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The Three Stooges Movie Review -- All Pain No Brain !! Stupdity Loves Company !!

Updated on October 29, 2012

The Three Stooges -- Ride the Laughter train !!

Legacy falling back to the year 1925, the name Three Stooges has marked down a marvel in itself.

Bobby and Peter have tried to revive the same golden days and have succeeded in doing that to be true. Right from the begining, i.e. as babies the Characters Moe(Chris Diamantopoulos), Larry(Sean Hayes) and Curly (Will Sasso) standout and start spreading smiles all over your face.

The Three Stooges have the world of their own where they are all geniuses and emote emotions with never ending variety. Each scene after scene keeps you waiting to see more of them and Laugh as much as you can.

The plot has been kept simple: save the orphanage, but the true essence of the movie are its characters and how they are potrayed in real life scenarios.

The Three Stooges is a movie with fun and quick comic sequences that leave a laughter on your face. Just watch it and you will be all left with smiles !!

Though I always wondered, that why Curly is not Larry and why Larry is not named Curly :) Just my opinion that the name Curly suits Larry more than it suits Curly :D ..

What do you think ??


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