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The Vampire Diaries -- A Cure For One

Updated on February 25, 2013

Original Airing: February 14, 2013

In the previous episode someone tried to murder Jeremy as they were going through the woods and someone saved his life. By the end of the episode we’d find out who that person was, and that person would ultimately be responsible for taking Jeremy’s life once he served his purpose.

Per usual, Damon was the one who got the real scoop before anyone else. There was only a cure for one person. Hunter Vaughn wanted to get to the cure, first, so he could give it to Silas, and ensure his death. As part of that plan, he attached a rope to Damon’s neck and dragged him to the well.

While Damon was finding out the truth, Klaus was figuring it out, as well. As he was helping Tyler and Caroline decode the sword. When they called Rebekah to tell her the location of the magic well, Klaus yelled to her that there was only enough cure for one, and she decided she was going to be the one to take it. After tricking Elena into jumping into a canyon, she snapped Stefan’s neck and took off.

Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler and Caroline realized they wouldn’t be able to use the cure to get rid of Klaus and that once Klaus was free of Bonnie’s spell he’d kill Tyler. Caroline begged for lenience for Tyler, but Klaus said Tyler could have a head start before he hunted him down and killed him. Tyler and Caroline said goodbye with her telling him to forget about her and to be happy. Unless, I missed something, Klaus didn’t make some agreement that Caroline couldn’t run-off with Tyler, so her deciding to stay didn’t make much sense. If she loves Tyler so much why didn’t she runaway with him?

Silas made Jeremy and Bonnie crawl down into the magic well and when he figured out where Silas was encrypted he managed to break his leg when they broke into it. It made my day when he couldn’t believe Bonnie just walked away and left him when he whined he broke his leg and needed Bonnie’s help. After what he did to her, he’s lucky she didn’t kill him.

Damon, Hunter Vaughn and Rebekah all met up at the entrance to the magic well. Vaughn incapacitated them both and headed to Silas’ crypt to get the cure and shove it down Silas’ throat. Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena agreed they had to get the cure so they could shove it down Klaus’ throat because once he was free of Bonnie’s spell he’d be coming after them for killing Kol.

There was a nice Salvatore brother bonding moment when Stefan and Elena arrived to find Damon pinned by his neck to a boulder and Stefan stayed to save Damon, while Elena went on her own to get the cure. Unfortunately she ran into someone on her way and that someone was Katherine who knocked her out.

While Stefan was finding Elena, Katherine joined Vaughn, Bonnie and Jeremy in Silas’ crypt. Vaughn stabbed Bonnie and then Jeremy and he became embroiled in a life and death struggle. Katherine easily took out Vaughn and then she revealed her true colors by opening Jeremy’s veins and feeding him to Silas to resurrect him, while she took off with the cure.

Elena came on the scene and found Jeremy, and was convinced his ring would resurrect him. But Damon and Stefan realized the truth. Becoming a hunter, Jeremy had become a supernatural creature and the ring would no longer resurrect him. This time Jeremy would stay dead.

There’s a lot of people I’d like to see die on this show; Jeremy wasn’t one of them. He’s also the only guy that Bonnie’s been paired with that I’ve liked her with. But to bring him back again from the dead doesn’t really make much sense.

Okay, I’m calling it now. Katherine will use the cure on Damon, because he doesn’t want the cure.


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