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The Ugly Truth: Directed by Robert Luketic

Updated on August 9, 2012
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 10 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

Abby and Mike are at dinner with Stuart, Abby's boss and the guy who sponsors their morning show. Scene from the movie "The Ugly Truth".
Abby and Mike are at dinner with Stuart, Abby's boss and the guy who sponsors their morning show. Scene from the movie "The Ugly Truth".

Movie Review

The Ugly Truth , released in 2009, is a very contemporary comedy-romance that brings up the "Ugly Truth" about men and women out in the dating arena. It brings up what men and women expect while dating. Why men go for the sexy blond with the low cut tight fitting dress that stops just above the knee type of "Ugly Truth's." It is also the first R rated movie I have viewed that did not have any nudity, even frontal, all is covered. The Ugly Truth is R rated because it definitely has raunchy bawdy type of comedy (without becoming utterly sleazy) filled with very adult script content, and one of the most adult plots I have viewed. Director Robert Luketic, cast and crew created an excellent humorous film that brings up thought provoking topics regarding dating that most would avoid or try to look the other way, including the inner workings of a man's psyche.

The Ugly Truth is taken from a woman's view. Abby (Katherine Heigel) is a Producer of a morning show for a Sacramento, California television station. Abby is hardworking and very dedicated to her career. She takes pride in her work and knows how to overcome any problem that enters her working environment, including maintaining her co-anchors' (played by Cheryl Hines and John Michael Higgins) composure for the viewers. Abby does not have the time to find men for dating. Her well intentioned assistant Joy (Bree Turner) determinedly supplies Abby regularly with blind-dates and even talked her into doing some on-line dating. Abby found Joy's on-line dating idea the worst one Joy had. All she met were losers with a capital "L."

Abby considers her life as going great, only missing one key element. The only person she has to go home for is her cat. Abby prefers to check out the morning show's competition by viewing other televised talk shows in her spare time. She likes to stay on top of what viewers watching preferences are in order to incorporate them into the program she produces in order to keep the morning show's rating satisfactory. Abby admits she probably works more than she should. Abby does consider her personal life unfulfilled. She would like to fall deeply in love; have someone steady in her life with the possibility of getting married some day.

With each date turning into a fiasco, Abby realizes finding "Mr. Right" is extremely difficult, nigh impossible. As she decides to completely stop dating due to her date with Jim (Kevin Connolly), a blind-date and her worst, Abby locates her worst nightmare of a man on the television as her cat changes the channel, by stepping on the remote control, to a late night talk show anchored by Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) about the "Ugly Truth" between men and women. He is the most obnoxious chauvinistic man she has ever heard speak which prompts her to telephone his show and inform him how wrong he is about relationships between men and women.

Unfortunately, this telephone call does more for Mike Chadway and his career by precipitating Abby's boss, Stuart (Nick Searcy), into hiring Mike because Stuart noticed while watching Mike's show that Mike obviously can hold his own with a "disagreeable caller." Abby unwilling to work with Mike, is forced to allow him on the Morning Show she produces as the regular guest correspondent that the two co-anchors Georgia and Larry are to interact with. Stuart made it clear her job was on the line and that Abby could be replaced. Against Abby's prediction, the first "guest appearance" of Mike causes the morning show's ratings to soar almost to the very top. This makes Stuart and the shows sponsor very happy. Stuart tells Abby to figure out a way to get along with Mike Chadway, to consider it a challenge and overcome it.

While Abby is figuring how to comply with her boss's ultimatum and save her job, she meets a dreamy sexy handsome orthopedic surgeon Dr. Colin Anderson (Eric Winter) who is the exact personality opposite of Mike Chadway. They meet while Abby is attempting to rescue her cat from a tree. In the process, Abby hurts her ankle and the good doctor ends up rescuing the cat and Abby. He even makes certain Abby arrives home safely plus checks her ankle to make sure Abby has not broken anything. Dr. Anderson, completely oblivious to Abby liking him, treats her as he would any other patient including giving her his card, but includes his home number since he is a neighbor.

The next day after her incident with the doctor, hobbling a bit from a twisted ankle, Abby attempts to make Mike voluntarily quit by giving him instructions she knows will flare up his anger or he will be unable to do. She does everything she can to make Mike Chadway miserable and leave the morning show. Instead, Mike forcibly walks into her office, closes her office door, and demands why Abby is trying to get rid of him. Caught in her machinations, Abby politely explains away what she was doing as a "personality conflict" and "nothing personal." Mike does not buy the "lame explanation", but offers her an intriguing bet which could, if Abby won, get Mike out of her life for good. There is just one catch, one Abby is unsure she can accept. If the bet is agreed, Abby has to follow Mike's dating instructions to the very letter, without questioning do exactly what he tells her.

Abby is unused to following instructions, because as a producer she is the one that bestows them. Mike has promised, however, that with his dating savvy and tips Abby will land any man she is interested in. Mike promises that he can make any man want her. He even piques her curiosity more when he promises to teach her how to do "the nab" so the man is hers for as long as she wants him. Abby admits she has met someone she likes that can be used for their experiment to see if Mike is as dating savvy as he claims, to see if "the nab" really works. Abby believes Mike's tips and ideas will not succeed. Abby foresees finally having some peace without the irritating Mike Chadway around to ruin her work environment with his chauvinistic and highly in need of censoring comments that are, in Abby's view, utterly spoiling the wholesome informative morning show she produces which has now turned into a program that is smutty with high ratings. Not something Abby is proud of producing.

The rest of this candid film portrays humorously how wit and romance can go together. How two people with two different outlooks can actually get along and surprisingly develop a friendship. It further shows what lengths Abby, an independent strong willed opinionated woman, is willing to experience in order to get who she believes is the man of her dreams by following every Mike Chadway instruction; no matter how ridiculous. In-spite of her detestation toward Mike, Abby is forced to admit these dating tips do work even though the reasoning behind them is ugly as well as horribly conniving and chauvinistic.

The Ugly Truth actually shares quite a few "ugly truths" about people in general, pertaining to dating and friendship. It also points out how shallow the television industry can be and how titillating equals better ratings. Personally, I do not recommend women lowering themselves to following the tips given Abby. It is better to act yourself, let others know who you really are; which is the message of this movie.

The Ugly Truth is available on DVD. The film is rather short, 96 minutes in length. I found myself wanting a sequel and hope Director Robert Luketic, cast, and crew does one. Yes, it was that good. Do recommend for adults only (personal recommendation is for 18 years of age and older). For those who are fans of Gerard Butler, this is a "must-see." Did you like Katherine Heigel in other movies like Knocked Up , Prince Valiant , My Father The Hero and One For The Money ? Then you will not want to miss The Ugly Truth for her performance is excellent. Highly recommend!


4 stars for The Ugly Truth


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    • aliciaharrell profile imageAUTHOR

      Alicia Rose Harrell 

      9 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Thank you, AEvans and Angela for your warm and uplifting comments. :)

    • Angela_1973 profile image


      9 years ago

      I enjoyed this movie! Good review!

    • AEvans profile image


      9 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Now that sounds like something I am going to enjoy watching. :)

    • aliciaharrell profile imageAUTHOR

      Alicia Rose Harrell 

      9 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Thank you Mavrek for your feedback. Good to know there is more than one of us who enjoyed this film. I believe the reason why the critics give it thumbs down is because it is not very PC compared to the Entertainment Industry norm. I for one found that refreshing.

    • Mavrek's Mayhem profile image

      Mavrek's Mayhem 

      9 years ago

      Critically I have heard this movie is awful, but here is another person saying its very good. I may need to check it out thanks.


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