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The Story of 'Bajrangi Bhaijan'

Updated on August 18, 2015

Bajrangi Bhaijan and Shahida and Rasika

Bajrangi Bhaijan and Shahida
Bajrangi Bhaijan and Shahida
Bajrangi Bhaijan and Rasika
Bajrangi Bhaijan and Rasika

Bajrangi Bhaijan

We are introduced with a baby’s kick when she watches that Shahid Afridi(a Pak cricketer) makes Pakistan win against India. The little girl Shahida is seen as dumb when she grows up gradually. Her mother goes to Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’s Dargah in Delhi in India for praying the return of her daughter’s speech.

Shahida Lost

When they are returning from Delhi at night by train, the train stops abruptly near Pakistan border. Shahida finds a lamb and goes to it to play with it and finally she is stuck by a small ditch. Everyone is sleeping. The train in which Shahida and her mother have been returning, starts again. Shahida runs to hold catch of the train but she cannot catch the train which goes across the border and enters into Pakistan. Tear comes from her eyes. She is lost in India. Her mother goes to her homeland Pakistan. She ascends to a freight train and reaches to Kurukshetra of Haryana in India.

First Meeting between the Protagonists

A song with a dance-performance is sung by Pawan Kumar Chaturbedi who is a devotee of Hanuman, a Hindu mythological figure who is worshipped by the Hindus. Pawan Kumar is also known as ‘Bajrangi’ which is an adjective to denote the follower of great Hanuman. Thus while Pawan Kumar is dancing and singing happily with other worshipers , is followed by Shahida. She likes Pawan Kumar who feeds the little girl who sticks to him. Pawan Kumar Chaturbedi is a Brahmin and seeing the fairness on Shahida’s skin , he thinks that the baby may certainly be a Brahmin. He tries to keep her in a Hanuman temple with a hope that her parents must find her out with the mercy of great Hanuman. But the little girl does not remain there , instead she follows Pawan Kumar who takes her with him. He buys a Hanuman pendant to protect her from any danger. Now he ascends to a bus to Delhi. Here he asks the baby which city she is from. He calls the baby ‘Munni’(a little adorable girl) and says her to call him ‘Mama’(maternal uncle).

Early Life of Pawan Kumar Chaturbedi :-

He narrates her early life of failure when he consequently failed for twenty times to pass the high school diploma. Every time when the student-boy Bajrangi brought the result to show his father that he had failed , a slap or two were put into on his cheeks by his angry father. Finally he passed in his 21st attempt. His father was so socked with the happy news that he died of his son’s success. But before his death , he had expressed his last wish for his son who would go to Delhi to stay with Dayanand to search for his own jobs. Thus he rode on bus to go to Delhi from his native place Pratapgarh.

Introduction with the Heroine

Rasika is the heroine of the movie. Rasika was introduced with Pawan Kumar in an unexpected manner. Both of them were in a bus in which Pawan Kumar or Bajrangi was given by the ticket collector a 10 rupees to share equally between Rasika and him. Rasika did not want to make a nasty step to take half of it. Rasika opted two options on sharing the 10 rupees equally. As per her opinion, she wished to keep the whole amount either to herself or to Bazrangi. But Bazrangi did not agree with her proposal. He said that he is a devotee of Bazrangi Hanuman. So he would not make any compromise with unjust and wrong. He said that these options were not just. Thus he followed her even after descending the bus. Being exhausted, she said him to go to the water-bottle seller to take two fives. Thus he went to see her disappearance when he returned.

