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The Truth of the Nonhuman

Updated on April 10, 2011

Capricorn: anyone born December 22 - January 20.

Nonhuman: any male born December 22 - January 20.

When I first started really getting interested in astrology I noticed a disturbing pattern with all the boys I kept meeting. They were just so strange...unlike anyone I'd ever known. Their characteristics were so odd that it was as if they were from another world. In looking up their birthdays I found they were all Capricorns. So I decided to call them Nonhumans, which you'll soon find is very fitting.

The one thing I've found to be true 100% of the time in dealing with these creatures is that they all seem normal at first. After meeting a new one I would find myself thinking...maybe this one is different...he seems fine...maybe I've been wrong the whole time. But, unfortunately, they eventually proved to be just as weird as the others. Sometimes it might take awhile, but trust me...their true colors will come out.

The thing that draws me personally to Nonhumans is how mysterious they are. This too, however, is what ends up driving me absolutely insane and leads me to spending entirely too much time dwelling over the fact. A Capricorn boy is truly one of the great mysteries of the world. They are impossible to read and understand. If you are a curious person, as myself, you will want to figure these goats out....what makes them tick...what they are feeling or not feeling. I'm sure you will agree that usually this is not difficult to find out with most people. But Nonhumans aren't most people..they are..well, non-human.

A Capricorn boy (I use the word "boy" for all male species) will usually say one thing and do another. For example they might tell you that your relationship is strictly platonic and feel free to talk/date/have business (business meaning sexual relations) with anyone you please. However, once you do you'll get the classic jealous/hurt behavior. See, a Nonhuman just cannot express how he truly least that's my take on it...they might just enjoy confusing people to no end.

Another common Nonhuman behavior is not following through with their plans. 9 times out of 10 they will tell you they'll call or see you and they won't. They do it so convincingly too...darn them. You'll always end up looking like an idiot as you sit around waiting for the Capricorn to appear. On the rare chance that they actually do show up for the occasion you're guaranteed to have a swell time. Nonhumans are fun. Lots of it. Maybe that's the problem in shutting one down...the few times you do share together may outweigh all the heartache you receive in return.

Nonhumans have no self confidence. They might pretend like they do and their general appearance will portray that, but in reality they do not. This is something that years of goat chasing has taught me. These Capricorn boys constantly think nobody likes girl could ever want them or care about them. No matter what approach you try, you will not be able to convince them otherwise. Stop now while there's still some sanity left inside you.

Perhaps the most frustrating ordeal involving Nonhumans is the disappearing acts they so often perform. One day you'll talk and things will seem just fine (as fine as dealing with Nonhumans can be). The next day they'll be gone. Poof! Just disappear. You can call and text your little heart out, but they won't respond. And they won't reappear until they are ready...everything is on their time, not yours. When the Nonhuman does come back he'll act as if nothing ever happened. He'll just pick up from the last time you spoke. Weeks or possibly months could have passed, but he will never act so. You can question him about it, but I strongly urge you not to. I've learned that questioning a Nonhuman will only drive them away and increase the difficulty of figuring them out (not that you will anyway). They will give you plenty of excuses for their disappearance. I've been so busy with work, or I've been sick, I've had things going on...and so on. He'll probably shrug his shoulders as if it's no big deal. To a Nonhuman it is no big deal. To us humans you just don't act like that.

I believe I have broken down a Nonhuman more than most people will ever in their life...which gives me the right to speak on the subject. I have met and dealt with more Capricorn boys than I'd like to mention...and I continue to do so. Unfortunately for me I'm drawn to them, like some sort of magnet. Hopefully for the rest of you humans you'll stay far away from these mutants..if not, well, I warned you.


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    • profile image

      Kate 7 years ago

      So right, every little bit. Love that its directed to all nonhumans but points out one specific one


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