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The Straw Hat Pirates Ambitions

Updated on October 3, 2017

Monkey D Luffy

Monkey D Luffy is the captain of The Straw Hat Pirates. He is the strongest in the crew. His ambition is to find The One Piece and become The Pirate King. Shanks inspired luffy to become a pirate and since then he wanted to set sail and build his on crew. He says becoming Pirate King means you have the most freedom throughout the whole sea. he is getting closer to his goal step by step. His grandfather Garp wanted him to become a strong marine. He used to beat luffy every time he would say I want to become a pirate. Luffy has a bounty of 500 milion beri. He has made a lot of people believe that he will become the Pirate King. His whole crew believes in him. Rayleigh the first mate of the Pirate King Gold Roger see's roger in luffy hence why he trained him. He was the one who taught Luffy how to use all three types of Haki. He wants Luffy to become The Pirate King.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is the 2nd member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the first join with Luffy. Many say he is the Vice Captain of the crew. He is the second strongest in the crew. He is one of the two swordsmen in the crew. Zoro's ambition is to become the World's Strongest Swordsmen. Zoro and a childhood friend of his named Kuina who passed away made a vow that one of them will be the strongest swordsmen. But after she died zoro's ambition got even stronger. When zoro first joined the crew he told luffy he will become the strongest swordsmen and then luffy said the king of the pirates wouldn't want any less than the best. That is also one reason zoro wants to become the strongest. Zoro has bounty of 320 million beri. After he fought and got defeated by Mihawk the strongest swordsman in the world, Mihawk stated that he would await Zoro in his strongest form and that it should be Zoro who surpasses him. He also trained Zoro for two year's, He was the one who taught him how to use two types of Haki.


Nami is the third member of the crew. She is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is one of the smartest in the crew along with Robin. Even Oda stated that she is the third smartest in all of East Blue. Her ambition is to draw a map of the whole world. All the places the crew has visited she has drawn maps of them. She is very greedy for money. She has a bounty of 66 million beri. She has good drawing and navigation skills that's why Arlong employed her. He used her skills. Everyone in straw hat pirates trust her navigation skills.


Usopp is the fourth member of The Straw Hat Pirates. He is the sniper of the crew. Usopp is not a brave man. His ambition is to become a brave warrior of the sea. He runs away from fights but then later on he comes back fights them. His father Yasopp is also a pirate. He is in Shanks's crew. Usopp is capable of using Kenbunshoku Haki the fourth member in the crew to use Haki. He has bounty of 200 million. When he was small his father left him and went off to become a pirate. He has friends back in his village who want him to become a strong and brave warrior.

Vinsmoke Sanji

Sanji is the 5th meber of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the cook of the crew. He is from a royal family. He was a former prince of the Germa Kingdom before being denounced. He is the third strongest member of the crew after Luffy and Zoro. His ambition is to find the All Blue where The South,North,East and West Blue all come together along with their creatures. He is also capable of using two types of Haki. He has a bounty of 177 million beri. He can use a technique which is used by the government. Which is called Sky Walk. It is when you kick of the air and keep going up. He discovered that ability when he was running away from the Okama's. He also learnt cooking recipes from them. He enhanced his fighting abilities by training with them.

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is the 6th member of the Straw Hat Pirates and he is also the doctor of the crew. He is also the youngest member of the crew. He is also a devil fruit user. He ate the human human which allows him to transform into different forms of humans. He wanted to become a pirate. Every thinks he is a pet in the crew. He has a bounty of 100 beri. After the two year training he managed to control his monster form. Earlier when he used to go into that form he had no control over himself. The only to stop him was to throw him in water.

Nico Robin

Robin is the 7th member of the Straw Hats Pirates. She is also a devil fruit user she ate the flower flower fruit. She is the smartest in the whole crew. She is an archaeologist. She is from Ohara where there are a lot of archaeologist. Her dream is to find the Rio Poneglyph and find out the true history of the world. She is the only living person who can read the Poneglyphs. She has a bounty of 130 million beri. For two year's she trained in the revolutionary army. She met Dragon,Sabo,Hack and Koala. She developed a close connection with all of them. For example how dragon got worried of her when there were reports of her being captured. She also enhanced her devil fruit powers and she learnt how to use it better.


Franky is the 8th member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the shipwright of the crew. He built the thousand sunny. He is the second oldest member of the crew. His ambition was to build ship which could travel throughout the world. His real name is Cutty Flam. He ran away from his house when he was four years old. His bounty is 94 million beri. In the two year training period he upgraded his body since he was in Vegapunks's lab he modified himself. He got a new battle mode thing which he calls general franky which is really strong. He has all new additions to his body after the two year time skip.


Brook is the 9th member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the musician of the crew. He is also a swordsmen like Zoro. He is the oldest member of the crew. He is also a devil fruit user the ate he Revive Revive fruit. After his death he had been revived. His ambition is too see Laboon again. He promised to come back for Laboon but his whole crew died. So he wants to see Laboon again. His bounty is 83 million. In the two year training period he made a name for himself with his singing being called Soul King.

I am going to become King of the Pirates

The Worlds Strongest Swordsmen

I will find the all blue

I will draw maps

I want to know about the true history

Brook's promise to meet Laboon again

I am going to be a brave warrior of the sea

Chopper wants to be a pirate

Franky builds ships


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