Love and Proposal

Bajrangi came to Dayanand’s house to find him engaged in a wrestling match after which Bajrangi gave some valuable suggestions to beat the other wrestler. He found Rasika who complaint that the man had been following and harassing her since their first meeting. Dayanand came to know that he was Pawan Kumar who was finally permitted to stay there. Gradually Rasika fell in love with Pawan Kumar whom the Heroine proposed. She took Pawan Kumar holding his hand tightly before the members of a family who had come there to see Rasika for marriage. Thus when she told her father that she loved Pawan and she would marry Pawan because in him , she had seen shadow of her father who once had advised her that women should marry men who are like their fathers. Dayanand agreed but gave some conditions to fulfill before marriage. He said that Bazrangi would have to prove his value suitable for Rasika.Bazrangi would have to built a house of his own withing six months. Bazrangi would have to search for a satisfactory job within six months. He also said that if he would have failed in his targets, he would not get Rasika.

How Pawan Kumar Knew That Munni Was a Muslim Child

Having arrived at Delhi, Munni was introduced to everybody and she made all of the family members friends. One day she went to a neighbour’s house to eat meat unnoticeably. Then Bazrangi became confirmed that the little Munni was not a Brahmin but a Kshatrya( caste who fights). One day she took a bunch of bangles which are generally worn by Muslim women. He returned the bangles to the shopkeeper. He made Munni go to a temple of Bazrangi Hanuman to pray for forgiveness. Bazrangi Pawan Kumar continued her effort to make her concentrated on her prayer but she slipped away to enter into a mosque where Pawan Kumar entered later against his wish to find Munni wrapping a hijab around her head and shoulder and started her prayer in Muslim custom.

Difficult to Decide

Thus Pawan Kumar was convinced that Munni was a Muslim child. Pawan Kumar became nervous as he well knew that Rasika’s father was a person who hated all non-Hindu persons. He was going to leave Munni when Rasika struck him on his heart saying that the decision which he was going to take was against his character. Rasika fell in love with him only for the reason that he had a pure heart. Now he decided not to leave the child and give her shelter. Rasika said that the fact that Munni was a Muslim child would not be disclosed.

An Indo-Pak Match Broke the Secret

There was a cricket match between India and Pakistan. It was a live telecast watched by all the family members together. Pakistan was batting. They were chasing India’s score. All members excluding Munni were making fun and laughter with hurly burly when a wicket of Pakistan fell. Then most probably Shahid Afridi ,a cricketer of Pakistan hit and hit with fours and sixes to make India lost the match.Munni, the cheerful adorable girl was kissing on television and dancing affront. Every one became suspicious about Munni's identity and discovered that she was a Pakistani Muslim girl. Dayanand became angry and ordered that Bazrangi would have to send her home.

Effort Makes Him to Vow

Pawan Kumar went to the Pakistani Embassy to see a violent protest . The authority decided to close the office for a month. He then went to an agent and asked for a passport visa for Pakistan. But he was informed that there he could not make passport visa for Pakistan. But he suggested him that he could make him to send the little child to Pakistan without passport visa . But he needed 1.5 lac INR. Bazrangi Pawan Kumar agreed though he had to give money which he had saved to make his own home. Bazrangi became agitated, ignited , devastated when he learned that the greedy inhumane beastial agent had taken the little innocent child to a brothel instead of sending her to Pakistan for money. There he beat every culprit profoundly. He took oath of sending the little child to her home in Pakistan.

A Bold Step for Entry into Pakistan

They stood there to find some army who asked how they had come there. Bazrangi Pawan Kumar told the truth that they had com there in an unjust way by passing through a secret cave channel path with the help of a man who did such type of activities for money. The army officer ordered him to go back. Again they watched them and asked why had they not gone back? Pawan Kumar said that he had vowed that he would have sent the little Pakistani girl to her home. He had not done any wrong and unjust work till now. This was because he was a Hanuman devotee. The officer again ordered to go back. But he did not. He needed his permission to go to Pakistan. Visa or Passport was not available and he was to send the girl. The officer said they would not do anything for ten minutes when Pawan Kumar would be allowed to decide his own direction either to Pakistan or to India. After ten minutes, they found them standing on the same location. Bazrangi Pawan Kumar replied that he was a hanuman devotee and did not do any wrong or unjust activity. According to Pawan Kumar, the previous statement of the army officer was not a permission to bring the child to her house. Finally the officer gave permission for succeeding his noble mission.

