the journey that is self-critical which can both heal and harm.

In your natal chart, physical or mental conflicts, domestic pets, comforts, clothing and food result from the Ego’s externalization. Because of this the house depicts enmities between the physical body and the ego out of which organic, nervous or mental disease can begin developing. It is an arc which is obscure since the nature of the service received or rendered is less or more routine, unobtrusive or personal. Having been called frequently as the service house, it is a portrayal of your abilities of being able to serve as well as the qualities and characters you have as you serve. Your dependents and employees as well as the way you relate to them are included. This is the third house from the Fourth and it pertains to the father’s side aunts and uncles. Generally, the action of this house is under the control of you, the native while the 12th house derivatives by way of frustrations, repressions and inhibitions that spring from causes in which nature does not have any control.


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