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The Vampire Diaries -- Didn't Bonnie Lift The Veil On The Netherworld Back In Season 3?

Updated on April 22, 2013

This is the thing I loathe most about Julie Plec’s writing. She’s like that old riddle, “Pete and Repeat were sitting on the fence. Pete fell off and who was left? Repeat.” I read a synopsis for an upcoming episode everyone’s gushing about and I was like, “But didn’t that happen, last season?”

In an episode close to this season’s finale the town of Mystic Falls is supposed to be overrun with ghosts. Anyone remember last season’s episode where MysticFalls was overrun by ghosts? You had Lexi torturing Stefan to make it back into Elena’s Stefan. You had Mason Lockwood torturing Damon and leading him to the Lockwood caves. You had Ana and Pearl reuniting. It was Jeremy kissing Ana that broke-up him and Bonnie.

Last time it happened because Bonnie’s spell went wrong. Esther’s all-powerful necklace was involved in the mess. You know, the necklace that was forgotten when Esther came back from the dead? Elena got Bonnie to delay sending all the ghosts back from the dead and someone died because of it. And Bonnie hadn’t needed to do Expression or to be a part of slaughtering 36 people.

And this season’s vampire cure is a rehash of last year’s vampire cure, only it wasn’t called a cure. Esther got Elena to donate some of her precious doppelganger blood and she spiked her kids’ drinks with it. You’d think they would have known there was blood in their wine since their vampires. She did this to link them. Then she got the Bennett witches to help her do a spell so she could turn her kids human, at which point she intended to kill them. Since Plec also wrote so that no one could kill her precious Klaus that there’s this whole progenitor link between the Originals and all the vampires they made, that means had the Originals been cured so would the entire vampire race. Once the Originals had been made human, again, the progenitor thing wouldn’t have worked. It also made no sense that after they were human that Esther would want to kill all her kids, since her problem with them was being a vampire.

Now this season we have only one vampire can be cured, and, of course, Elena was immediately chosen to be that vampire. None of them think that if they shove the cure down Klaus’ throat that all the vampires of his line will be cured: Elena, the Salvadors, Katherine, etc. No, just Elena. Rebekah also wants the cure for herself, but since she’s going off to the Original spin-off and she’s not really a lead character on the show, she won’t be getting it.

I actually keep thinking Damon will be the one who ultimately gets it. Despite this show being written as all the characters being about Elena, its Damon’s innards that is really the driving force of the show. Elena taking the cure wouldn’t really offer much storyline potential. Damon, on the other hand, would. Damon’s already expressed why he doesn’t want the cure. Considering the lifestyle Damon lived as a vampire, with no off switch to your emotions, how do you live with what you’ve done if you’re a human, again.

I also don’t see Elena remaining a vampire for more than one season. The story has already pretty much played itself out. So Plec may play the progenitor card. Everyone Damon turned into a vampire that’s still living will become human along with Damon. That would mean Caroline and Elena, as well. Caroline also doesn’t want to become human, again, so this would only be a happy thing for Elena.

I keep thinking in another Pete and Repeat moment Katherine will give Damon the cure like she did at the end of season two to save his life. Plec’s been yammering on about someone major dying in the finale, and speculation is it’s going to be Damon. The cure might bring Damon back to life, but as a human.

If Plec pulls the whole progenitor thing, there’s a pretty big fly in the ointment. If all vampires are linked to their makers, then how come Damon, Katherine, etc. didn’t die when Rose died, because they were all linked back to her?

The sad thing about Plec constantly repeating storylines that have been previously done on the show is The Vampire Diaries is only intended to last for six seasons. So, you’d think you’d be able to come up with six seasons full of original material instead of just repeating the same few stories over and over again. And this started happening as far back as season two. So basically you’re talking one season of original material and then you start repeating everything over and over again. That’s just really sad.


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