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The Ultimate Sailor Moon Quiz!

Updated on May 23, 2013

The Sailor Moon fan quiz, how hardcore of a fan are you?

Below is the Ultimate Sailor Moon Quiz, featuring trivia questions across all five series, the manga, and perhaps some video game knowledge will help too. Most of the questions refer directly to the anime series, so unless otherwise stated, answer with that in mind. Another thing, I strictly used the Japanese names for all of the questions, as you should be able to answer the questions using those. If not, this quiz probably isn't for you. Overall, this is just a fun quiz to help you re-live some of the epic moments of the series and see how much you remember. If not, perhaps you need to watch the series again? In anticipation for the new series coming out this summer of 2013 (fingers-crossed it doesn't get delayed) let us see how much we remember!

Sailor Moon Trivia

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