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The Timeline Of Justin and Selena's Relationship

Updated on July 2, 2017
Justin (left) and Selena (right)
Justin (left) and Selena (right)

All Selenators

I've been wanting to write a piece of work lately. So to clear up my brain to let ideas flush in I tried listening to songs. And the first song that I play is Who Says by Selena Gomez. Beautiful music.

"I'm the beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me"

And then, I started to think about her evolution as a singer. And the first picture that came to my mind was of Jelena.

Jelena- Justin+ Selena was the term coined for the couple.

So here it is the timeline of the most talked about couple and one of my favorites indeed.

The Start

Justin Bieber is reported to have talked about his crushes on famous female celebs like Beyonce and Rihanna right from the start of his career. In his interviews he does like to depict his feelings and so it was. To let his fans know more about him- on a radio interview back in 2009 he said that he has always crushed on Selena Gomez.

Selena, then oblivious to the fact, had no idea that this boy could be something real for her.

Watch Justin Talk About His Crush On Selena

The Meet-Up

Justin and Selena met in 2009. Scooter Braun (Justin's manager) contacts Selena's mom to set up a meet for the kids. Justin and Selena talked about possibly working on a project together.

The Opening

Justin and Selena officially met at the 2010 Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve where they sang together. Also Justin sang "One Less Lonely Girl" for Selena. Let the rumors begin.....

Selena Calls Justin a LITTLE BROTHER

March 2010
March 2010 | Source

March 2010

Things work pretty amazing as they became good friends. Selena spoke respectfully of Justin and even calls him her little brother.

In September 2010, the rumors begin. Although Selena continues to deny all the rumors building up, we knew something was happening.

Public Appearance

Justin and Selena were first caught together on 18 Dec 2010, out in Miami, holding hands. The pictures flew fast, the news spread like fire.

Justin  and Selena out in Miami beach,  18 December 2010
Justin and Selena out in Miami beach, 18 December 2010
The iconic and memorable photo booth moments at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2011
The iconic and memorable photo booth moments at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2011

Vanity Fair Oscar Party

In February 2011, they finally made an official public appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Selena wore a beautiful red colored Dolce & Gabbana evening dress and Justin complimented her look by looking versatile in a black tuxedo.

It's Official and Selena Claims It To Be True

In March 2011, Selena admitted dating Justin Bieber on The Ellen Show. But some of the Beliebers didn't quite welcome her. But she keeps it all together even though she says it's hard for her.

2011 American Music Awards on Sunday night.
2011 American Music Awards on Sunday night.
2011 MTV VMAs in Los Angeles
2011 MTV VMAs in Los Angeles

Red Carpet Appearances

Jelena keeps the love alive and refreshed by going to a number of red carpet events including the 2011 American Music Awards when they arrive in a white vintage car and he helps her with her elegant Girogio Armani dress.

They also made a red carpet appearance at the MTV VMAs 2011 where the couple went all so cute and adorable. They were caught sharing the beautiful moments of their new love backstage.

Also at the Teen Choice Awards 2011, they can be seen all cuddled up and making love in the audience. Their love seemed so refreshed at that time.

2011 Teen Choice Awards
2011 Teen Choice Awards
Justin posted this picture on his instagram while they celebrated Selena's 18th bday in July 2011
Justin posted this picture on his instagram while they celebrated Selena's 18th bday in July 2011


Jelena went to a Lakers Game in April 2012. They have both been very busy with work commitments as he had been promoting his new single Boyfriend while she was busy filming scenes for her new movie Spring Breakers in Florida. Again they were seen all adorbs at the game. Time to catch up!!

Jelena at a Lakers Game
Jelena at a Lakers Game

But eventually their schedules mess up the beautiful relationship they shared. Jelena was reported to have broken up in November 2012.

But Justin uploads a very sultry picture of Sel on his instagram the next month featuring her in her recent Elle magazine photoshoot. Soon they are seen together on a ski trip with Sel's BFF Taylor Swift and her then boyfriend, Harry Styles.

In March 2013, Selena makes an appearance on The Tonight Show With David Letterman confessing she made Justin Bieber cry.

“Selena loved dissing Justin during Letterman,” a source close to Selena exclusively tells “She feels great these days, because she looks hot, and has a hot new movie Spring Breakers out, and she has had great success with the The Wizards Return. Everyone is rallying around her.”


In April 2013, Selena does fly to Norway to meet Bieber on his World Tour but the couple is reported to have had a bust weekend. Justin posted a picture of the two cuddling together with a caption stating how much he missed Selena. But he quickly takes it down. No one knows the insides to that!

At the night of the 2013 Billboard's Music Awards, Justin and Selena seemed to have reunited with a kiss backstage. But the former's best friend, Taylor does not approve of the same. Swift, who was the big winner on the night with 8 songs, pulls a sick face as the couple shared a kiss.


Justin posts a picture of the couple on July 4, but Selena, when approached by the media, denies any rumors of being back together with him and claims to be single. Explains Bieb's caption. #heartbreak.
Justin posts a picture of the couple on July 4, but Selena, when approached by the media, denies any rumors of being back together with him and claims to be single. Explains Bieb's caption. #heartbreak.

Changing Paths

Justin is busted for a DUI in Miami in Jan 2014 with another girl. Moreover, Selena says that she had been spending some time in rehab to work upon some issues and become healthy. The works all pay off because as soon as she comes out of rehab she works all the more harder and stays all focused, releases her new single "Come and Get It" which tops the charts.

Clearly, lost in all the sadness, Justin keeps missing his ex- gf. He posts a picture of Selena on his instagram with the caption "most elegant princess in the world". We feel you Bieber. We know your loss.

