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The Songwriter Deluxe Gibson 12 String Guitar

Updated on February 14, 2011

The Songwriter Deluxe is a 12 string acoustic-electric guitar from Gibson. It is part of the company's Modern Classic line, which consists of handcrafted premium instruments that are aimed at the discerning player. This high end guitar is popular with singer-songwriters and other guitarists, thanks to its stunning tone and smooth playability.

Features Of The Gibson Songwriter Deluxe 12 String Acoustic Guitar

The Songwriter Deluxe boasts the following features:

  • A small dreadnought body with square neck
  • Solid sitka spruce top
  • Back and sides made from top-quality Indian rosewood
  • Mahogany neck topped with ebony fingerboard
  • Gold Grover Rotomatic tuning machines
  • Decorative abalone rosette
  • Under-saddle Fishman pickups with top quality electronics
  • 25.5 inch scale length
  • Hard case

The Songwriter Deluxe is a relatively expensive guitar, and as such does not sell in such large numbers as low-priced models. However, it has gained rave reviews from users across the web, who are impressed by its warm, full-bodied tone and quality build.

Gibson’s Songwriter Deluxe currently retails for around $2100 - $2500.

Why Choose A 12 String Guitar?

Twelve string guitars are popular among guitarists in many genres for their rich tones, which typically sound more mellifluous than those of six string guitars, and also have an appealing chorus effect. Most 12 string guitars have pairs of strings which are arranged in six courses. Usually the bass strings are tuned an octave apart, whereas the treble strings are tuned in unison, although many players will use non-standard tunings to achieve a more individual sound.

A 12 string guitar is normally used for rhythm guitar work, as they are ideally suited to playing accompaniment parts, whereas lead playing is more difficult because of the paired strings.

Both acoustic and electric 12 string guitars are available, although the acoustic form is more commonly used. Some guitarists use double neck guitars, which are versatile instruments featuring necks with both twelve and six strings.

More Gibson 12 String Guitars

A variety of Gibson twelve string guitars have been produced over the years, both electric and acoustic. They are produced both by Gibson and by Epiphone, Gibson’s lower priced imprint. Some of the most popular models include:

Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck Guitar

This iconic double necked instrument was first made by Gibson in 1963, and has been played by many well-known guitarists over the years, including Jimmy Page and John McLaughlin. It is still available today, although new models are made to order (read more at Gibson's site ).

Gibson G-1275 Double Neck Guitar (Epiphone)

This is Epiphone’s lower priced version of the classic EDS-1275 - more details here.

Epiphone DR-212 12 String Acoustic Guitar

The DR-212 is the 12 string version of Epiphone's popular DR-200S guitar. The back, sides and neck are made from mahogany and the fingerboard and bridge from rosewood. This model is popular with those looking for a budget priced twelve string acoustic guitar that still offers great sound and quality.

Epiphone Limited Edition Roy Orbison Signature 12 String Acoustic

This limited-edition Epiphone 12 string acoustic guitar was launched in 2009, and is based on Roy Orbison's 1962 Epiphone ‘Bard’ 12-string guitar. This guitar is named the ‘Oh Pretty Woman’, after Orbison's hit of the same name, which he originally wrote on his Epiphone 12 string. It is made from spruce and mahogany, and features a replica of Orbison signature on the rear of the headstock as well as the limited-edition hard case and some other Roy-related paraphanelia.


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