Police Custody

Bazrangi did not like the veg served at an inn. Munni ate voraciously. Meanwhile Pakistani police came there. Munni had stolen hand lockers which are used to arrest. The police found in surprise that they had come from India without visa or passport. Thus they suspected them as India’s spy. A flop reporter thought that he had got a good news and recorded that an Indian spy with a 6 year-old partner had come to make chaos in Pakistan. In the police station, Munni saw a photograph and gave signs of getting her native place. Pawan Kumar asked the police if he knew the place. He came to know that Munni was speech impaired. He mistreated the little girl pressing her face to observe if she was dumb. Pawan Kumar could not tolerate the torture. He beat several police officers starting with the head.

Helps of Chand Nawab,the reporter and the Head of the Madrasa

Chand Nawab , the flop reporter came to know the original fact that Pawan Kumar had come to her native country with a noble mission to keep a helpless Pakistani little adorable girl to her mother. He joined Bazrangi Pawan Kumar to fulfill his noble task.

Police announced that an Indian spy entered and ordered to arrest him. They along with Chand Nawab entered into a Madrasa and slept there the whole night. Children came there to study and the hurly burly made him aroused. The head of the Madrasa came to know the event. He saved the three from police. Pawan Kumar showed the picture to know the name of the place. The teacher thought but could not locate the place. He asked his students to locate the picture and announced a prize. Someone said mockingly it had to be Switzerland when the head of the Madrasa solved the problem and said that it was a place of Pakistan administered Kashmir. He drove a car with the three of whom Pawan Kumar was said to have wear Borkha( yashmak). The head and the reporter called Pawan Kumar as 'Bhaijan', an adorable term for calling Muslim friends or brothers.

Finding Munni's Hometown and Reaching There

In Kashmir, they went to a shrine for prayer. There Munni’s mother came to pray too. Both the prayers of Bazrangi Bhaijan and mother of Munni occurred simultaneously without contact between the two. Meanwhile Chand Nawab called some television channels to show the news of Munni and Bajrangi Bhaijan. But they did not respond. He made a video himself and published it in You Tube telling the story with an urgent appeal to help them find the house and Munni's mother. He uploaded the video on You Tube. They were watching the video while Munni indicated her mother. The video clip showed her mother to have gotten off a buss. With the help of the driver of that bus, they came to know that the bus used to come from Sultanpur. The name made her happy and she raised her hands.

Thus the happy three got a bus to go to Sulatanpur.There was a strict police checking on their way to Sultanpur to arrest the Indian spy ‘Bazrangi Bhaijan who diverted the attention of the police and made them run after him even taking the risk of his life. Meanwhile Chand Nawab went to Sultanpur with Munni to keep her with her mother. Finally the mother and the child were reunited. Bazrangi Bhaijan was arrested and beaten to profuse bleeding and treated brutally .

The uploaded You Tube video became viral throughout the countries of India and Pakistan.The senior officer realized the innocence of the falsely alleged ‘Indian spy’ , ‘ Bazrangi Bhaijan’. He released him neglecting the order of a higher ranking officer who tried his best to imprison the ‘’Bajrangi Bhaijan’ at any cost and to falsely prove him as an Indian spy for his political or other personal beneficial reason.

Bajrangi Bhaijan Applauded

Thousands and thousands people crowded there to give Bajrangi Bhaijan salutation and shouted 'Bajrangi Bhaijan', 'Bajrangi Bhaijan'.Shahida came there too. She tried to show her affection, love and adoration by rituals but Bajrangi Bhaijan could not listen to it as there was a big sound around the air.

"Jai Shree Ram, Maama!" was first pronounced in her life amidst loud cry by Shahida, the speech impaired Muslim Pakistani girl who had come India to find an honest Hanuman devotee Hindu Indian Bajrangi Pawan Kumar Chaturbedi.


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