But soon Justin and Selena are seen spending a weekend together in Texas in March 2014.

Soon after they are rumored to be collaborating on music togther when they are pictured with JB's protégé Madison Beer

The Jenner Angle

Selena attended Coachella with the Jenner sisters but spent time with Justin before his surprise performance. But soon after Justin was seen with Kendall in a studio. Did she just hang out with Selena to get her way with Justin?


In May 2014, Taylor and Selena have finally given up all their grudges involving the Jelena drama and are seen all friendly and happy at the Met Ball.

Our Love is Unconditional

Justin uploads another picture of the duo with the caption "Our Love is Unconditional" after the couple is seen spending a day at the L.A. Zoo with Justin's grandparents.

In August 2014, Justin posts another picture of the couple together on a vacation. Might be a sign of another new start?

Justin soon claims that the couple is back together. They are all adorbs again and Justin keeps us all happy and up to date with those sweet moments of their love on his instagram.

The Jenner Angle Part 2

October 2014: Justin and Selena were in Paris but not together. Justin spent his night having dinner with Kendall Jenner while Selena kept at a distance from him. They both attended the same party in Paris but didn't seem to go along well. Soon after a video of them fighting at the Paris airport emerges. Selena starts to post lonely tweets revealing that the two of them had broken up again.

But Justin tries to win Selena back again by posting pictures of them. Meanwhile, his mother, Pattie, speaks about Kendall who is blamed for the break-up.

Selena Releases a song for Justin

Justin responds to her song

Again with an instagram post as above.
Again with an instagram post as above.
2014 American Music Awards
2014 American Music Awards

Cold Wars

2 months after the release of her single "The Heart Wants What It Wants", Selena releases two more songs namely- Do It and Dilemma 2.0. Both the songs make it clear who she was referring to. Also at her very emotional performance at the AMAs in 2014 she breaks down while singing. Her state also makes her then best friend, Taylor Swift, weak in the knees who wasn't able to control her tears during the performance.

While performing her song- Love will remember from her album Stars Dance on her album tour, she starts crying. Watch the video below. Her emotions all convey the loneliness she went through.

Selena Cries While Singing

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin
Selena and Zedd
Selena and Zedd

The End?

Selena and Justin are not seen together for long. Justin Bieber clearly makes us all get over their relationship when he is found hanging out with Hailey Baldwin, the close friend of the Jenner sisters. When the public responds to his instagram posts with Hailey, he soon clarifies that she is only a GOOD friend.

Later, Selena records a song with Zedd- I want you to know. The song hits the charts and the singers are seen hanging together. Rumors build up that the two are dating and would soon make their relationship public. But Sel doesn't fail to surprise us! She was photographed having dinner with Justin soon after.

Did it mean another reunion?

Well it seemed like one. Justin made it obvious to everyone at the Met Gala in early May 2015 that Selena looked beautiful in her white gown. It had been long since Sel and Zedd were seen together and probably they were only hanging out because they were collaborating on music together. And to make the picture clear, Zedd was seen with Nina Dobrev.

While promoting her new album, Revival, Selena keeps avoiding talks about her relationship with Justin on talk shows. Many of her fans interpret her song, Same Old Love to be about Justin. But her comeback to the music world had been wonderful. Who cares if the songs were about Justin, right?

Although Selena and Justin both appear to have moved on, on a talk show while promoting her album Revival, she does not deny when asked if Justin and she could get back together anytime soon. Confuses all again. Their relationship is surely more confusing than maths to me.


Strong- released in October 2015 by mistake, was actually a song recorded by the couple back in 2012- before the break up. It was not meant to be released and was a private memory of the two. But it went viral online and was soon taken down. Few of the lyrics are as:

"I'm just wishing you were good at communication"

"Wishing I was better with the distance".

The lyrics convince us of the hardships both of them have gone through. Yet maybe this song could reunite them again. Who knew?

Justin probably moved by the secretly recorded duet with Selena wanted her back again. He releases his new album Purpose and admits few of the songs to be about Selena and yet another few to be inspired by her. He states on The Ellen Show that 3 of his songs from Purpose- "What Do You Mean", "Sorry" and "Mark My Words" were about Selena. He also speaks about his love for her on the famous talk show.

Selena and Justin Dancing


All this while Selena was seen avoiding contact with Bieber. But after Justin serenades singing Sorry and a cover of My Girl, they are spotted walking together down the streets in November 2015, holding hands. Later, at AMAs 2015, they were asked to sit together but the request was declined by both. They both give incredible performances promoting their albums. Justin even threw an after party which Selena did attend. But they were seen leaving separately- Justin with Hasley and Selena with Hailee Steinfeld.


Justin got all cozy and warm with his new girlfriend Sofia Richie and posted 6 pictures with her in a row on his instagram. When the Beliebers got all mad at him!

Selena posted a comment on his picture trying to take his fans' side rebuking him for being so inconsiderate towards them, Justin responds with an equally powerful one.

Selena realized that what she just did had caused an outrage among Justin's fans as they prepared themselves for a blackout and some even started to hate their idol. She went to her snapchat and posted a sorry which we all knew was meant for whom.

(right) Selena's snapchat post
(right) Selena's snapchat post

No New Fires

Selena and Justin have not been seen together and it has been long. Long time, no see.

We couldn't keep ourselves oblivious to the beautiful relationship blossoming between The Weeknd's Abel and Selena who have quite set the floor on fire with their all adorbs relationship. Selena has been very open with her current relationship and even showed up with her love at the Met Gala 2017 in with a stunning disposition.

As for Justin, Sofia didn't quite prove to be a successful chapter in his life.


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