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The Ten Best Morrissey Songs

Updated on May 12, 2014

10.) Girl Least Likely To

Morrissey spits out great lyrics in a way that strangely brings to mind Bob Dylan albeit one with a much greater melodic sense. It’s all here – great understanding, deep empathy, Moz pledging his understanding and it closes with a rip roaring guitar solo.

9.) Do Your Best and Don't Worry

Simple advice from Moz backed by huge riffs. He’s impassioned and builds the delivery for the awesome chorus where he lets loose with what sounds like sincerely delivered oh-oh’s. He means it man!

8.) Interesting Drug

Moz’s vocal perfectly catches hold off the rhythmic tugging music. A strange song lyrically that is one of Moz’s most original. One almost feels like they are drugged listening to it. Again – another epic chorus.

7.) Tomorrow

When Moz harnesses his tremendous wit and breadth of ideas to a tightly controlled pop songs structure and throws in big, heavy guitars, the end result is striking.

6.) Maladjusted

Many tend to write off Moz’s 1997 album Maladjusted as one of his worst but I find most of it excellent especially the title track which has a complex melody, another great Moz story of a wretch lyrics, vocals that scale a mountain of drama, and a stew of various guitar feedback.

5.) I Have Forgiven Jesus

Moz tends to tread the line between self-parody and genuine expression very closely. I think this song has just enough humor in it to work plus it contains some genuine criticism of religion and another superb vocal.

4.) The Ordinary Boys

I lived in a small town for awhile as a high school student and I can relate to this song greatly. Stephen Street who wrote the music wisely kept the melody and musicians in the background as Moz’s powerful croon delivers one of his best lyrics.

3.) Spring-Heeled Jim

Moz may be famous in pop culture for being a self-referential miserablist but in his solo career he has often written lyrics that were character studies along the lines of Ray Davies. This is one of the best examples with an inventive arrangement featuring audio clips from a couple of movies.

2.) The Last of the Famous International Playboys

Everything about Moz swollen to gigantic size with a T Rex type guitar part. An anthem about Moz’s peculiar obsession with crime turns into a great statement on pop culture worship. Fantastic vocal.

1.) Speedway

Filled with mystery, rage, regret, Moz fusses about the way he is treated before the song take it up a notch musically halfway through (the chainsaw is a nice touch) and lets it all out. His biggest song, his best vocal, his most powerful statement as a solo artist.


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