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The Ultimate Musician Routine

Updated on September 23, 2012

One highly important thing I've learned this year is to write down all of the things that I absolutely have to get done each day and start with the biggest and most important one. The thing is when do you start this incredible list? I've come up with a schedule that when followed, keeps all things in my life in order and gives me peace of mind.

1. Writing

Write about one object. Describe it and the things around it in colorful detail. It will allow you to see the rest of the day in a more interesting way.

2. Read

There is always something new to learn so I will pick up a book and read at least a chapter of it. It could be about marketing, Buddha, Jesus, anything that is going to make me think. It's like my brain's morning exercise.

3. Exercise

Get your blood flowing with exercise. It will give you a tremendous amount of energy in your day. You'll be pumped to do so much and your body will thank you for combatting fat and promoting strong muscles, especially when performance time comes. Use this time to build up your endurance.

4. Eat Well

Everything you've done thus far will get you ready for a great meal so make it great. Have some blueberry pancakes with turkey bacon.

5. Work

Check and respond to your emails, analyze your stats, make and return phone calls, do all of the "office work" now. These are things that are best done right away for you'll have a free afternoon to be creative.

6. Eat Well Again!

By the time you have finished this, two hours will probably have flashed by. Your body will probably have gotten rid of your breakfast considering your great exercise so fuel up again. Make a great sandwich or salad, have a steak or some chicken.

7. Create

Write your songs, practice, rehearse, create a flier. Now is the time to really let your creative juices flow. You might even want to have a protein shake while you're doing this. It will be a healthy snack / meal option that will not interfere with your creative work.

8. Yup, Have More Food

Most of the time when you are creating, time will seem to go faster than normal. You could probably be in a creative session for hours and not notice so make sure you stop for that dinner. Keep it light.

9. Relax

Take this time to connect with the people around you. Your significant other, your best friend, a sibling, someone. Catch them up with some of the progress you made and see what they may be up to.

10. Sleep

It is highly important to get a good amount of sleep and by good I mean about 9 hours. It will keep your body fresh and you'll be excited and ready to tackle the next day.

Your routine doesn't have to look exactly like this, this is just a basic outline of what I do. I reach out to my fans (my luvs) regularly throughout any given day so I don't have an exact time for that. Obviously, you might want to take a shower right after you exercise. Having good hygiene and smelling fresh are important lol. Having some sort of routine will ensure that you are making progress, you procrastinate less or never at all and will drastically reduce, if not eliminate any feelings of discontent, moodiness or the like.


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    • bredandagnes profile image

      bredandagnes 5 years ago from Ireland

      Well said. My son is a musician/composer

      and can spend hours and hours working- sometimes forgetting to eat,exercise, socialise or even sleep.

      Voted up and shared!