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The Then, Now and Always - David and China Soul

Updated on April 28, 2011

A First for David and China Soul

There is usually something like a cosmic connection between a father and a daughter and that is extremely true about David Soul (Starsky and Hutch) and his daughter China. Recently, the father and daughter team performed for the first time in Belfast. No, it wasn't a concert and David Soul didn't sing his signature song "Don't Give Up on Us" but he did recite some poems of Chilean writer/ poet Pablo Neruda and China provided his background music. The girl is a whiz when it comes to music (and she does love her guitar) and has recently released her first debut album. No, it isn't anything like "Don't Give Up" , well, because China writes most of her songs herself in collaboration with other lyricists and musicians. David Soul was already a HUGE celebrity when he did "Don't GIve Up" -- a song that somehow seems as immortal as Neruda's poetry.

Anyway, reading through the recent interview of both father and daughter it is obvious that these two people are the best of friends. For all his faults (well, at least those we've read in the media) David Soul shows how much his respects his daughter saying that he never discourages or encourages anyone to do what they wish to do, yet he obviously takes pride in this young lady who her song sang "Whisper" in his wedding but couldn't look at her dad because that would make her cry and ruin her performance. David admits that he does not give an 'major' advise to his daughter/friend -- well, because obviously he trusts her and he knows (as most fathers do) that their kids are entitled to make mistakes, not be 'anything' or 'anyone' they want, and the most touching part of the David-China interview is David Soul's only 'warning' to her daughter about being a celebrity. He SHOULD know. He's been THERE. and he wasn't just a star or a season.. he is David Soul and always will be. His genuineness shines through however when he points out that he does not wish instant celebrity status for his daughter. Why? Well, maybe because he was never the same after Starsky and Hutch when girl who loved blondes wanted to marry him... maybe the adulation was so unreal -- was just too much for him then especially when "Don't Give Up" hit the charts everywhere and he practically was mobbed everywhere he went. Or maybe he never was comfy being such a HUGE sudden celebrity.

Admittedly I am a David Soul fan and I suspect that "sudden" celebrity status can cause some problems. I recall interviews when David Soul expressed his dislike about being "packaged" and "marketed" - and though I think that he will always love his role as Kenneth Hutchinson in "Starsky and Hutch", he never was completely happy by the way Hollywood packaged and marketed him/ his role. After all, it probably wasn't easy to be coping with all the celebrity requirements and when one is known as an 'image' created by PRs/Marketing Departments, one seems to be giving up the 'real person'.

Thus he is extremely happy that China Soul, his daughter is doing it the RIGHT way. Yes, it may seem a bit difficult singing in pubs and clubs and NOT trying to be suddenly famous, but David knows that is the RIGHT way to do it. This father is so admirable that he doesn't 'push' his own daughter , like some parents who want their daughters to be the next Britney Spears because he's been there -- and he probably knows that all the adulation and big money also means a lot of angst. It's not worth losing one's humanity for it. Maybe it's still his old-fashioned Protestant working ethic, but slowly but surely is still the best way indeed.

And China Soul is as talented as her father (maybe even more so). Her voice is distinctively haunting yet comforting and the lyrics are so intellectually honest, so real, so original and though she has only started her career she is now starting to be quite well known in the music scene in the UK --- doing it it HER WAY, the RIGHT way -- not wishing for some magical instant star status, but simply being herself as she rocks.

The influence of her dad is THERE -- she tells us that she loves the music of the 70's and yes, she mentions that she does love her dad's song "Silver Lady" and "I Wish I Was". She'll get there.. she's getting there, but we sure hope that she finds or writes a song that can be as great as her dad's "Don't Give Up on Us". Every singer desires that ONE song that is immortally his/her own and China Soul deserves it more than any other singer her age today.



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    • sunsetofthenight profile image

      sunsetofthenight 6 years ago

      good hub! I don't know China Soul's music, but I hope the best for her, and I'm sure his father will be able to give her the best possible suggestions about her career and celebrity status. I have some nice personal memories about David Soul, his gentleness and willingness to always help a good cause...