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"The Time Machine" Movie Review

Updated on July 31, 2017

Movie Cover:


Movie: The Time Machine (2002)

Directed by: Simon Wells, Gore Verbinski

Screenplay by: John Logan

Based on: The Time Machine by H. G. Wells; The Time Machine by David Duncan

Genre: Action, adventure, Scifi

Release date: March 8, 2002

My Rating: 9/10

IMDB: 5.9/10

Verdict: Great addition to time travel genre.



I can't believe this movie came out in 2002. I can't believe I saw this movie over 10 years ago! Time flies doesn't it.

Since then, there have been many time travel movies that I've seen...but you know about the firsts..they always stick with you the most. This was literally my first ever movie about time travel...and I've seen it many many many times since then.

I mean, looking at the trailer now, it looks so terribly done compared to the effects nowadays...but the story is great, Guy Pearce was great, and it stayed with me this it's survived the passing of time!

I know that there is another version of this (1960s), but I haven't seen it..and there is a stubborn part of me that refuses to watch another version of this movie. I'm not sure why.

But you don't really need a reason to be stubborn!

The funny thing is..I never even liked the ending! But for some reason, I still love the movie. Maybe because it explores the future so much, and in such a messed up way. What can I say...I have a soft spot for movies that concentrate on the destruction of humanity and our planet. Yes...I love disaster films, and apocalyptic, and dystopian. Basically, anytime people are suffering a lot...I enjoy the movie.

I have a problem.

Regardless of what the main character decided to do at the end, I still love the film. And my brother and I have adopted a quote from the movie.

"Go back asleep." It cracks us up every time. And any time we want to be funny or stop a conversation, we say it.


In 1988, Alexander becomes obsessed with changing the past when his Fiancee, Emma, gets killed by accident. He creates a time machine to go back in time to prevent her death. By accident, after failing to safe her multiple times, he goes far into the future. He sees the rise and fall of humanity, and ends up at a timeline where humanity has split off into 2 races, where one is a prey and the other a hunter. Alexander has to choose to either help these people and forever stay in this future, or go back to his timeline and his fiancee.


Watch it. It's like the father of time travel films. Granted, it's not the best work out there...but the story is so good. I loved seeing how landscape and cities and fads changed throughout time. How the moon got messed up, and how humanity advanced in technology than everything got destroyed. It was really fun because it felt like you were in the middle of a virtual history tour.

So sure it might be old, but if you actually enjoy time travel movies, there is no reason not to watch this one.

He wants to save her....So he creates a time machine to go back in time.

He tries to prevent her death multiple times, but every time he puts her somewhere safe..something else happens to her.

Makes one think that this movie has the theory of the future not being changed, no matter how hard one tries. and destiny and no free will = this movie implies it in a way.

But ends up saving her and her people when he accidentally ends up in the future.

And because saving her destroys the time machine (made me really sad), he is stuck in the future (but he did it knowingly, so it's not like he's sad about it).


Honestly...I would choose to stay in the future for this scene alone. And the more fun clothes and freedoms of women (compared to 1899). But this is speaking from a woman's perspective mostly...

But regardless, I thought their homes against the cliff or whatever was super cool.

Morlock Leader:


I remember being scared of these new race of species/humanoids. They looked hideous, and they would drag people into the sand and eat them!!!!!!

Probably my first time watching something like this as a kid.

They became less scary later, but I was still creeped out by them...I mean...they eat humans!!!!!

I wonder why they don't eat animals? Is it just for fun to eat humans?

No matter..I'm glad Alexander destroyed them.


Despite my disappointment with not saving Emma, and staying in the future..I have more appreciation for his decision now.

Because it was a temporal paradox if he saved her (he created the time machine to save her, so he can't ever save her because he would never have created the time machine if she didn't die-hence why every time he tried to prevent her death, she died another way)....he could never save her. I didn't grasp this concept as a kid...but now I understand that really, his decision to stay was smarter.

He would be in a new world, have someone new to be with, and have people look up to him.

It just was a better deal when I really think about it.

Besides, if we need to keep one guy from the past in the future so that these people can be motivated to fight for their survival, then so be it.

Yes. One of the things I was annoyed with was the "this is how it is" way of thinking of the people in the future. I mean...they just keep living their pathetic lives, and basically bringing children into this world to be eaten. That's really how I saw it. It now makes me think of the hunger games.

I'm more of the "live free or die trying" kind of person, so these people really irked me. I can understand growing up and being brainwashed to accept a certain reality, but I grew up like that too (religion), and I actually completely changed my way of thinking after I was old enough to think for myself.

So why can't these adults grow a pair and fight for their children and future?

Guess they need an ancient guy from the past to make them see the obvious.

At least it ended how I wanted (they're no longer Morlock food).


Regardless of this, I still enjoyed this film...and it's one of those films that I've rewatched multiple times.

This is how I know a movie is good. If I rewatch. There are so many movies coming out these days, well done, great quality and acting and effects, but I watch it once and then forget about it...but this movie...I've watched many times throughout the years.

That's why I gave it such a high rating, even though IMDB rating is really low compared to mine.

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