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The Survivalist 2015 Movie Review

Updated on October 17, 2017

The Survivalist is a movie created by the United Kingdom, it was released in the United States in 2017. The movie stars The Survivalist, a lone figure who has a small farm in the woods. The world he lives in has a severe drop in the human population meaning less and less food has been able to be distributed around the world, he has lived in seclusion for seven years but he used to live with his brother until some unfortunate circumstances were met.

With blood, nudity and a lack of continuous talking the movie has a way to keep the watcher wanting more.

With a warning however there are spoilers and the movie does have some adult themed material so it isn't the best for young people too watch.

The Survivalist has been alone for seven years, making his own crops and securing his well being by setting traps for enemies along the perimeter of his farm. When he hears his homemade alarm system he is quick to act, a mother and daughter had come bargaining for food but when the deal was not accepted the mother offered her daughter to the man in order for a place to stay for the night.

After a fruitful night of love making the Survivalists asks the two women to leave in the morning, going as so much as to hold a shotgun at them to make his point, however the daughter Milija with much hesitation to not get shot shaves the mans beard and for some reason then allows the mother and daughter to stay.

Over the next few weeks or months, doesn't really say how long it has been, the mother and daughter help the Survivalist with the crops and by getting more food but the mother Katherine had begun to plan to kill the Survivalist, by stealing the shells for his gun they were going to kill him until the daughter gets kidnapped by another survivor when she was washing herself in a nearby river.

In an attempt to save the girl the Survivalist is shot but kills the kidnapper in return, the two women then help the man return to his normal health after he had been going through the pains of getting shot as you would.

The daughter eventually finds out that she is pregnant, which when food is already short it left them with yet another problem that they had to fix.

The feeling of Paranoia doesn't leave either since even when the man is lying on the bed trying to fight to live the mother still wants the man dead, it is a feeling that is quite strange for those who haven't truly felt the need to survive. The feeling that if you are going to survive and had to make a choice, would you choose to save your life or the others? It is a question that you could ask yourself through the majority of the movie.

As said before the Mother had began to plan to kill the Survivalist, first when they meet and secondly when they had been raided and no longer had enough food to feed three people. The Survivalist showed small signs that he knew that they had stolen from him but did not say anything, but when the mother tries to make a plan to kill the Survivalist again the daughter pipes up with poisoning him instead of simply cutting his throat. In the end however the mother gets poisoned instead.

A man also kidnapped the daughter, obvious signs that he would attempt to rape her were seen but thankfully the Survivalist managed to kill the attempted rapist and all ended well. Well besides the Survivalist getting shot anyways.

Finally the last threat were a group of six raiders, they had come at night but the Survivalist had seen them in time and was able to get to his home, lock the doors and warn the other two to get down and keep quiet. The raiders stole the crops and then left, that is when the idea too kill the man returned to the mothers head.

Finally the raiders returned after the mother had died and the daughter plus the survivalist were out of the house. The daughter sneaked into the house and grabbed the seeds but was heard then the raiders gave chase, the Survivalist killed two and then one other was led into a bear trap by the daughter but in the end the Survivalist was hit with an arrow and presumably cannibalized. Milija was told to run before that happened and she did, managing to escape and eventually find somwhat of a safe haven with other people.

The movie is rather good on how it is paced, from seeing how the Survivalist goes about his daily errands to the hunt for the daughters kidnapper. It has a somewhat hypnotic approach, the characters do not talk much so the area around them brings in much of the tension.

The characters are also quite good. The Survivalist a man who simply wants to survive and has needs, the mother who is trying to shape her daughter into a survivor and the daughter who falls in love with the man. Some how.

The movie mixes the threats in quite well, having the Kidnapper come in when the mother wants the Survivalist dead which when her daughter gets rescued by the very man she wants to kill makes a good twist.

The ending is very well done as well, the mother attempts to kill the Survivalist but instead her daughter poisons her, a great twist I have to say. The ending was pretty good as well, reminded me a bit too much of I Am Legend however.

It is a rather good movie, the cast play their roles well and the atmosphere brings in much of the feeling into the movie, it makes you feel as if you are in their as well trying to survive.

A great movie. It fills the person with suspense, whether another kidnapper or killer would emerge to fight or if the mother would continue to plot the Survivalists death. It is a constant question mark.

Will the mother and daughter kill the man that has helped them purely for their own survival? Or will they work as a unit to survive, well I already gave you the answer.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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