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The Vampire Diaries -- Damon's First Official Flashback

Updated on March 23, 2013

Original Airing: March 21, 2013

As much as I enjoyed last week’s show, that’s how much I didn’t this week’s show. The show basically pissed all over Damon and Katherine, this week, by having Stefan remember Katherine’s birthday, but Damon not. I’m sure that set the hearts fluttering of those still pushing for the toxic Stefan and Katherine parasitic non-romantic relationship.

This is why I say I’m not a shipper. I can accept the writers not doing Damon and Katherine and not threaten to take all my marbles and go home because I can’t have the couple, the only couple, I want on this show. If it happens, I’d be thrilled, but I’m not counting on it and maybe it’s better if it doesn’t considering the writing skill of the writers on this show. Better to live with the fact of what could and should be the epic romance of this show and not have it happen, than to have it happen and for the writers to ruin it.

This episode marked Damon’s first real flashback story. I know the show billed last year’s episode as Damon’s first flashback, but that turned out to be just a Stefan flashback in disguise. Although it seemed a bit of a rehash of that episode. Damon had his emotions turned off and Lexie showed up at Stefan’s behest and decided to mentor Damon. She taught him how to have a good time. Can you say Sage? The only difference between that Damon and this one was that one was cold and unemotional and acted like he had a stick wedged up his butt and this one was reckless and feeding on whomever he pleased.

The Lexie in this episode kind of had a personality transplant. She usually has a stick wedged up her butt as she cops an attitude towards Damon. This time, without Stefan around, she didn’t cop the usual attitude with Damon. Long story short, Damon tricked Lexie into believing he fell in love with her when she kept trying to get him to talk about his feelings for Katherine, and they became lovers. Afterwards, Damon trapped her on a roof in the sun, and revealed he’d been faking it. So Damon finally gave her a reason to hate his guts and treat him like something she scraped off the bottom of her shoe.

Damon claimed the reason he killed Lexie was because having her around made him feel guilty. I really didn’t buy it, but then I kind of didn’t buy the Damon and Lexie were lovers stuff, either. What happened to this guy that Lexie was so in love with and who became a vampire for her?

In present day New York the story reminded me a bit of Damon taking Elena to the frat party to feed. Rebekah showed up and Elena revealed she was just using Damon and would take off him whatever he found out about Katherine. Rebekah suggested they teamed up, since Elena doesn’t want to take the cure and Rebekah does. Elena turned her down saying she has too many messy emotions to be of any use to her. But when Elena is trying to sex up Damon to lift the info he found off of him, he figures it out and Rebekah sneaks up behind him and snaps his neck. Damon should have a stiff neck ache after how many times he’s gotten his neck broken this season. It’s really getting old. I guess this is the new version of beating Damon up that Ian complained about and was sick of happening.

I think Damon’s right when he says Rebekah won’t be happy if she takes the cure. I think she believes it’s going to be some magical recipe to suddenly making her life better. When it doesn’t happen, she’ll be knocking at Damon’s door trying to get him to change her back into a vampire.

Back in Mystic Falls Silas got Bonnie to trick a coven of witches to come and help her, so she and Silas could sacrifice them and complete their Triangle Of Death. Meanwhile Stefan enlisted Klaus to help stop them. Which lead to more gross Klaus and Caroline crapola since she’s attached to Stefan’s hip. Stefan arrives in time to warn the witches, but they decide to kill Bonnie. Enter, Vampire Barbie to save the day and Bonnie, and when she attacks one witch she kills them all. Silas should send her some flowers to thank her for making all his dreams come true.

The upshot from the whole thing is Bonnie can’t remember anything that happened after Jeremy died, including Jeremy dying. So she has no clue that she helped mastermind the slaughter of twelve of her own kind.

Silas approached Klaus about completing his mission. He offered to take the cure so Klaus wouldn’t be given it. When Klaus copped an attitude with him, he popped up behind him and used the white oak ash dagger to teach him some manners. He pulled it back out and left Klaus in a world of pain. He didn't say it, but he was literally telling Klaus, "You're my bitch now."

Fans are already anticipating all dead characters that will return once Silas destroys the supernatural other side so he can take the cure and be reunited with his true love. They’re also thrilled about Elena vs. Katherine and I could personally care less. Considering the writers are making Elena the most clever and powerful vampire of them all, I’m sure Katherine is next to be outsmarted and bested by Super Elena.

On the Damon and Katherine front, all is not dismal. Since Damon was lying to Lexie he was lying when he told her she made him forget all about Katherine. And knowing what we know about Will, it makes him an even stranger choice for Katherine to send to kill Hayley. Will made fake ID’s for vampires; he was too valuable an asset for Katherine to waste in case she needed other fake ID's in the future. So it’s still possible she used him to leave a trail for Damon to find her. Only instead of Damon showing up, she’ll be greeted by Super Elena and the Original Sister, instead. If she really is trying to bring Damon to her, then she'll try something else once she deals with the two nuisances coming her way.

Well, I was excited about the show for a week. Now it’s time to get back to my usual apathetic viewing of this show.


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